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Sun, Jul 27, 7:30; Wed, Jul 30, 5:15
Tom Hanks gives a moving performance in this winning
modern-day fairytale directed by Penny Marshall. In a rush
to grow up, 13-year-old New Jersey boy Josh Baskin (David
Moscow) makes a wish to be “big” at an old fortune-telling
machine down at the pier. The next day he wakes up to
discover he’s a full-grown man (Hanks). Now forced to run
away from home, lest he terrify his poor mother, Josh lights
out for the Big Apple to make his way in the grown-up world.
Cinematography by Barry Sonnenfeld, later the director of THE
ADDAMS FAMILY and the MEN IN BLACK franchise.
DIR Penny
Marshall; SCR Gary Ross, Anne Spielberg; PROD James L. Brooks, Robert Greenhut. US, 1988,
color, 104 min. RATED PG
25th Anniversary!
Sun, Jul 27, 9:40; Thu, Jul 31, 9:00
Joe Dante’s darkly comic spoof brings home the weirdness to
the supposedly safe American suburbs. Squeaky-clean couple
Ray and Carol (Tom Hanks and Carrie Fisher) don’t know
what to make of the new neighbors, Dr. Werner Klopek (Henry
Gibson), Uncle Reuben (Brother Theodore) and Hans (Courtney
Gains), whose unexplained nocturnal noise-making soon has
the nosy neighborhood concerned about cannibal cults. With
nice comic contributions from Bruce Dern as paranoid vet Lt.
Rumsfield and Corey Feldman as excitable teenager Ricky.
Dante; SCR Dana Olsen; PROD Larry Brezner, Michael Finnell. US, 1989, color, 101 min. RATED PG
Fri, Aug 1, 7:15; Thu, Aug 7, 9:30
Falling in between SUPERMAN and THE GOONIES, and
before he launched the LETHAL WEAPON franchise, Richard
Donner directed this epic fantasy adventure, less commercially
successful but much loved by its ardent fans. Navarre (Rutger
Hauer) and his lover Isabeau (Michelle Pfeiffer) have been
cursed by the jealous (and sorcerous) Bishop (John Wood), he
to roam as a wolf by night, she to soar as a hawk by day, the
two never together in compatible form. Enlisting the skills of
young thief Gaston (Matthew Broderick), recently escaped from
the Bishop’s castle, Navarre plans to break back into the castle
in order to gain their freedom.
DIR/PROD Richard Donner; SCR Edward Khmara,
Michael Thomas, Tom Mankiewicz, David Webb Peoples; PROD Lauren Shuler Donner. US, 1985,
color, 121 min. RATED PG-13
Fri, Aug 1, 9:45; Sat, Aug 2, 10:30
They're back from the grave
and ready to party! Hapless
warehouse employees
release a toxic nerve gas
from a canister containing
a military experiment gone
wrong, and soon have a
reanimated cadaver on their
hands. But their efforts to
destroy the shambling threat
make matters much worse,
polluting the atmosphere
and creating an acid
rain that soon soaks…the
graveyard. This cult classic is
overflowing with outlandish
gore, eye-popping visuals
and lots of laughs, set to a
rockin' soundtrack featuring The Cramps, The Damned, Roky
Erickson, T.S.O.L. and, fittingly, The Flesh Eaters. Co-starring
Don Calfa and scream queen Linnea Quigley.
DIR/SCR Dan O'Bannon;
PROD Tom Fox. US, 1985, color, 91 min. RATED R
Sun, Aug 3, 8:30; Thu, Aug 7, 7:00
Little fellow Willow Ufgood (Warwick Davis) has greatness
thrust upon him after he becomes the special protector of a
child of prophecy, the baby Elora, sought by the evil Queen
Bavmorda (Jean Marsh of UPSTAIRS, DOWNSTAIRS fame).
The familiar fantasy terrain is given a good going-over, with
the occasional wink, by director Ron Howard and executive
producer George Lucas. Val Kilmer cuts a dashing figure as
devil-may-care swordsman Madmartigan, with Joanne Whalley
as his fiery redheaded foil, the maiden Sorsha (the two wed
soon after filming).
DIR Ron Howard; SCR Bob Dolman, from a story by George Lucas;
PROD Nigel Wooll. US, 1988, color, 126 min. RATED PG
Mon, Aug 4, 9:30; Tue, Aug 5, 9:30
“You can be my wingman any time!” 1986’s box-office
champ, an old-fashioned story of young combat pilot trainees
prematurely going to battle, but tricked out with state-of-the-
art tech credits and cartoony triumphalism, did double duty
as an early vintage Bruckheimer/Simpson action spectacle
and a feature-length recruiting video for the U.S. Air Force.
Director Tony Scott deployed an array of dazzling, dizzying
and dynamic visuals while ably guiding the appealing cast of
“Maverick” Tom Cruise, Kelly McGillis, Anthony Edwards and
a pouting, preening Val Kilmer as “Iceman.” Oscar winner for
Best Song, “Take My Breath Away,” performed by Berlin and
penned by Giorgio Moroder and Tom Whitlock.
DIR Tony Scott; SCR
Jim Cash, Jack Epps, Jr., from the article by Ehud Yonay; PROD Jerry Bruckheimer, Don Simpson.
US, 1986, color, 110 min. RATED PG
30th Anniversary!
Fri, Aug 15, 7:30; Wed, Aug 20, 9:30; Thu, Aug 21, 5:15
The Coen brothers' uncommonly assured debut film was a
bona fide indie hit — in fact, it helped define what an "indie
hit" was. A Texas-set neo-noir full of grisly humor and a page
or two stolen from the horror film playbook, the film features the
Coens' first great screen villain in M. Emmet Walsh's Visser, a
sleazy private eye hired by road house proprietor Dan Hedaya
to catch his cheating wife, Frances McDormand. Greedy
double-crossing and inventive plot-twisting lead to a memorably
thrilling climax.
DIR/SCR/PROD Joel Coen, Ethan Coen. US, 1984, color, 99 min. RATED R
Tue, Aug 12, 9:15; Thu, Aug 14, 9:15
Manhattan yuppie Griffin Dunne takes a walk on the wild
side — ‘80s SoHo! — in Martin Scorsese’s cult classic black
comedy. Looking for romance with an artist he’s recently met
(Rosanna Arquette), Dunne instead suffers one embarrassing
mishap after another, all through the night. With Teri Garr,
Linda Fiorentino, Catherine O’Hara, John Heard, Verna Bloom
and Cheech and Chong.
DIR Martin Scorsese; SCR Joseph Minion; PROD Robert F.
Colesberry, Griffin Dunne, Amy Robinson. US, 1985, color, 97 min. RATED R
Sat, Aug 9, 4:00;
Tue, Aug 12, 7:00;
Thu, Aug 14, 7:00
Rupert Pupkin
(Robert De Niro),
a 34-year-old NYC
messenger who
lives with his mother,
has a dream: to do his
standup routine on Jerry
Langford’s (Jerry Lewis) late night
talk show and become recognized
as a “king of comedy.” Pursuit of his
dream leads to what most people
would call stalking; after joining forces
with certifiably star-struck society girl
Masha (Sandra Bernhard) the two go
all in, kidnapping the late-night host in
order to make their pitch. A horrifying
and hilarious skewering of celebrity
worship, highlighted by Lewis' serious,
icy cold performance and Bernhard's
deliriously over-the-top comedic turn.
DIR Martin Scorsese; SCR Paul D. Zimmerman; PROD Arnon
Milchan. US, 1983, color, 109 min. RATED R
Sun, Aug 17, 8:45; Mon, Aug 18, 5:15; Wed, Aug 20, 5:15
Holly Hunter and
reformed criminal
Nicolas Cage
make the perfect
misfit couple, but
no baby blesses
their union. ("Her
insides were a
rocky place where
my seed could
find no purchase.")
The solution:
redistribute one of
the local celebrity
quintuplets into
their family.
Quirkily comedic
in the Preston Sturges mold and a leftfield hit, the film helped
launch the careers of future Oscar® winners Cage and Hunter.
John Goodman steals his scenes as Cage's ne'er-do-well
brother, with family issues of his own.
DIR/SCR/PROD Joel Coen, Ethan Coen.
US, 1987, color, 94 min. RATED PG-13
Sat, Aug 16, 11:30; Mon, Aug 18, 9:40
Los Angeles high school music teacher Perry King works hard
to inspire his students, but his efforts are undermined by a gang
of jaded punk rockers, who trash his taste and bully their fellow
students about joining the band. Turns out gang leader Timothy
Van Patten is a musical prodigy, but has chosen the dark side.
Tensions between the teacher and rebellious students escalate
into a deadly confrontation. A young Michael J. Fox has a
memorable cameo in a cafeteria riot straight out of prison films.
Soundtrack by Alice Cooper.
DIR/SCR Mark L. Lester; SCR John C. W. Saxton,
Tom Holland; PROD Arthur Kent. Canada, 1982, color, 98 min. RATED R
Sun, Aug 10, 7:45; Wed, Aug 13, 9:00
Rocky (Sylvester Stallone) has enjoyed a long and lucrative
reign as the champ, but gets knocked off his pedestal by upstart
Clubber Lang (Mr. T). Now Rocky must work harder than ever
if he has any hopes to regain the title, and turns to a surprising
source to guide him in his training — his former rival Apollo
Creed (Carl Weathers).
DIR/SCR Sylvester Stallone; PROD Robert Chartoff, Irwin
Winkler. US, 1982, color, 100 min. RATED PG
Sun, Aug 17, 6:45
“I must break you.” Robotic Soviet champ Ivan Drago (Dolph
Lundgren) puts a fatal beatdown on Apollo Creed (Carl
Weathers), sending Rocky (Sylvester Stallone) on a mission to
Moscow to avenge his fallen comrade. During the opening
fun and games, before anyone gets hurt, James Brown, the
Godfather of Soul, shocks and awes the Soviet super-pugilist
with his funkiness, in a full-on Vegas razzle-dazzle performance
of “Living in America” for Apollo’s walk-in music.
DIR/SCR Sylvester
Stallone; PROD Robert Chartoff, Irwin Winkler. US, 1985, color, 91 min. RATED PG
Fri, Aug 22, 7:40; Mon, Aug 25, 9:10
Ralph Bakshi’s pioneering rotoscoped animated film chronicles
four generations in an American family, each of whom pursues
a career making music, with equal parts success and failure.
Russian Jew Zalmie emigrates to America and breaks into
vaudeville, but an injury suffered in WWI puts an end to his
singing. His son Benny plays jazz piano, but loses his life in
WWII. Benny’s son Tony falls under the spell of the Beats in
San Francisco, later joining a psychedelic rock band. Finally
in ‘80s-era New York, Tony takes in Pete, who dreams of
becoming a rock musician, not realizing that Pete is in fact the
son he fathered years ago.
DIR/PROD Ralph Bakshi; SCR Ronni Kern; PROD Martin
Ransohoff. US, 1981, color, 96 min. RATED R
Sat, Aug 23, 11:00; Tue, Aug 26, 9:45
Goth girl Angela (Amelia “Mimi” Kinkade) and her boy-crazy
best friend Suzanne (Linnea Quigley) throw a Halloween party
at Hull House, an abandoned funeral home rumored to be
haunted. Bloodthirsty demons crash the party after the teens
conduct a séance, leading to possession, mayhem and murder,
including some eye-popping special effects by Steve Johnson
MAN 2).
DIR Kevin Tenney; SCR/PROD Joe Augustyn. US, 1988, color, 90 min. RATED R
Fri, Aug 29, 9:30
Classic 1980s kitsch, this wildly entertaining dystopic vision
of a futuristic "1994" rivals ROCKY HORROR and HEDWIG
AND THE ANGRY INCH in the cult musical genre. Menahem
Golan's trippy reinterpretation of the book of Genesis centers
on Bibi (Catherine Mary Stewart) and Alphie (George
Gilmour), two budding rockers who fall under the control of the
wickedly evil record producer Mr. Boogalow (Vladek Sheybal).
Featuring outlandish choreography from SO YOU THINK YOU
CAN DANCE's Nigel Lythgoe and so-bad-they're-good songs
from Israeli songwriters Coby and Iris Recht. (Note courtesy of
Washington Jewish Film Festival.)
DIR/SCR/PROD Menahem Golan; PROD
Yoram Globus. US/West Germany, 1980, color, 90 min. RATED PG
Sat, Aug 30, 12 midnight; Sun, Aug 31, 9:30;
Thu, Sep 4, 9:15
Schoolgirl Frenchy Hercules (Marie-Pascale Elfman) discovers
a portal to the Sixth Dimension in her family’s basement,
where she’s claimed as the new concubine by King Fausto
(Hervé Villechaize), despite the protestations of Queen Doris
(Susan Tyrrell). Her family and friends make the journey to the
Forbidden Zone to rescue her, and ultimately all is resolved
with a big song-and-dance number. Music by Danny Elfman,
who also plays Satan.
DIR/SCR/PROD Richard Elfman; SCR Matthew Bright, Nick L.
Martinson, Nicholas James. US, 1980, color, 74 min. RATED R
Sun, Aug 31, 7:20; Thu, Sep 4, 7:00
A strange mashup of teen exploitation movie and cautionary
tale, this film is one part after-school special and two parts
grindhouse titillation. Four teenage girls in the San Fernando
Valley turn to drink, drugs and sexual promiscuity to deal with
problematic home lives and their own personal anxieties. Jodie
Foster gives a standout performance as the relatively grounded
Jeanie, who has to look after her overworked mother (Sally
Kellerman) as well as her troubled friends, especially druggy
runaway Annie (the Runaways’ Cherie Currie).
DIR Adrian Lyne; SCR/
PROD Gerald Ayres; PROD David Puttnam. US, 1980, color, 106 min. RATED R
Totally Awesome 8: Great Films of the 1980s
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