afi docs 2018 – American Film Institute

Announcing the AFI DOCS 2018 Audience Award Winners

The American Film Institute has announced the AFI DOCS 2018 Audience Award winners, concluding the five-day festival supported by Presenting Sponsor AT&T in Washington, DC, and Silver Spring, MD.

The AFI DOCS Interview: MINI MISS Director Rachel Daisy Ellis

Filmed entirely from the perspective of preschoolers, MINI MISS follows five young girls competing to be crowned Mini Miss Baby Brasil. The film provides a unique insight into early childhood experiences, and children’s innate capacity for resistance in a world dominated by adult norms and desires.

The AFI DOCS Interview: PERIOD. END OF SENTENCE. Director Rayka Zehtabchi

Tucked away in an unsuspecting room in Kathikhera, a rural village in Northern India, steel frames and wooden crates filled with supplies crowd the space. These are the materials for what will become a new business venture for the women in the village: a sanitary pad revolution. In PERIOD. END OF SENTENCE., follow the women as they produce…

The AFI DOCS Interview: THE PROVIDERS Directors Anna Moot-Levin & Laura Green

Laura Green and Anna Moot-Levin’s THE PROVIDERS follows three “country doctors” — health care providers working for a small network of clinics in northern New Mexico — as they confront the challenges of keeping those in their poor and opioid-plagued communities healthy and safe.

The AFI DOCS Interview: INTO THE OKAVANGO Director Neil Gelinas

National Geographic photographer Neil Gelinas makes his directorial debut with INTO THE OKAVANGO, a visually stunning journey along the titular river that is the lifeline for wildlife throughout the African continent.

Steve James Is the 2018 AFI DOCS Guggenheim Honoree

AFI DOCS has announced that it will pay tribute to Steve James as the 2018 Charles Guggenheim Symposium honoree. James is the remarkable, Academy Award®-nominated filmmaker best known for HOOP DREAMS (1994) and ABACUS: SMALL ENOUGH TO JAIL (2016).

The AFI DOCS Interview: DON’T BE NICE Director Max Powers

Following a team of New York slam poets as they prepare to compete in the National Poetry Slam during the charged summer of 2016, DON’T BE NICE shows the value of a team in developing, workshopping and refining a poem before it is ready for competition.

The AFI DOCS Interview: Juliane Dressner, Director of Opening Night World Premiere PERSONAL STATEMENT

Karoline, Enoch and Christine are Brooklyn high school seniors who just want to go to college, but like so many public school students throughout the country, their schools don’t have enough college guidance support. Refusing to give up, they decide to work as college counselors in their schools, becoming the very resource they don’t have…

The AFI DOCS Interview: THE SILENCE OF OTHERS Directors Almudena Carracedo & Robert Bahar

A quest for justice fuels the powerful and provocative SILENCE OF OTHERS, from Emmy® Award-winning producers Robert Bahar and Almudena Carracedo.

AFI DOCS 2018 Unveils Full Slate of Films

AFI DOCS has announced its full slate of films for 2018 — with AT&T returning as Presenting Sponsor of the American Film Institute’s five-day documentary film festival in the nation’s capital.


President John F. Kennedy launched the space race in 1962 with a vow that the United States would put a man on the moon. Now his niece, filmmaker Rory Kennedy, tells the inspiring stories of the women and men of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration who reached that goal before going on to take…

The AFI DOCS Interview: WITKIN + WITKIN Director Trisha Ziff

The artwork of septuagenarian twins Joel-Peter and Jerome Witkin transcends genres and traditional form. WITKIN + WITKIN explores the brothers’ complicated relationship with one another and examines depths and divisions in their work.