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site credits

AFI OnLine Media:
  • Dan Harries, Director
  • Todd Hughes, Designer
  • Sheryl Farber, Production Manager
  • Ilene Markell, Production Assistant
  • Jackie Dahl, Intern
  • Scott Patch, Intern
  • Don Tsuchiyama, Intern

We would also like to thank:

The Office of Robert Wise:

  • Charlotte Sutterlin

AFI Special Projects:

  • Cassandra Billings

The Louis B. Mayer Library Staff:

  • Caroline Sisneros
  • Gladys Irvis
  • Linda Pine
  • Jennifer Nolan
  • Esther Flores

The AFI National Film Theater:

  • Ray Barry
  • J. Cuasay

The AFI Catalog of Feature Films:

  • Pat Hanson
  • Karl Rathcke

Special thanks to:

Robert and Millicent Wise

for their invaluable cooperation.

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