COUNTRY MUSIC [Musica Campesina]

Dumped by his American girlfriend and robbed of his cash, Chilean Alejandro (Pablo Cerda) wanders the streets of Nashville with nowhere to go, hoping to fit in somewhere rather than return home a failure. With limited means and limited English, he stumbles through comic mishaps and cultural misunderstandings, getting by on his wits and a little Southern hospitality, including the camaraderie of two slackers whose couch he rents. Filmed with a student crew from the Vanderbilt film school, Chilean writer-director Alberto Fuguet (FOR RENT, 2006 AFI Latin American Film Festival) crafts a winning fish-out-of-water tale, displaying a wry outsider's eye for America.

DIR/SCR Alberto Fuguet; PROD Sarah Childress. Chile/US, 2011, color, 105 min. In English and Spanish with English subtitles. NOT RATED

Sat, Oct 1, 7:10; Sun, Oct 2, 7:15; Tue, Oct 4, 9:25


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