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Did You Know? Julia Crawford Ivers Wrote First Feature Adaptation of this Mark Twain Novel

Did You Know? Julia Crawford Ivers wrote the first feature film adaptation of HUCKLEBERRY FINN which was released 100 years ago this month. She has 48 credits in the AFI Catalog for writing, directing and producing silent films. She worked for Famous Players-Lasky Corp. in the early 1920s when it became known as Paramount Pictures, and collaborated with director William Desmond Taylor until…

Did you know? This Film Was The First Onscreen Representation Of African-American Intimacy

Did you know? SOMETHING GOOD-NEGRO KISS, released in either 1898 or 1903, is believed to be the first onscreen representation of African-American intimacy. When the film was rediscovered in 2017 and entered into the National Film Registry in 2018, it showed a significant contrast to the racist and caricatured representations of black culture that were...