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Learn Remotely

Our goal is to have as much of your AFI experience in person to the extent permitted by local and state regulations. AFI is currently making modifications to its physical space to conform to current health and safety standards. We will also be offering some classes outside under expansive awnings.

There are Fellows and Faculty who have expressed an interest in a hybrid model to ensure that health and safety remain the primary goal in these uncertain times.

With that in mind, AFI will continue to offer online classes and remote learning opportunities, building on the successes we’ve already had in the virtual space – including enhancing our established curriculum with Zoom conferences with leaders of the art form.

To participate in the online classes, seminars and workshops, visit the AFI Intranet for step-by-step instructions and to view the remote learning policies and procedures.

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Cinematography First Year
Cinematography Second Year
Directing First Year
Directing Second Year
Editing First Year
Editing Second Year
Producing First Year
Producing Second Year
Production Design First Year
Production Design Second Year
Screenwriting First Year
Screenwriting Second Year