DIVERSITY, EQUITY, INCLUSION – American Film Institute

The American Film Institute believes in the power of diverse voices to drive culture forward.

We strive to cultivate and sustain an inclusive environment at AFI that actively affirms and is respectful of, the identities of all people, across genders, abilities, ethnicities, sexual orientations, socioeconomic backgrounds and ideological perspectives – and one where self-reflection, honesty and accountability are practiced.

At AFI, we are responsible for the community we build and the stories we tell.

Equity and Inclusion at Work

AFI is committed to creating space to engage a diverse array of emergent filmmakers and film enthusiast, as well as providing opportunities for youth to find their passion in the art of film. Our Access and Inclusion Initiatives targets a broad audience from our AFI Conservatory Fellows to community members to mid-career creatives.

Building Community Through Film


Edit Media
Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Teaching Media is a faculty-driven initiative dedicated to researching, developing, and educating about best practices in inclusive teaching in college-level media production.

Storyline Partners
Act as a liaison and refer content creators to issue-specific experts to ensure that characters and stories are represented authentically and that they are nuanced and culturally relevant, and resonant.


Any forms of discrimination and harassment experienced, witnessed or observed at AFI should be immediately reported to [email protected].