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Movie Review "What would you do if a stranger told you your daughter was his daughter in another life? What if your daughter was plagued by strange, frenzied behavior...nightmares from which she couldn't be aroused? And what if she responded to this stranger, seemed to accept him? These questions are not very comfortable. The answers are even more disquieting.

'Audrey Rose' asks and answers them (to some degree) in a powerful dose of supernatural medicine. In spite of some terrifying turns, it's not a horror film in the usual sense. The movie has its ominous moments and it generates chills and suspense—but there is no super-shock treatment or special effects malevolence. It is a cool and steady step-by-step path to an unsettling conclusion rather than a drumbeat that ends in a crescendo of chaos. Which means you have to pay attention. And when you do, 'Audrey Rose' will reward you with an uneasy, unique impact."*


1. Z Magazine,June, 1978.