Sponsored Post: ICYMI Apple TV+ at AFI DOCS 2021 – American Film Institute


Sponsored Post: ICYMI Apple TV+ at AFI DOCS 2021

Showcasing the best in nonfiction, AFI DOCS screened films and series from over 20 countries, including Apple TV+’s WATCH THE SOUND WITH MARK RONSON (“Autotune,” “Sampling” and “Drum Machine”) and FATHOM, Drew Xanthopoulos’ deep dive into the world of whales and the team of women studying them. Read more about the documentaries and the insightful post-screening conversations with the filmmakers.



Have you ever wanted to introduce yourself to a whale? FATHOM follows women in the field of cetacean research trying to do just that – facing challenges such as failing technologies, changing methodologies, uncooperative weather and the occasional toll of seclusion – and takes a deep dive into whale culture and our own.

Following the festival screening, director Drew Xanthopoulos, producer Megan Gilbride and subjects Dr. Ellen Garland and Dr. Michelle Fournet participated in a special AFI DOCS conversation moderated by Professor at Georgetown University Dr. Janet Mann. Learn more.



Hosted by renowned DJ and award-winning artist and producer Mark Ronson, this docuseries explores sound creation and the revolutionary technology shaping modern music. Whether geeking out with the Linndrum inventor and the creators of the TR-808 or revisiting the creative process from pop’s biggest influences, Ronson leads an exploration of the powerful tools, techniques and discovery that has shaped our culture.

Following the festival screening, executive producers Mark Ronson and Morgan Neville spoke with AFI Festivals Director of Programming Sarah Harris in a special AFI DOCS conversation. Learn more.


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