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"We had long-ranging years to show, so we knew we needed some kind of frame to tell the story and get through the gaps in time. After several sessions, we came up with the newsreel frame. I've been accused a few times of having stolen from CITIZEN KANE. That really wasn't a conscious thieving at all. As a matter of fact, I'd originally wanted to do some kind of animated frame."

Robert Wise

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Songs: "Down at the Old Bull and Bush" (Ensemble); "Piccadilly" (Gertrude Lawrence, Arthur Lawrence, Rose); "Oh, It's a Lovely War," "In My Garden of Joy" (Gertrude and the Daffodil Girls); "Forbidden Fruit" (Noel Coward); "'N' Everything" (Jack Buchanan, Billie Carleton, Gertrude, and the Charlot Revue Ensemble); "Burlington Bertie From Bow" (Gertrude); "Parisian Pierrot," "Limehouse Blues" (Gertrude and the Dance Ensemble); "Someone To Watch Over Me" (Gertrude); "Dear Little Boy" (Gertrude and Noel); "Do, Do, Do" (Gertrude); "Someday I'll Find You" (Gertrude and Noel); "The Physician" (Gertrude and the Dance Ensemble); "Has Anyone Seen Our Ship?" (Gertrude and Noel); "My Ship" (Gertrude); "Jenny" (Gertrude, Circus Performers, and the Entire Company).

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