Watch: Ryan Murphy on FX’s AMERICAN CRIME STORY and the Half Foundation – American Film Institute


Watch: Ryan Murphy on FX’s AMERICAN CRIME STORY and the Half Foundation

During his recent visit to the AFI Conservatory as part of the Harold Lloyd Master Seminar series, television artist Ryan Murphy discussed his work as an executive producer of FX’s AMERICAN CRIME STORY: THE PEOPLE V. O.J. SIMPSON — and as a storytelling entrepreneur.

Murphy addressed AFI Fellows with a candid introduction of his new foundation Half, an all-inclusive initiative to offer jobs, mentorships and scholarships to women, people of color and members of the LGBT community seeking employment in entertainment.

The foundation, which Murphy will run through his 20th Century Fox Television-based company, will offer guidance to these often overlooked storytellers.

“I changed the rules of my entire company,” said Murphy, who has spearheaded acclaimed series from NIP/TUCK to GLEE and AMERICAN HORROR STORY. “Fifty percent of all directorial jobs from now on will be women and people of color. That includes gay people. That includes everybody. You’ve got to empower people who don’t have the resources to do it.”

Murphy added, “We’re starting small and we’re building and, more than that, I just want to tell you: if you feel like you don’t belong, you do. You just have to find somebody who will believe in you and help push you through the door.”

Check out videos from the seminar below.


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Stanley Nwobi

Hello and Good Day AFI. I would like to apply for the Half Foundation mentorship. Do you have any contact info to the powers to be or the company?

    Sarah Demeestere

    Stanley, or anyone reading this, have you managed to find the application for the Half Foundation Mentorship Program? Thank you

Thomai Hatsios

Hi there, As a woman director, I’d love to apply for the Half Foundation mentorship.

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