Announcing the Date for the 48th AFI Life Achievement Award Tribute to Julie Andrews – American Film Institute


Announcing the Date for the 48th AFI Life Achievement Award Tribute to Julie Andrews

The American Film Institute (AFI) announced today that Julie Andrews will be presented with the 48th AFI Life Achievement Award, the highest honor for a career in film, at a Gala Tribute on Thursday, November 11, 2021, at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, CA. The event was originally scheduled for April 25, 2020. The air date for the premiere of the Emmy® Award-winning Tribute special on TNT and encore presentations on sister network Turner Classic Movies (TCM) will be announced in the coming weeks.

“Julie Andrews has lifted the spirits of the world for generations,” said Bob Gazzale, AFI President and CEO. “Now, more than ever, AFI looks forward to gathering the globe to celebrate the many gifts and joy she has given us – proving her, of course, ‘practically perfect in every way.’”

A three-time Academy Award® nominee, Andrews star turn in MARY POPPINS won her both a BAFTA and an Oscar®. From her early profound stage presence as Polly Browne in “The Boyfriend,” Queen Guenevere in “Camelot,” and Eliza Doolittle in the Broadway hit “My Fair Lady” to her timeless film performances as Maria von Trapp in THE SOUND OF MUSIC to her groundbreaking dual roles in the gender-bending VICTOR/VICTORIA, Andrews has proven herself an accomplished and versatile actress. Throughout an illustrious career that spans seven decades, she has won five Golden Globes, three Grammys® and two Emmys® for projects infused with her incomparable charm and recognized for their ability to enthrall audiences worldwide. The critically lauded Andrews is also a Kennedy Center honoree, a Disney Legend inductee and the recipient of a SAG Life Achievement Award.

On stage and screen, she has delivered transcendent performances known for their elegance, artistry and humor, with additional acting credits including: THE AMERICANIZATION OF EMILY (1964), TORN CURTAIN (1966), HAWAII (1966), THOROUGHLY MODERN MILLIE (1967), STAR! (1968), 10 (1979), LITTLE MISS MARKER (1980), S.O.B. (1981), THE MAN WHO LOVED WOMEN (1983), DUET FOR ONE (1986), ENCHANTED (2007) and AQUAMAN (2018). She has also starred in multiple, successful franchises, including THE PRINCESS DIARIES 1 and 2 (2001); SHREK 2 (2004), SHREK THE THIRD (2007) and SHREK FOREVER AFTER (2010); and DESPICABLE ME (2010) and DESPICABLE ME 3 (2017) and the upcoming MINIONS. Andrews also returned to Broadway in 1995 with a star turn in “Victor/Victoria.” Andrews’ second memoir, “Home Work: A Memoir of My Hollywood Years” — a follow-up to her successful 2008 New York Times Best Seller, “Home: A Memoir of My Early Years” — was released October 15, 2019. In 2020, Andrews voiced the sharp-tongued gossip writer in Regency London in Shonda Rhimes’ new Netflix series BRIDGERTON, marking her continued evolution as an actress and icon.

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Robert W Anderson

Someone who deserves this honor so much!She has provided the world with hours of pure entertainment,A true example of a STAR!A genuine beauty with a glowing personality!

Marian Young

So well deserved. I saw Julie a few years ago in Dublin at the Bord Gais Theatre, Dublin during an Interview and audience Q&A for the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival(JDIFF) Julie is such a lady, a brilliant actor and singer and I wish her all the best in the future ❤️💚☘️

Elizabeth Kelly

Bravo! Dame Julie Andrews deserves this tribute and honor. She is gracious and classy, yet she is bawdy and down to earth. Few commit to their crafts the way she does. Through it all, she has remained grounded in what matters most: love, family and friends.

Andreina Garban

Truly deserving. Dame Julie Andrews is one of a kind. And in a world in which the word “Star” is used so easily, she is the real definition of a true STAR! Talented, hard worker, with true sense of team work, humble but most of all, a remarkable human being with strong values of family, decency, and kindness. Devoted to the arts, supportive of theater and music. Brava Dame Julie! Congratulations! She deserves all accolades!

Charity Schiller

Julie Andrews is the best thing to happen to stage and screen. She deserves every award the acting world offers.

Richard Walden

The most emotional part of her recent autobiography was her description of her 42 years as co-founder and board member of the international relief agency Operation USA, a Los Angeles based charity she and her husband Blake Edwards helped launch

Richard Walden

Julie’s recent volume of her autobiography recounts her many years supporting Operation USA, the international relief charity she and husband Blake Edwards co-founded in 1979.

Anitra Workman

Bravo!!!! Julie is not just an amazing actress, but an inspiration and role model for so many. This honor is simply perfect.


go bestie 🤩

Kayla Yolanda Browne

I fell in love with Julie when I was 10 years old… I’m only 19, but this glorious Queen has opened my life and expanded my love and passion for Musical Theatre and the Performing Arts. Julie being my Idol I’m so happy. Well deserved. I have no doubt that she’ll continue bringing files to faces, Witt, and the Willpower to do what you love. Much love.

    Hugh Mills

    I also fell in love with Julie at age ten, listening to the OBC album of MY FAIR LADY – I am 68! I have lived almost 60 years with admiration and deep affection for our STAR! I’ve been fortunate enough to have met her four times.

Kayla Yolanda Browne

I fell in love with Julie when I was 10 years old… I’m only 19, but this glorious Queen has opened my life and expanded my love and passion for Musical Theatre and the Performing Arts. Julie being my Idol I’m so happy. Well deserved. I have no doubt that she’ll continue bringing files to faces, Witt, and the Willpower to do what you love. Much love.


One of my life’s dreams came true when i saw Julie in Victor Victoria (twice). I also saw her here in Toronto “In Conversation”.

irene oh

Hello, (anyone can answer) is this an invitational only event?


She deserves this honor and ALL the love and admiration there is! I have adored her for almost my entire life!

LILI Johansen

One of my favourite persons of all time.Having read her 2 biographies I found new respect for her. Never get tired watching Sound of Music and Mary Poppins. You can listen to her wonderful voice on You Tube😄😄😄❤🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰

Jane Richards

She is one of the best

Greg Cooper

Please tell me that this will be telecast on the internet. I’m sick of missing these awards because I live in England.

Nancy Bandiere

Julie deserves this? You bet! Practically perfect in every way! Continued good health great lady!

Teresa Clemmer

Most deserving by all means…Julie Andrews is the best of the best…
I can hardly speak of this wonderful lady without getting emotional.
I missed my chance to see her and Emma this year because of covid restrictions here in North Carolina….I was so looking foward to seeing her.
I love this lady..she will never know the joy she has brought to this 64 year old woman!
Love you always Julie..stay safe!

Martha Baylon Futterman

I adore her!!!

Sharon Berg

This wonderful lady has done it all. Actress, singer, author, and charity work. She is a role model for us all. Love her💖


OH YES👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👌👌👌

Karen Severino

I have no problem with AFI paying tribute to Julie. However, shouldn’t you have paid tribute to Doris Day a long time ago. To this day,no one has broken her box office record in the sixties, and yet here we are. You should honor her posthumously because SHE DESERVES IT!!! DO IT!!!

Julie Corcoran

Dame Julie is absolutely deserving of this honor!! I hope I get that chance to meet her one of these days!! It would make my life complete!!

Victoria Bobby

About time! She is truly a legend!

James Dobson

I love you to be your mum

Julie Douglass

So well-deserved! She has been my idol and inspiration since I was a child. Will we be able to buy tickets to this event?

Clint Smith

Congratulations! Very deserving. The Sound of Music was the first film that I attended as a five-year old with my family.

Rommy Masrour

As soon as Julie Andrews was announced as the 2020 recipient, I wanted to attend my first AFI Life Achievement Award since John Williams. By the end of THE SOUND OF MUSIC tour of Salzburg on July 13, 2017, I was crying. As soon as I hear the opening notes of the overture to MARY POPPINS, I lose it.

Waldemar Lopes

Simply the best! No one has equaled Julie Andrews’s formidable career – she won the Oscar, Golden Globe, Bafta and a Grammy for her first movie, ‘Mary Poppins’! Practically perfect in every way! She has loads of landmarks in her wonderful career, a most glorious, crystal voice and such beauty – inside and out. At the age of 85 she keeps going on strong – has just been nominated for an Emmy for her splendid work in Bridgerton. More power to the victorious Julie – and much love. Thanks a million, Julie. Bravo!

Waldemar Lopes

And last, but not least, I would like to thank AFI for this great honor to the incomparable Julie Andrews: after all, she is an inspiration – she really is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

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