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THE BOY AND THE WORLD [O menino e o mundo]
Sat, Sep 27, 5:30; Sun, Sep 28, 1:00
A unique and visually dazzling spectacle, this wordless animated
parable follows Cuca, a young boy who leaves behind the
idyllic Brazilian countryside for a gritty mega-metropolis in search
of his missing father. Exhilarating for audiences of all ages, artist/
animator Alê Abreu’s vibrant and eclectic images (ranging from
simple stick figures to impressive collages) combine with the
samba rhythms of Brazil to create a mesmerizing entertainment
which won both the Audience Award and the Cristal Award for
Best Film at the prestigious Annecy Animation Film Festival.
Abreu; PROD Fernanda Carvalho, Tita Tessler. Brazil, 2014, color, 80 min. NOT RATED
A WOLF AT THE DOOR [O Lobo atrás da Porta]
Fri, Sep 26, 10:00; Sun, Sep 28, 5:00; Tue, Sep 30, 9:30
An affair takes a twisted turn in this pulse-pounding thriller
based on a true Rio crime story. The spark long gone, married
couple Sylvia and Bernardo are desperate for excitement.
Bernardo meets the sensual yet unstable Rosa, and the two
begin a passionate affair. Meanwhile, Sylvia unknowingly
strikes up a friendship with her. Inventively told from each of
their perspectives, this edgy neo-noir has been winning awards
around the world. Best Film, Best Actress, 2013 Rio De Janeiro
Film Festival; Horizons Award, 2013 San Sebastian Film
Festival; Grand Jury Prize, Best Director, 2014 Miami Film
Festival. Official Selection, 2014 SXSW, Seattle Film Festivals.
DIR/SCR Fernando Coimbra; PROD Caio Gullane, Fabiano Gullane, Débora Ivanov, Gabriel Lacerda.
Brazil, 2013, color, 100 min. In Portuguese with English subtitles. NOT RATED
[Hoje eu quero voltar sozinho]
Sun, Sep 28, 1:20; Tue, Sep 30, 7:45
Born blind, angsty São Paolo teen Leonardo is stuck in a rut. His
overprotective parents smother him, and his best friend Giovana
isn’t much better, dutifully guiding him home from school each
day. But when dreamy new kid Gabriel joins his class, things
start to look up as they strike up a friendship and hope for
more, much to the dismay of the jealous Giovana. A delightful,
feel-good coming-of-age tale, filmmaker Daniel Ribeiro brings a
John Hughes-esque touch to this poignant teen romance. Teddy
Award, FIPRESCI Prize, 2014 Berlin Film Festival; Audience
Award, Guadalajara Film Festival. Official Selection, 2014
Cartagena, Seattle Film Festivals.
DIR/SCR/PROD Daniel Ribeiro; PROD Diana
Almeida. Brazil, 2014, color, 95 min. In Portuguese with English subtitles. NOT RATED
FUTURO BEACH [Praia do Futuro]
Fri, Sep 26, 7:30; Sun, Sep 28, 9:10
Directed with stylish verve by Brazilian filmmaker Karim Aïnouz,
this dark romance explores courage, fear and love over the
course of an eight-year relationship. Donato (Wagner Moura,
ELITE SQUAD, ELYSIUM) is a lifeguard on the stunning beaches
of Fortaleza. Struck with guilt when he isn’t able to save a
drowning German tourist, he takes to the victim’s grieving friend
Konrad (Clemens Shick). A torrid affair follows and the two
swap sunny Brazil for frigid Berlin. A visual masterpiece, the film
pulses with sensuality and stark beauty, backed by a dreamy
score by German composer Hauschka. Official Selection,
2014 Berlin and Seattle Film Festivals.
DIR/SCR Karim Aïnouz; SCR Felipe
Bragança; PROD Geórgia Costa Araújo, Hank Levine. Brazil/Germany, 2014, color, 106 min. In
Portuguese and German with English subtitles. NOT RATED
ILLITERATE [Las analfabetas]
Sat, Sep 20, 1:20; Sun, Sep 21, 3:00; Tue, Sep 23, 5:15
Ximena (Paulina
García, GLORIA) is a
middle-aged recluse,
ashamed of her
illiteracy and trapped
in a lonely existence
lest anyone discover
her secret. When
the woman Ximena
employs to read her
the newspaper falls
ill, the woman’s daughter, Jackeline (Valentina Muhr), fills in
and decides to teach Ximena to read and write. But Ximena
is no easy pupil, and the two butt heads, slinging insults more
often than learning the alphabet. This emotional drama features
brilliant performances from its lead actresses, both reprising
their roles from the original stage production. Official Selection,
2013 Venice Film Festival. Audience Award Winner, 2013
Santiago Film Festival.
DIR/SCR Moisés Sepúlveda; SCR Pablo Paredes; PROD
Fernando Bascuñán. Chile, 2013, color, 73 min. In Spanish with English subtitles. NOT RATED
[El verano de los peces voladores]
Fri, Sep 26, 5:20; Sat, Sep 27, 11:30 a.m.;
Sun, Sep 28, 11:30 a.m.
Deep within the mist-filled forests of southern Chile, wealthy
landowner Don Francisco will stop at nothing to eliminate
the exploding carp population in his summer estate’s private
lake, recklessly “fishing” with dynamite and endangering his
workers. The native Mapuche Indians don’t take kindly to the
mistreatment of their ancestral lands, and tensions begin to boil.
Obsessed with his desire to dominate his domain, Francisco
fails to realize that he is losing touch with his daughter Manena
in this atmospheric mood piece from former documentarian
Marcela Said. Official Selection, 2013 Cannes, Toronto,
Vancouver Film Festival.
DIR/SCR Marcela Said; SCR Julio Rojas; PROD Bruno Bettati,
Tom Dercourt. Chile/France, 2013, color, 95 min. In Spanish with English subtitles. NOT RATED
TO KILL A MAN [Matar a un hombre]
Q&A with actor Daniel Candia,
plus post-screening wine
tasting sponsored by the Embassy of Chile on Sep 27
Sat, Sep 27, 7:30; Thu, Oct 2, 7:00
This taut psychological thriller tells the story of Jorge, a man
pushed to the brink of reason after a gang of hooligans
threatens his family. At first, the passive Jorge doesn’t fight
back, but faced with the gang’s constant harassment,
he must take justice into his own hands and live with the
life-changing consequences. Writer/director Alejandro
Fernández Almendras won the Grand Jury Prize in the World
Cinema Competition at this year’s Sundance Film Festival
for his intense moral drama. Official Selection, 2014 New
Directors/New Films, Rotterdam, Seattle, and Miami Film
DIR/SCR Alejandro Fernández Almendras; PROD Guillaume de Seille, Eduardo
Villalobos. Chile/France, 2014, color, 83 min. In Spanish with English subtitles. NOT RATED
US Premiere!
Sun, Sep 21, 5:00; Thu, Sep 25, 7:00
Stuck with his estranged father, temperamental tyke Eric
and his scruffy dog Lupe live a modest life in Bogotá,
until a wealthy family takes pity and invites them to stay at
their country home for Christmas. Blissfully unaware of the
implications, Eric quickly takes to his new life in the lap
of luxury, riding horses, splashing in the pool and making
friends with the other kids. But it soon becomes clear that
he doesn’t belong and never will. Ten-year-old Bryan
Santamarià gives an engrossing, bittersweet performance
in filmmaker Franco Lolli’s remarkable and sensitive debut.
Official Selection, 2014 Cannes Film Festival.
DIR/SCR Franco Lolli;
SCR Catherine Paillé, Virginie Legeay; PROD Grégoire Debailly. Colombia/France, 2014, color,
86 min. In Spanish with English subtitles.
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