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SOLDIER JANE [Soldate Jeannette]
Sun, Dec 8, 6:15; Mon, Dec 9, 7:30
Posh fortysomething Fanni takes a sports car for a test drive—on
a one-way trip from Vienna to the Alps. There she finds work on
an organic farm, alongside other dropouts from the rat race. But
is the farm community really free of modern society’s corruptions?
How long can a non-conformist like Fanni fit in anywhere? A
longtime assistant director to Ulrich Seidl, Daniel Hoesl creates a
visionary debut, offering a cultural critique with puckish wit and
crisp style. German electro balladeer Bettina Köster makes key
contributions on the soundtrack. Tiger Award, 2013 Rotterdam
Film Festival; Official Selection, 2013 Sundance, New
Directors/New Films.
DIR/SCR Daniel Hoesl; PROD Katharina Posch. Austria, 2013,
color, 80 min. In German and French with English subtitles. NOT RATED
TENDERNESS [La tendresse]
Thu, Dec 12, 5:30; Fri, Dec 13, 5:20; Sun, Dec 15, 7:45
After their ski instructor son breaks his leg in the Alps, Belgian
divorced couple Lise (Marilyne Canto) and Frans (Dardenne
Brothers regular Olivier Gourmet) must share a car trip to France
to bring him home in Marion Hänsel’s sensitive, heartwarming
and beautifully observed drama. Lacking theatrical
pyrotechnics, the film simply delivers on its title, showing how a
family—even a divided one—comes together during a minor
crisis. Official Selection, 2013 Rotterdam, Karlovy Vary Film
DIR/SCR/PROD Marion Hänsel; PROD Cédomir Kolar, Ernst Szebedits. Belgium/
France/Germany, 2013, color, 80 min. In French with English subtitles. NOT RATED
[L'étrange couleur des larmes de ton corps]
Sat, Dec 14, 10:15; Thu, Dec 19, 9:35
The writing/directing team behind the artful giallo homage
AMER returns with another visual fever dream of a movie.
Dan returns home to Brussels after a business trip to discover
his wife is missing. He questions the neighbors in their art
nouveau apartment building, including an elderly woman
whose own husband disappeared years ago. Flashbacks,
dream sequences and waking nightmares create a
disorienting fugue of cinéma fantastique iconography and
atmospherics, enhanced by a vintage Italian soundtrack music
by maestros Ennio Morricone, Alessandro Alessandroni and
Bruno Nicolai. Official Selection, 2013 Locarno, Toronto Film
DIR/SCR Hélène Cattet, Bruno Forzani; PROD François Cognard, Eve Commenge.
Belgium/France/Luxembourg, 2013, color, 102 min. In French, Danish and Flemish with
English subtitles. NOT RATED
THE VERDICT [Het vonnis]
Tue, Dec 17, 9:00; Wed, Dec 18, 5:00
Luc, a successful businessman with a loving family, has his
life destroyed after a random street crime leads to the deaths
of his wife and daughter. Yet due to a procedural error, the
perp gets off scot-free and is soon back roaming the streets.
Obsessed with bringing the murderer to justice, Luc’s life
becomes consumed by revenge, not only against the man
who killed his family, but the state which devastatingly let him
down. Filmmaker Jan Verheyen won the Best Director prize at
the 2013 Montreal World Film Festival for his tense courtroom
DIR/SCR Jan Verheyen; PROD Peter Bouckaert. Belgium, 2013, color, 112 min. In
Flemish with English subtitles. NOT RATED
[Poslednite chernomorski pirati]
Sat, Dec 7, 11:10 a.m.; Wed, Dec 11, 9:20
A rollicking documentary about die-hard dreamers and their
pursuit of happiness. Relics from a time gone by, Captain Jack
and his ragtag bunch of chancers roam a remote Black Sea
beach, hoping to scavenge—what else?—lost treasure. With
neither a map nor much of a clue, these modern-day pirates
have taken to randomly using explosives in hopes of striking
gold, long rumored to have been buried in the vicinity by a
19th century pirate. But when a developer announces plans
to construct a mega-resort on their treasure-hunting turf, these
vagabonds’ way of life is threatened. Official Selection, 2013
HotDocs Film Festival.
DIR Svetoslav Stoyanov; SCR Vanya Rainova; PROD Martichka
Bozhilova. Bulgaria, 2013, color, 72 min. In Bulgarian with English subtitles. NOT RATED
THE PRIEST’S CHILDREN [Svecenikova djeca]

Sat, Dec 7, 3:15; Sun, Dec 8, 8:00
A young Catholic priest takes subversive action to enforce the
church’s position on birth control among his flock, and soon has
a baby boom on his hands in Vinko Bresan’s acerbic satire,
adapted from the scandalously popular stage play by Mate
Matisic. New priest Father Fabijan (Kresimir Mikic) takes charge
of the parish on the bucolic Adriatic island of Dnevnik, a location
that has seen its population steadily dwindle. After hearing
confession from a devout kiosk vendor racked with guilt over
selling condoms, Father Fabijan hits upon a solution to both their
problems: pierce the prophylactics. Once they enlist a kooky
nationalistic pharmacist in their efforts, who fills the local women’s
prescriptions for birth control pills with placebos, pregnancies
skyrocket, and the island gains a reputation as a fertility spa. But
all this playing God brings unintended consequences. Official
Selection, 2013 Chicago, Karlovy Vary Film Festivals.
Bresan; SCR Mate Matisic, from his play; PROD Ivan Maloca. Croatia/Serbia/Serbia and Montenegro,
2013, color, 93 min. In Croatian with English subtitles. NOT RATED
NIGHT BOATS [Nocni brodovi]

Sun, Dec 8, 3:15; Mon, Dec 9, 5:20
Stars Ana Karic
and Radko Policˇ give affecting performances as
an old couple discovering new love in this charming crowd-
pleaser by writer/director Igor Mirkovic
. Senior citizen Helena
) has settled into her twilight years at a sleepy nursing
home in Zagreb. But sparks fly after a chance encounter in the
elevator with new arrival Jakov (Policˇ), and suddenly these two
oldsters are yearning for freedom. Rejuvenated, the two make
a break for it and hit the road in Jakov’s beat-up Mercedes,
which, with its broken reverse gear, forces the couple to
keep moving forward and not look back, all the way to the
Dalmatian coast. But for how long can the two outrun their past,
and live like runaway teenagers?
DIR/SCR Igor Mirkovic´; SCR Elvis Bosnjak;
PROD Darija Kulenovic´Gudan, Marina Andree Skop. Croatia/Serbia/Slovenia, 2012, color, 101
min. In Croatian with English subtitles. NOT RATED
BLOCK 12 [
Mon, Dec 9, 9:15; Wed, Dec 11, 9:45
The discovery of a rich oil deposit beneath the home of a
dysfunctional Cypriot family kicks off an international bidding
war in this zany social satire. Newly retired, Costantas and his
wife are looking forward to peace and quiet in their golden
years, a dream from which they are rudely awakened after
their two sons move in, with their wives and children, thanks
to the recent economic crisis. Could the crude oil under their
land be the answer to all their problems? Jealous neighbors
and invasive British speculators contribute to the chaos. Official
Selection, 2013 European Film Awards; Special Jury Award,
2013 Cyprus Film Days Film Festival.
DIR/SCR Kyriacos Tofarides; SCR Panos
Stathoyiannis; PROD Kyriacos Tofarides. Cyprus/Greece, 2013, color, 94 min. In Greek with English
subtitles. NOT RATED
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