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AFI Member Spotlight: Jeanne Meyers

This month, AFI spoke with Premiere Circle member and AFI Conservatory alum Jeanne Meyers (Producing, AFI Class of 1983) about her lifelong passion for film and empowering young people to use media to tell their own stories. For the last 25 years, Meyers has directed the development of the MY HERO website, an interactive, online…

AFI Unveils New Member Benefits, Including Streaming Access and Festival Perks

Today, AFI announced new membership benefits! As a nonprofit, AFI is a member-powered organization, which depends on the support of movie fans from the around the nation – and we wanted to show our appreciation of their continued support of our mission to inspire and educate by offering streaming access, festival perks, discounts and more….

CARES Act Increases Deductions for Charitable Contributions

As a non-profit, AFI relies on the support of movie fans – like you – who believe in our mission to empower storytellers and inspire audiences. The movies have never been more important to us as a source of inspiration and entertainment than in this time of uncertainty. We are deeply appreciative of your commitment…

AFI Member Spotlight: Shanna Ingalsbee

For this year’s AFI FEST, Shanna Ingalsbee, who has been an AFI member since 2004, rushed back from a convention where she works as a public servant to volunteer at the festival for her 18th year in a row. It’s no surprise that Ingalsbee, who has a deep sense of justice as someone who works…