Run Silent,
Run Deep

Clark Gable

This highly charged drama which takes place in a submarine teamed big-ticket stars Burt Lancaster (whose production company did the film) and Clark Gable. To make sure the feel of the film was appropriately
Clark Gable

Clark Gable

claustrophobic, Wise had his art director, Edward Carrere, build the set to the scale of a submarine that Wise had visited for research.

The script was constantly being rewritten on the set, but the finished film didn't show a trace of this. News of the World called RUN SILENT, RUN DEEP, "a taut, superbly conceived piece of film craft. Two of Hollywood's real dependables, Clark Gable and Burt Lancaster, are the mainspring."*

Wise enjoyed working with the pair as well: "There was very good chemistry between Gable and Lancaster. Clark was an absolute dream to work with. He was always there at nine o'clock, ready to go for the first shot."*

Synopsis 1942. During war service, Commander Richardson's submarine is sunk by a Japanese Akikaze destroyer in the treacherous Bongo Straits. Subsequently Richardson is re-assigned to command the USS Nerka and Postergiven another mission in the same area of conflict. He finds his new command less than welcoming; it has generally been expected by the crew and the officer himself that the popular Lieutenant Bledsoe would have gained the promotion to commander. Bledsoe's disappointment borders on mutiny but he is respectful of the older officer. Obsessed by his desire to claim vengeance on the Japanese destroyer, Richardson relentlessly drills the men in special attack training. He is successful when they torpedo a Japanese destroyer and attack a convoy in the Bongo Straits. Richardson is beginning to have nightmares and defies campaign orders when an opportunity arises to attack a destroyer that he has sought. The batytle is now a contest of wills between Richardson and an enemy destroyer and submarine. When Richardson is injured, Bledsoe takes command and sinks the destroyer. The submarine surfaces and is attacked by planes, Richardson dies but he has the knowledge that his colleagues' deaths have not gone unmarked. Bledsoe and the crew pay silent tribute to Richardson, a man they have grown to admire.

From Burt Lancaster: The Man and his Movies

Wise Facts
  • The underwater shots were done with miniatures in the Salton Sea, California.
  • The author of the novel the film was based on, Edward L. Beach, was hired as a technical advisor.
  • Credits: 155 min. United Artists/Hecht, Hill and Lancaste; Distributed by: United Artists/Hecht, Hill and Lancaste;  Directed by: Robert Wise;  Produced by: Harold Hecht;  Screenplay by: John Gay;  Edited by: George Boemler;  Director of Photography: Russell Harlan;  Music by: Franz Waxman;  Production Design by: Gilbert Kurland;  Sound by: Fred Lau;  Make-up by: Frank Prehoda; 
    Lancaster Cast  Clark Gable (Commander Richardson), Burt Lancaster (Lieutenant Jim Bledsoe), Jack Warden (Mueller), Brad Dexter (Cartwright), Don Rickles (Ruby), Nick Cravat (Russo), Joe Moross (Kohler), Mary LaRoche (Laura), Eddie Foy 111 (Larto), Rudy Bond (Cullen), H. M. Wynant (Hendrix), John Bryant (Beckman), Ken Lynch (Frank), Joel Fluellen (Bragg), Jimmie Bates (Jessie), John Gibson (Captain Blunt).

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