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7TH FLOOR [Séptimo]
Fri, Sep 19, 7:15; Sat, Sep 20, 9:45; Tue, Sep 23, 9:45
On the cusp of divorce, Sebastián (Ricardo Darín, THE
SECRET IN THEIR EYES) and Delia (Belén Rueda, THE
ORPHANAGE) face a parent’s worst nightmare when their
two children vanish on the walk down from their seventh floor
Buenos Aires apartment. Panicked, Sebastián must begin a
desperate search to find his kids before it’s too late. But with
the biggest day in his legal career ahead of him, could there
be a deeper conspiracy at hand? A box office sensation in
both Argentina and Spain, this heart-pounding thriller features
dynamo performances from two of the Spanish-speaking
world’s greatest stars.
DIR/SCR Patxi Amezcua; SCR Alejo Flah; PROD Álvaro
Agustín, Jordi Gasull, Axel Kuschevatzky, Andrés Longares, Matías Mosteirín, Edmon Roch.
Argentina/Spain, 2013, color, 91 min. In Spanish with English subtitles. RATED R
NATURAL SCIENCES [Ciencias naturales]
Fri, Sep 26, 5:30; Sun, Sep 28, 3:20; Wed, Oct 1, 5:20
Twelve-year-old Lila will stop at nothing to find the father she’s
never known. After repeated attempts to escape her remote
boarding school in the Sierra de Córdoba mountains, she
manages to rope in her empathetic teacher through sheer
persistence, and the two set off on a complicated journey of
discovery. Without even knowing her father’s name, Lila will
have to rely on a single clue to find the truth. This debut feature
by Matías Lucchesi is a sweet, sensitive coming-of-age story. Best
Feature Film, Generation Kplus, 2014 Berlin Film Festival; Best
Film, Best Actress, Best Screenplay, 2014 Guadalajara Film
DIR/SCR/PROD Matías Lucchesi; SCR Gonzalo Salaya; PROD Fabrice Lambot, Juan
Pablo Miller. Argentina/France, 2014, color, 71 min. In Spanish with English subtitles. NOT RATED
TWO SHOTS FIRED [Dos disparos]
Wed, Oct 1, 7:00; Sat, Oct 4, 5:15
After a ten-year hiatus,
legendary Argentine
filmmaker Martín
Rejtman (THE MAGIC
RAPADO) returns with
this wry existential
comedy. After a night
of partying, 16-year-old
Mariano finds a gun
and impulsively shoots
himself twice, once in
the head and once in the chest, but miraculously survives. This
improbable act sets off a wickedly quotidian chain reaction as
his friends and family deal dispassionately with the aftermath. As
the film flits from character to character, Rejtman masterfully finds
the magic in the mundane. Official Selection, 2014 Locarno,
Toronto, New York Film Festivals.
DIR/SCR Martín Rejtman; PROD Violeta Bava,
Rosa Martinez Rivero, Bruno Bettati, Christoph Friedel, Jan van der Zanden. Argentina/Chile/
Germany/Netherlands, 2014, color, 104 min. In Spanish with English subtitles. NOT RATED
[Yvy Maraey, tierra sin mal]
Sun, Oct 5, 7:30
Sundance Award-winning filmmaker Juan Carlos Valdivia
(SOUTHERN DISTRICT, 2010 AFI Latin American Film Festival)
plays a version of himself, a documentarian hoping to make
a film about the Guaraní people and retrace the trail of an
early Swedish explorer. With the help of a Guaraní guide, he
heads into southeastern Bolivia, where the indigenous culture
still reigns. The prickly metropolitan filmmaker is often met with
indignation, a reflection of the greater Bolivian culture clash. A
lyrical and philosophical road movie, where the journey leads
not to a destination but to a deeper understanding of identity,
memory and the power of cinema.
DIR/SCR/PROD Juan Carlos Valdivia; SCR
Elio Ortiz; PROD Matthias Ehrenberg, Joaquin Sánchez. Bolivia/Mexico/Norway, 2013, color, 107
min. In Spanish and Guaraní with English subtitles. NOT RATED
AFTER THE RAIN [Depois da chuva]
Q&A with filmmaker Cláudio Marques on Sep 23
Tue, Sep 23, 7:00; Wed, Sep 24, 9:40
1984. After 20 years of dictatorship, the people of Brazil are
excited for their first free presidential election, while teenager
Caio sets his sights on the equally contested student council
campaign. Coming of age alongside the newly freed country,
where real change seemed possible, the anarchist-leaning
Caio stands up for his beliefs. Aided by his first love Fernanda
in his struggle for justice, he must accept that as much as things
change, they still stay the same. Directing duo Cláudio Marques
and Marília Hughes’ punky political allegory provides a rare
insight into this turbulent transitional period in Brazil’s history.
Official Selection, 2014 BAFICI and Rotterdam Film Festivals.
DIR/SCR Cláudio Marques, Marília Hughes; PROD Pedro Maia, Sophia Corral, Talis Castro, Paula
Carneiro, Victor Corujeira. Brazil, 2014, color, 95 min. In Portuguese with English subtitles. NOT RATED
Sat, Sep 20, 7:15; Wed, Sep 24, 7:15
Set in the affluent suburbs of Rio de Janeiro, this wry and
witty debut film delicately unravels issues of class and race
in modern-day Brazil through the eyes of a 17-year-old boy.
Growing up in the lap of luxury, Jean has grown accustomed
to the private drivers and housekeepers his parents have
provided. But with girls and clubbing preoccupying his
thoughts, Jean fails to realize that his father has nearly
exhausted the family fortune. Now forced to take the bus to
school, he chats up Luiza, a mixed-race girl who opens his
eyes to a different Rio. Official Selection, 2014 Rotterdam,
LatinBeat, Sydney and Melbourne Film Festivals.
DIR/SCR Fellipe
Barbosa; SCR Karen Sztajnberg; PROD Iafa Britz. Brazil, 2014, color, 115 min. In Portuguese
with English subtitles. NOT RATED
[El misterio de la felicidad]
Sun, Sep 21, 1:00; Mon, Sep 22, 5:15; Wed, Sep 24, 5:15
Celebrated Argentine filmmaker Daniel Burman (LOST
EMBRACE, EMPTY NEST) returns with his latest dramedy,
an ode to friendship, love and midlife crises. Santiago and
Eugenio’s business and friendship runs like clockwork, their every
activity synchronized. Until one day, Eugenio vanishes without
a trace, throwing Santiago’s carefully balanced life into chaos.
Eugenio’s wife Laura assumes her husband’s role in the business,
a change no one likes at first, but one that in time might prove to
be a change for the better. Official Selection, 2014 Sydney Film
DIR/SCR/PROD Daniel Burman; SCR Sergio Dubcovsky; PROD Walkiria Barbosa, Diego
Dubcovsky. Argentina/Brazil, 2014, color, 92 min. In Spanish with English subtitles. NOT RATED
Post-screening party featuring
DJ set by Maracuyeah Collective,
sponsored by Kesta Happening
Sat, Oct 4, 10:00
A non-stop party, the citizens of Buenos Aires were born to
dance in this ridiculously infectious documentary experiment.
Without dialogue or plot, filmmakers Mariano Cohn and
Gastón Duprat have captured porteños in their native
habitat, grooving along to their favorite pop hits. From
rich to poor, young to old, nothing can stop the gleeful
performances of this diverse dancing bunch. A sensation at
this year’s Sundance Film Festival, audiences are encouraged
to leave their seats and join in the fun. Official Selection,
2014 Sundance, BAFICI and Hot Docs Film Festivals.
Mariano Cohn, Gastón Duprat; SCR Andrés Duprat. Argentina, 2014, color, 63 min. NOT RATED
Courtesy of Criterion Pictures
Courtesy of Visit Films
Courtesy of Ruda Cine
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LOCK CHARMER [El cerrajero]
Q&A with filmmaker Natalia Smirnoff, plus post-
screening reception sponsored by the Embassy of
Argentina on Oct 4
Fri, Oct 3, 5:30; Sat, Oct 4, 3:00; Tue, Oct 7, 7:15
In 2008, a bizarre fog covered Buenos Aires for three
weeks. It is during this strange time that 33-year-old locksmith
Sebastian (Esteban Lamothe) has his first brush with the
supernatural. When he unlocks a door, he gets a brief
glimpse into the client’s life. Sebastian’s life is further
complicated when an ex turns up pregnant and a troubled
Peruvian maid holes up in his bachelor pad. Filmmaker
Natalia Smirnoff has created a charming dramedy with a
winning dash of magical realism. Official Selection, 2014
Sundance and Cartagena Film Festivals.
DIR/SCR Natalia Smirnoff; PROD
Juan Pablo Miller. Argentina, 2014, color, 77 min. In Spanish with English subtitles. NOT RATED
Courtesy of Urban Distribution
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