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Spotlight on Screen Sponsor CuriosityStream

Documentaries have the power to answer burning questions, illuminate the corners of our universe, and share inspiring stories of the human spirit. Once AFI DOCS is over, CuriosityStream – a longstanding supporter of the AFI DOCS film festival – makes it possible for anyone to continue the documentary film experience whenever they want in their own homes.

Launched by John Hendricks, the founder of Discovery Channel, CuriosityStream offers viewing options across a full category of factual entertainment that includes science, history, technology, nature, society and lifestyle.

“CuriosityStream’s library of original and award-winning programming is designed to bring viewers the world in one place,” said Rob Burk, Head of Content for CuriosityStream. “We’ve married the artistry of the best factual and documentary filmmakers from around the world with cinematic story-telling and production techniques to create immersive, entertaining and enlightening viewing experiences for the whole family.”

CuriosityStream’s original series and specials offer options for anyone who wants to satisfy their need to know and enjoy themselves in the process. Viewers can explore their passions and discover new ones with dozens of original series and specials covering a range of topics including current events with BRIGHT NOW, leading science with BREAKTHROUGH, the wonders of nature with the SECRET LIVES OF BIG CATS, and unique insights into history and culture with THE HISTORY OF HOME narrated Nick Offerman. CuriosityStream is constantly expanding its slate of original programming to create new experiences for viewers. 4TH AND FOREVER: MUCK CITY for example, is an inspiring portrait of a unique American community coming together to help its youth succeed on the football field and off.

“At CuriosityStream, we view the world as one endless source of inspiration and discovery,” said Burk. “Our goal is to tap into the natural curiosity we all share and to satisfy it in a way that leaves viewers with something of value, whether they just binged a series on space exploration or took a break from their day to enjoy a brain snack with one of our short form programs.”

Join AFI DOCS and its Screen Sponsor CuriosityStream June 17-21 to honor the best in documentary film and celebrate the nonfiction stories that inspire and educate.

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