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Fans of the classic '60s TV show eagerly anticpated the arrival of the STAR TREK movie, in which they could see their favorite characters make
William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy

William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy

another voyage on the U.S.S. Enterprise.

Based on Wise's obvious finesse with big budget (and science fiction) pictures, Michael Eisner, then President of Paramount, asked Wise if he was interested in directing the film. Wise, a self-confessed non-Trekkie took on the big budget film, already knowing some of the obstacles in his way.

For Wise, a meticulous filmmaker who liked to plan out shots in preproduction, STAR TREK was a very challenging situation: the script was not finished when production started and it was constantly being rewritten on the fly. Ever the professional, Wise worked well with the cast, tackled the tremendous set with tricky lighting and helped integrate special effects to make it a successful picture at the box office.

Synopsis James T. Kirk is now an admiral called upon one last time to take over the command of his old ship in order to halt a strange alien craft that is gobbling up everything in its path and is headed directly for Earth. Star Trek: The Motion PictureTo undertake this mission he calls upon the assistance of all the old crew members, and some new ones as well. Willard Decker, the Enterprise's new captain, is relegated to being Kirk's assistant, and is none too happy about it. Spock is interrupted while performing ardent Vulcan rituals and urged to use his superior intellect and cool logic to aid his old pal. The most interesting character of the bunch is Dr. "Bones" McCoy, the crotchety doctor who must be tricked away from his life of hedonism to serve on a voyage he wants no part of. With Sulu at the controls, the U.S.S. Enterprise takes on one more mission "to boldly go where no man has ever gone before." The Enterprise is taken over by the entity and one of the new crew members (Navigator Ilia) is abducted. She is later returned to the Enterprise and informs Kirk that, unless the entity—V'Ger— its creator, it will destroy the Earth. When Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and Decker follow Ilia to V'Ger's ore, they discover that it is actually a Nasa space probe, Voyager 6, launched 300 years ago to collect information. With all the data it accumulated, V'Ger developed into an intelligent being that now wants to unite with its creator to attain human qualities. Fascinated by the prospects of such a melding, Decker joins Ilia and offers himself to V'Ger. With Earth's safety assured, the Enterprise flies to new adventures.

From The Motion Picture Guide, Volume VII and Robert Wise on His Films

Wise Facts
  • For scenes of the cast in the control cabin looking at the big screen, Wise put up a target so all their eyes were facing in the same direction. The special effects had not yet been done.
  • STAR TREK cost $40 million to make.
  • Credits: 132 min. Paramount Distributed by: Paramount;  Directed by: Robert Wise;  Produced by: Gene Roddenberry;  Screenplay by: Harold Livingston;  Edited by: Richard L. Anderson;  Director of Photography: Richard H. Kline;  Music by: Jerly Goldsmith;  Production Design by: Harold Michelson;  Sound by: Richard L. Anderson;  Costumes by: Robert Fletcher;  Make-up by: Fred Phillips;  Hair by: Barbara Kaye Minster; 
    Cast  William Shatner (Admiral James T. Kirk), Leonard Nimoy (Mr. Spock), DeForest Kelley (Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy), James Doohan (Montgomery "Scotty" Scott), George Takei (Sulu), Majel Barrett (Dr.Christine Chapel), Walter Koening (Chekov) Nichelle Nichols (Uhura), Persis Khambatta (llia), Stephen Collins (Commander Willard Decker), Grace Lee Whitney (Transporter Chief Janice Rand), Mark Lenard (Klingon Captain), Marcy Lafferty (Chief DiFalco), Billy Van Zandt (Alien Ensign), Ralph Brannen, Ralph Byers, Iva Lane, Franklyn Seales, and Momo Yashima (Bridge Crew), David Gautreaux (Commander Branch), Michele Ameen Billy (Epsilon Lieutenant), Roger Aaron Brown (Epsilon Technician), John D. Gowans (Transporter Assistant), Jon Kamal (Lieutenant Commander Sonak), Leslie C. Howard (Yeoman), Michael Rougas (Lieutenant Cleary), Junero Jennings (Engine Room Technician), Sayra Hummel (Engine Room Technician), Howard Itzkowitz (Cargo Deck Ensign), Rod Perry (Security Officer), John Dresden (Security Of ficer), Edna Glover, Paul Weber, and Norman Stuart (Vulcan Masters), Paula Crist (Crew Member), Terrance O'Connor (Chief Ross), Gary Faga (Airlock Technician), Joshua Gallegos (Security Of ficer), Doug Hale (Computer Voice/Off Camera), Susan J. Sullivan (Woman in Transporter).

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