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AFI Fellow Davis Northern Named Campari Red Diaries 2021 Apprentice

Congratulations to AFI Conservatory Directing Fellow Davis Northern (AFI Class of 2022) who was named an apprentice for Campari’s Red Diaries 2021 project: FELLINI FORWARD – the first short film created with Artificial Intelligence.

In collaboration with Federico Fellini’s family and former colleagues, FELLINI FORWARD is a pioneering project exploring the late filmmaker’s creative genius using machine learning to emulate his work in an innovative and one-of-a-kind film. Through the Campari Red Diaries 2021 Fellini Forward project, Campari aims to continue the legacy of innovation and creativity set out by its founders, inspiring future generations and creatives across the globe to unlock their own passions. As such, Campari created this unique apprenticeship program for film students across the world, with schools including the AFI Conservatory. The project, which included engaging with mentors and key members of the film crew at each stage of production, enabled Northern to see first-hand how human minds collaborated with AI to create this innovative short film.

Northern, in addition to being a Directing Fellow at the AFI Conservatory, has professional experience directing branded content and an array of short films for the film festival circuit. His short film ASTRAL was featured in Essence Magazine and premiered at the SOMArts Cultural Center in San Francisco during the Unbound Roots 2020 Exhibition, and he is currently developing his first feature film and television series featuring unique stories that challenge genres and the human experience through the voices of the overlooked and underrepresented.

Northern was able to virtually attend post-production debriefs with all the film figures including photography directors, the costume department, film directors and more. As part of the program, Northern is also working alongside the brand to celebrate the passion demonstrated by the incredible technology shaping a new generation of filmmakers and film aficionados like himself.

Campari launched its Red Diaries platform in 2017 with a series of unique short film collaborations with renowned international directors and actors, using innovative storytelling to depict Campari’s history. Throughout time, Campari has worked with film luminaries such as Salma Hayek, Ana de Armas and Zoe Saldana, as well as esteemed directors like Stefano Sollima, Paolo Sorrentino, Matteo Garrone, Clive Owen and now Federico Fellini, celebrating creativity, storytelling and innovation in all its forms.

The FELLINI FORWARD documentary, which follows the creative process of making the short film had its U.S. premiere as a Partner Presentation at the 59th New York Film Festival on September 29 and will be available to U.S. consumers on Prime Video in October.

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