THE INVISIBLE EYE [La Mirada Invisible]

Presented by the Global Film Initiative

Set against the backdrop of Argentina's military regime of the 1980s, Diego Lerman's engrossing and beautifully acted exploration of the totalitarian urge opens with a portrait of a lonely, repressed assistant teacher at an elite Buenos Aires private school. Obedient and willing, she accepts unquestioningly the school's rigid code of conduct and proud identification with the nation state. But her boss's words about the "cancer of subversion" and need for total surveillance soon feed an unhealthy obsession with one of her students, leading to an ensuing spiral of degradation and breakdown in discipline that parallels a popular rebellion beyond the school's ivy-covered walls. (Courtesy of Global Film Initiative)

DIR/SCR Diego Lerman; SCR Maria Meira, based on a novel by Martín Kohan; PROD Nicolás Avruj. Argentina, 2010, color, 97 min. In Spanish with English subtitles. NOT RATED

Fri, Sep 30, 5:30; Sun, Oct 2, 12:40; Wed, Oct 5, 6:30 (Montgomery College Show)


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