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Special Engagements
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Totally Awesome 8: Great Films
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Harold Ramis Remembered
Cinema and the Great War
Alec Guinness Centennial
Mario Bava Centennial
Action! The Films of Raoul Walsh, Part 3
70mm Spectacular, Part 3
Sergio Leone
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This year's edition of
AFI Silver's popular
summertime series
showcases the '80s in
all their awesomeness —
blockbuster hits and retro-
tastic rarities; influential
originals whose remakes
pale in comparison; and underground legends
demanding to be seen by today's audiences. These
are the kinds of films they just don't make like they
used to, and films they just
make like they
used to! Don't miss this year's lineup of '80s-era
summer fun on the big screen — especially as this
will be the “Final Chapter.” This eighth edition will
be the series’ finale!
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25th Anniversary!
Thu, Jul 3, 9:30; Wed, Jul 9, 9:15
On the hottest day of the year
in the Bed-Stuy neighborhood
of Brooklyn, racial tensions
reach a boiling point in
Spike Lee’s thought-provoking
masterpiece. Lee stars as
Mookie, a deliveryman for
Sal’s Famous Pizzeria; run by
Sal (Danny Aiello) and his
sons (John Turturro and Richard
Edson), it’s the only white-run
business in the neighborhood.
An unprovoked act of police
violence in the neighborhood
causes unexpected civil
disobedience, escalating
tensions along racial lines.
Also starring Samuel L. Jackson, Rosie Perez, Ruby Dee, Ossie
Davis, Martin Lawrence and Giancarlo Esposito.
Spike Lee. US, 1989, color, 120 min. RATED R
30th Anniversary!
Fri, Jul 4, 8:15; Sat, Jul 5, 5:15; Sun, Jul 6, 3:30;
Tue, Jul 8, 9:15; Thu, Jul 10, 9:15
The further adventures of Indiana Jones, famously opening with
a bravura action sequence that begins in a Shanghai nightclub
and ends with the hero and his compatriots jumping out of a
plane over the Himalayas without the aid of parachutes. An
Indian death cult that has enslaved village children takes over
the bad-guy roles from the Nazis this time. The graphic human
sacrifice scenes, involving the extraction of a still-beating human
heart, eventually led to the creation of the PG-13 rating.
DIR Steven
Spielberg; SCR Willard Huyck, Gloria Katz, from a story by George Lucas; PROD Robert Watts. US,
1984, color, 118 min. RATED PG
Count Gore De Vol presents THEM!, with interactive
intermissions and lots of ghoulish good fun and surprises!
Sat, Jul 19, 7:30
Presented in connection with the National
Building Museum’s current installation,
the “BIG Maze,” designed by BIG-Bjarke
Ingels Group. Soaring 18 feet high and
measuring 61 feet by 61 feet, the structure
boasts a series of twists and turns for visitors
to weave through and explore.
Double Feature:
Sat, July 5, 7:45
Tickets $15/$12 AFI Members
"Heeeere's Johnny!" Jack Nicholson
suffers from one helluva case of writer's
block in Stanley Kubrick's acclaimed
adaptation of the Stephen King novel.
Nicholson's frustrated writer takes a job
as the winter caretaker of the isolated
Overlook Hotel, with long-suffering wife
Shelley Duvall and introverted young
son Danny Lloyd in tow. The family tries to make the best of things at
the lonely resort, while Nicholson's sanity is pushed to the breaking
point as cabin fever and the denizens of the demonic hotel take
DIR/SCR/PROD Stanley Kubrick; SCR Diane Johnson, from the novel by Stephen King. US/
UK, 1980, color, 146 min. RATED R
Followed by:
ROOM 237
In this documentary, filmmaker Rodney Ascher delves into the
symbols and motifs in Stanley Kubrick's historic film, THE SHINING,
revealing even more secrets hidden within the story more than 30
years later. A filmmaker as rigorously detailed as Kubrick demands
close examination and THE SHINING is a film loaded with
oddities that become curiouser and curiouser the farther down the
rabbit hole you fall… (Note courtesy of 2013 AFI FEST.)
Rodney Ascher; PROD Tim Kirk. US, 2012, color, 102 min. NOT RATED
Fri, Aug 1, 11:45;
Sat, Aug 2, 11:45;
Sun, Aug 3, 12:20
"Dance magic,
dance!" Jim
Henson's visionary
fairy tale, the last
feature film he
would direct, now
enjoys a devoted
cult following
among viewers
who grew up
on it. Resentful
of having to
babysit her brother
Toby, teenager
Jennifer Connelly
inadvertently casts
him into the hands
of Jareth the Goblin
King, played with haughty relish by rock icon David Bowie. To
rescue Toby before he is permanently transformed into a goblin,
Connelly must navigate the many obstacles — and dangerous
puppetry — of the Goblin King's labyrinth.
DIR/SCR Jim Henson; SCR Dennis
Lee, Terry Jones; PROD Eric Rattray. UK/US, 1986, color, 101 min. RATED PG
A-MAZE-ing Films!
July 3–September 17
Totally Awesome 8: Great Films of the 1980s
30th Anniversary!
Sun, Jul 6, 6:00; Mon, Jul 7, 9:00
“Wol-ver-ines!” Filmmaker John Milius delivers the mother of all
Cold War paranoid fantasies. A Soviet-Cuban sneak attack
cripples the U.S., but their invasion is repelled by freedom-loving
teens, relying on a combination of hunting skills and lessons
learned on the football field. Only in America, only in the ‘80s.
The young cast includes Patrick Swayze, C. Thomas Howell,
Charlie Sheen, Lea Thompson and Jennifer Grey, plus SUPERFLY’s
Ron O’Neal as a Cuban comandante.
DIR/SCR John Milius; SCR Kevin
Reynolds; PROD Barry Beckerman, Buzz Feitshans. US, 1984, color, 114 min. RATED PG-13
Director's Cut!
Sat, Jul 12, 9:00; Sun, Jul 13, 9:15; Mon, Jul 14, 9:00
Sam Neill and Isabelle Adjani's marriage is on the rocks, but
their love/hate dynamic is taken to unimaginable extremes
in Andrzej
uławski’s notoriously over-the-top horror-amour
fou classic, long difficult to see in its complete form and now
ripe for rediscovery. Quite at home in the divided Berlin of
the early 1980s, the well-to-do couple play out their union's
disintegration across the borders of sanity all the way into the
supernatural. Best Actress awards for Adjani, 1981 Cannes
Film Festival and Cesar Awards.
DIR/SCR Andrzej
uławski; SCR Frederic Tuten;
PROD Marie-Laure Reyre. France/West Germany, 1981, color, 127 min. RATED R
“The film marks the spot where the avant-garde, the
grotesque and the insane meet.” –David Edelstein, The
New York Times
Sun, Jul 13, 6:45; Tue, Jul 15, 9:15; Thu, Jul 17, 9:40
With Earth imperiled by
an alien probe and the
Enterprise crew still in
hot water with Star Fleet
after the events of STAR
and company make a
desperate escape into the
past — via the “gravity
slingshot time-warp effect”
— and arrive in 1980s
San Francisco. Their
mission: bring humpback
whales from the past
back to the future, to right
the wrong of their future
extinction, and reconnect
with what turns out to be
their extraterrestrial origins. Save the whales, save the planet.
Leonard Nimoy directs the wittiest and wisest of the franchise
DIR Leonard Nimoy; SCR Steve Meerson, Peter Krikes, Nicholas Meyer; SCR/PROD Harve
Bennett. US, 1986, color, 122 min. RATED PG
30th Anniversary!
Fri, Jul 18, 9:30; Thu, Jul 24, 9:15
The myth of Orpheus is transposed to MTV-style music video
melodrama, as Michael Paré searches high and low for his
kidnapped ex-girlfriend Diane Lane across the rain-drenched city
night, down dark alleyways, under the elevated railways and in
abandoned warehouses (the better to stage music and dance
numbers in). A guilty pleasure from the music video age, the
decade that mostly turned its back on the Hollywood musical.
SCR Walter Hill; SCR Larry Gross; PROD Lawrence Gordon, Joel Silver. US, 1984, color, 93 min. RATED R
48 HRS.
Sun, Jul 20, 8:00; Wed, Jul 23, 9:45
Walter Hill’s raucous odd-couple/buddy cop movie was a
massive hit, a genre-defining template-setter that launched
comedian Eddie Murphy to superstardom. Nick Nolte is a
grizzled cop looking for revenge against two escaped cop
killers. Murphy is a convicted hustler currently serving time, but
who may hold a valuable lead to find the criminals. In order to
catch the perps, Nolte has Murphy released into his custody
for 48 hours, beginning a race against time, and a clash of
personalities and prejudices for the cop-con team, in a plan that’s
so crazy it just might work.
DIR/SCR Walter Hill; SCR Roger Spottiswoode, Larry Gross,
Steven E. de Souza; PROD Lawrence Gordon, Joel Silver. US, 1982, color, 96 min. RATED R
25th Anniversary!
BATMAN (1989)
Fri, Jul 25, 7:20
“Ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?” Tim Burton
brought the Dark Night Detective to the big screen in this
landmark comic book adaptation, breaking from the camp of
the ‘60s TV show and reestablishing the edgy aspects of the
character. Jack Nicholson as the Joker keeps things from getting
too serious, while Michael Keaton, mainly a comedian and a
controversial choice to play Bruce Wayne/Batman, surprised
many with his convincing darkness. Score by Danny Elfman
with songs by Prince, including his final #1 hit (to date…),
DIR Tim Burton; SCR Sam Hamm, Warren Skaaren; PROD Peter Guber, Jon
Peters. US/UK, 1989, color, 126 min. RATED PG-13
30th Anniversary!
Sat, Jul 26, 12 midnight
Gatlin, Nebraska, has fallen victim to religious zealotry, as
a crusading youth cult rises up, worshiping not in the faith of
their parents — soon dispatched — but instead praying to an
ancient presence deep beneath the cornfields. Starring a pre-
TERMINATOR Linda Hamilton and loosely based on a Stephen
King story, this is an eerie American spin on classic myth-
oriented horror literature. Many lesser, direct-to-video sequels
obscure the original’s spellbindingly macabre merits.
DIR Fritz Kiersch;
SCR George Goldsmith, from the short story by Stephen King; PROD Donald P. Borchers, Terrence
Kirby. US, 1984, color, 92 min. RATED R
Sat, Jul 26, 6:30
Courtesy of Paramount
Courtesy of Warner Bros.
Courtesy of Paramount
Courtesy of Warner Bros.
Courtesy of Warner Bros.
July 11–17; see page 15 for showtimes
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Mon, Jul 21, 9:50; Thu, Jul 24, 7:15
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