[Prometeo Deportado]

A Kafkaesque kerfuffle erupts when a planeload of Ecuadorian travelers is detained without explanation in the airport of an unnamed Western nation. As they puzzle over their misfortune and argue over food rations and supplies, everyone's true nature is revealed. But as the waiting room dissolves first into chaos, then, briefly, a moment of collaborative collectivism, before degenerating into oppressive dictatorship, the citizens must decide what kind of society they really want to live in, and whether they are willing to fight for it. Fernando Mieles' clever allegorical comedy was a smash hit at the Ecuadoran box office.

DIR/SCR Fernando Mieles; PROD Oderay Game. Ecuador/Venezuela, 2010, color, 112 min. In Spanish with English subtitles. NOT RATED

Mon, Sep 26, 9:20; Tue, Sep 27, 7:30


Tickets reserved and purchased online must be retrieved in person at the AFI Silver box office. The same credit card used online must be presented to the cashier to redeem your tickets.

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