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Noir City DC returns! Film Noir Foundation founder Eddie Muller and noted film noir scholars Foster Hirsch and
Alan K. Rode will introduce selected shows and lead post-screening discussions.
The Film Noir Foundation, created by writer and film historian Eddie Muller, is committed to rescuing and
restoring America's noir heritage. All FNF proceeds from Noir City festivals go to finding and restoring films
in danger of being lost or permanently damaged. For information on how to join the FNF's campaign and
receive its bimonthly magazine, visit
Special thanks to the Film Noir Foundation board, including Eddie Muller, Foster Hirsch and Alan K. Rode,
for their invaluable work. Additional thanks to Todd Weiner and Steven Hill, UCLA Film & Television Archive;
Mike Mashon, Library of Congress; and Film Noir Foundation member Katherine Majeed.
AFI Member passes accepted at all films in the Noir City DC series.
October 19–30
Noir City DC: The 2013 Film Noir Festival
65th Anniversary!
Sat, Oct 19, 1:00; Mon, Oct 21, 5:30, 9:30
In this landmark noir, a psychotic loner (Richard Basehart) uses
his genius for electronics to commit robberies while evading the
police. When he graduates to murder, L.A.’s finest, including
tough Scott Brady and methodical Jack Webb, pull out a
few modern techniques of their own. The cops launch an
all-out manhunt through—and beneath—cityscapes stunningly
photographed by John Alton. Directed by Alfred Werker
(SHOCK), with uncredited assistance from Anthony Mann (RAW
DEAL, T-MEN). (Note courtesy of Noir City.)
DIR Alfred L. Werker; SCR John
C. Higgins, Crane Wilbur; PROD Bryan Foy, Robert Kane. US, 1948, b&w, 79 min. NOT RATED
Sat, Oct 19, 3:00; Tue, Oct 22, 9:40; Thu, Oct 24, 5:15
Nobel Prize winner William Faulkner's 1948 novel is a
high-minded piece of crime fiction, written as atonement for
the mistreatment of blacks in his native South. Proud African
American farmer Lucas Beauchamp (Juano Hernandez, in
a memorable portrayal) is a defiant Mississippi landowner
accused of murdering a white man. When the county's most
prominent lawyer (David Brian) refuses to defend him, it's up to a
young boy (Claude Jarman, Jr.) to stand up to the vigilantes and
help solve the crime. (Note courtesy of Noir City.)
DIR/PROD Clarence
Brown; SCR Ben Maddow, from the novel by William Faulkner. US, 1949, b&w, 87 min. NOT RATED
Sat, Oct 19, 5:15; Sun, Oct 20, 7:10
San Francisco is the
backdrop for one of
the first movies about
a modern serial killer.
Decades before
such stories became
commonplace, husband
and wife writers Edna and
Edward Anhalt researched
dozens of actual cases to
create this psychological
"exposé" of a murderous
misfit who wants to be
caught, but finds it too
easy to slip into the
margins of a bustling post-
WWII metropolis. Arthur
Franz gives an edgy performance as the psychologically scarred
sniper, whose murderous trail leads viewers on a fascinating tour
of mid-century San Francisco, from Pacific Heights through the
back alleys of North Beach to the once-industrial China Basin.
(Note courtesy of Noir City.)
DIR Edward Dmytryk; SCR Harry Brown, story by Edna
Anhalt, Edward Anhalt; PROD Stanley Kramer. US, 1952, b&w, 88 min. NOT RATED
65th Anniversary!
Sat, Oct 19, 7:30; Wed, Oct 23, 7:00
The editor of America's most popular true-crime magazine (Ray
Milland) finds himself framed for murder after tangling with his
tyrannical Rupert Murdoch-like publisher, played with sinister
relish by Charles Laughton. One of the greatest suspense films
of all time, based on the famed novel by Kenneth Fearing.
(Note courtesy of Noir City.)
DIR/PROD John Farrow; SCR Jonathan Latimer, from
the novel by Kenneth Fearing; PROD Richard Maibaum. US, 1948, b&w, 95 min. NOT RATED
65th Anniversary!
Sun, Oct 20, 1:20; Thu, Oct 24, 7:00
Confined to a bed in her Manhattan penthouse, invalid heiress
Barbara Stanwyck busies herself calling around town keeping
tabs on wandering husband Burt Lancaster. When a crossed
wire results in her overhearing someone else's conversation—
the plotting of a murder—the already tightly wound Stanwyck
goes hysterical, calling frantically in search of someone who
will believe her. Adapted from a radio play, the twist-ridden
finale will please film noir fans. Stanwyck's fourth Oscar
DIR/PROD Anatole Litvak; SCR Lucille Fletcher; PROD Hal B. Wallis. US, 1948,
b&w, 89 min. NOT RATED
Restored 35mm Print,
Courtesy of The Film Noir
Sun, Oct 20, 3:30;
Mon, Oct 21, 7:15
A young boy in a New York
tenement witnesses a murder,
but no one, not even his own
parents, believes him, except
his upstairs neighbors…the
killers! A fantastic cast helps
make this the best adaptation
ever of a Woolrich story, and
one of the greatest suspense
films of all time. (Note courtesy
of Noir City.)
DIR Ted Tetzlaff; SCR Mel
Dinelli, story by Cornell Woolrich; PROD Frederic
Ullman, Jr., Dore Schary. US, 1949, b&w, 73
Sun, Oct 20, 5:20; Wed, Oct 23, 5:15, 9:30
When was the last time you invited death into your car?
Brilliantly directed by Ida Lupino, this is a taut, tense,
nightmarish vision of innocents abroad, with their weaknesses
exposed and survival instincts desperately kicking in. Two
American pals (Edmond O'Brien and Frank Lovejoy) head
down to Mexico for some fishing and R&R. There, they run
afoul of hitch-hiker-from-hell William Talman, a psychopathic
serial killer who commandeers their vehicle and toys with their
lives. The black-and-white cinematography, all stark desert
compositions under the light of an unforgiving sun, greatly
enhances this most psychologically frazzling of noirs.
Lupino; SCR/PROD Collier Young. US, 1953, b&w, 71 min. NOT RATED
60th Anniversary, 4K Digital Restoration
Fri, Oct 25, 7:00 (double feature with INFERNO);
Mon, Oct 28, 9:30
Strap yourselves in as Noir City presents the first screening
in decades of this long-lost noir, in fully restored 3-D and
glorious black-and-white! Pinched by the cops after pulling off
a big heist, crook Steve Rawley (Edmond O'Brien) undergoes
an experimental operation to eliminate his criminal urges.
It also makes him forget where he hid the loot, much to the
consternation of his old gang and his itchy-fingered girlfriend
(Audrey Totter). Fortunately, clues pop up (literally!) in Rawley's
dreams, and soon he's leading the crooks and cops on a
careening hunt for the money, culminating in a spectacular
chase through Santa Monica's creepy old Pacific Ocean Park.
Not on DVD! (Note courtesy of Noir City.)
DIR Lew Landers; SCR George
Bricker, Jack Leonard, William Sackheim, story by Tom Van Dycke, Henry Altimus; PROD Wallace
MacDonald. US, 1953, b&w, 70 min. NOT RATED
60th Anniversary!
Fri, Oct 25, 7:00 (double feature with MAN IN THE DARK);
Tue, Oct 29, 9:30
It's the essential Noir City plot: illicit lovers hatch a "foolproof"
scheme to bump off the woman's rich, domineering husband.
But what if the husband, left for dead in the scorching desert,
doesn't die? What if that husband, crippled but hell-bent on
revenge, is played by the indomitable Robert Ryan? Watch as
unmerciful nature takes on unbreakable man in amazing 3-D
and stereophonic sound! Toss in titanic, titian-tressed Rhonda
Fleming as the deceitful, voluptuous vixen, and you've got
perhaps the best 3-D movie of the original Hollywood stereo-
optic craze! Not on DVD! (Note courtesy of Noir City.)
Ward Baker; SCR Francis M. Cockrell; PROD William Bloom. US, 1953, color, 83 min. NOT RATED
Sat, Oct 26, 11:30 a.m.; Wed, Oct 30, 5:30
Finally! The very first adaptation of a Woolrich suspense novel
returns to the big screen in a brand-new 35mm print! A man
loses his memory after being struck by a falling beam, and as
he struggles to piece his life together he realizes he's lived the
preceding year as another person. Is it all a tortured twist of fate
or a sinister, calculated plot? Not on DVD! (Note courtesy of
Noir City.)
DIR Jack Hively; SCR Garrett Fort, from the novel “The Black Curtain” by Cornell
Woolrich; PROD Sol C. Siegel. US, 1942, b&w, 74 min. NOT RATED
Sat, Oct 26, 3:00; Sun, Oct 27, 7:20
An ex-con (Stanley Baker)
trying to go straight takes
a job driving for a corrupt
trucking company, where
the bosses pit the drivers
against each other in a
dangerous competition
that leads to higher profits
and—death! Peggy
Cummins (GUN CRAZY)
is the saucy secretary who
flirts her way through an
array of up-and-coming
stars. A gear-grinding
masterpiece! Not on DVD!
(Note courtesy of Noir
DIR/SCR Cy Endfield; SCR John
Kruse; PROD Benjamin Fisz. UK, 1957, b&w, 108 min. NOT RATED
Restored 35mm Print, Courtesy of The Film Noir Foundation
Sat, Oct 26, 1:20; Mon, Oct 28, 5:15 (triple feature with
An unrelentingly bleak and nasty B programmer (mercifully,
it's only 61 minutes) that stands as a backhanded tribute to its
ornery star, the irascible Lawrence Tierney, aka The Meanest
Man in the Movies. Six years after making a huge splash as
the star of the Oscar-nominated DILLINGER, Tierney's meteoric
career was in a nosedive as a result of his notoriously drunken,
belligerent behavior. The producers of this no-budget wonder
reunited the volatile actor with Dillinger director Max Nossek
for an even darker plunge into the sordid life of an unrepentant
criminal. Not on DVD! (Note courtesy of Noir City.)
DIR Max Nosseck;
SCR Sam Neuman, Nat Tanchuck; PROD Maurice Kosloff. US, 1951, b&w, 61 min. NOT RATED
Restored 35mm Print, Courtesy of
The Film Noir Foundation and UCLA
Sun, Oct 27, 3:15; Tue,
Oct 29, 5:30
Consider it the noir
version of IT'S A
Broadway actress Sheila
Page (Joan Leslie) rings
in the New Year by
shooting her husband
to death. She blurts
out a confession to her
friend, the poet William
Williams (Richard
Basehart), but as she
leads him to the crime
scene…the preceding
year begins again!
Will Sheila be able to
correct what went so
dreadfully wrong, or will Fate demand a…repeat performance?
Back-stabbing backstage melodrama is crossed with THE
TWILIGHT ZONE. This rare fantasy-noir hybrid will be screened
from a new 35mm restoration, funded in part by the Film Noir
Foundation. Not on DVD! (Note courtesy of Noir City.)
DIR Alfred L.
Werker; SCR Walter Bullock, from the novel by William O’Farrell; PROD Aubrey Schenck. US, 1947,
b&w, 91 min. NOT RATED
Restored 35mm Print, Uncut Version!
Sat, Oct 26, 5:15; Tue, Oct 29, 7:30
Filmed and initially released in Argentina, Pierre Chenal’s
adaptation of Richard Wright’s controversial novel, starring
Wright in the lead role of Bigger Thomas, a poor black man
charged with the murder of a white woman, was a critical and
commercial success. Upon export to the U.S., the film was shorn
of nearly 30 minutes—including its most provocative racial
content—by the censors. For decades, the original version was
feared lost, until a complete print resurfaced in Argentina, which
provided the standard for this restoration undertaken by the
Library of Congress. The results reveal a flawed but fascinating
film light-years ahead of its time in its depiction of race, as well
as a rare, very stylish example of African American film noir.
(Note courtesy of NYFF.)
DIR/SCR Pierre Chenal; SCR Richard Wright; PROD James
Prades. US/Argentina, 1951, b&w, 104 min. NOT RATED
Special thanks to Edgar Krebs (Smithsonian Institution) and Fernando Martin Peña
(Malba Museo de Arte Latinoamerico de Buenos Aires), who teamed to recover the film
and research its complicated history.
Restored 35mm Print, Courtesy of The Film Noir Foundation
Sat, Oct 26, 8:15; Wed, Oct 30, 6:30
(Montgomery College Show)
The true story of a 1934 kidnapping and murder in San Jose
provided the inspiration for one of the most compelling and
unjustly neglected masterpieces of film noir. Ex-GI Howard Tyler
(Frank Lovejoy), struggling to support his family, meets hoodlum
Jerry Slocum (Lloyd Bridges), who eases the gullible Howard into
a lucrative life of crime. Their escapade turns desperate when
Jerry takes hostage the son of a wealthy local businessman. One
of the last films made in the U.S. by blacklisted writer/director
Cy Endfield before he relocated to England, this film (originally
released as THE SOUND OF FURY) has been restored by the
Film Noir Foundation. Not on DVD!
DIR Cy Endfield; SCR Jo Pagano; PROD
Robert Stillman. US, 1950, b&w, 85 min. NOT RATED
Sun, Oct 27, 11:30 a.m.; Mon, Oct 28, 5:15 (triple feature
There's no point in trying to summarize the plot. More craziness
is stuffed into these 68 minutes than would fit in a dozen features.
Scientists in love. Sexy extortionists. Laboratory explosions. Plastic
surgery. Confused identities. Hysteria. Sunglasses. B-movie
insanity marshaled crisply and evocatively by director Anthony
Mann. (Note courtesy of Noir City.)
DIR Anthony Mann; SCR Mindret Lord, story
by Lewis Herman, Anne Wigton; PROD W. Lee Wilder. US, 1946, b&w, 68 min. NOT RATED
Sun, Oct 27, 1:10; Wed, Oct 30, 7:20
One of the strangest films of the 1940s is at long last restored
to its original bizarre glory! Drifter
Chuck Scott (Robert Cummings) is
hired as a chauffeur by shady operator
Eddie Roman (Steve Cochran), but
soon realizes that his boss is a crazy
crook. What's an honest guy to do?
Obviously: fall in love with the boss's
sexy French wife (Michèle Morgan)
and help her escape to Havana! That's
the set-up for a dreamily hypnotic
noir, in which nothing is quite what it
seems—even the supposed rules of
conventional storytelling. As close as
any Hollywood film of the era came to presaging the dark and
dreamy world of David Lynch. Not on DVD! (Note courtesy of
Noir City.)
DIR Arthur Ripley; SCR Philip Yordan, from the novel “The Black Path of Fear” by
Cornell Woolrich; PROD Seymour Nebenzal. US, 1946, b&w, 86 min. NOT RATED
35mm restored print courtesy of the UCLA Film & Television Archive. Funding provided
by the Film Foundation and the Franco-American Cultural Fund, a unique partnership
between the Directors Guild of America (DGA); the Motion Picture Association of America
(MPAA); the Société des Auteurs, Compositeurs et Editeurs de Musique (SACEM); and
the Writers Guild of America, West (WGAW).
Restored 35mm Print, Courtesy of The Film Noir Foundation
Sun, Oct 27, 5:30; Mon, Oct 28, 5:15 (triple feature with
This lost B-classic features one of the wildest flashback devices
ever! A crusading newspaper editor (Lee Tracy) gets more than
he bargained for when he hires a private dick (Don Castle)
to protect him from riled-up gangsters. As witty and moody as
any B-noir of the era, now finally back in circulation in glorious
35mm thanks to the Film Noir Foundation! (Note courtesy of
Noir City.)
DIR John Reinhardt; SCR Robert Presnell, Sr., from the story “Inside Job” by Raoul
Whitfield; PROD Jack Wrather. US, 1947, b&w, 72 min. NOT RATED
The Big Combo
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$55 (a $17 savings!). Available online or at the box office; see for details.
John Garfield 100th
Sat, Oct 19, 11:00 a.m.; Tue, Oct 22, 7:30
Mobbed-up boxing
champ Charley Davis
(John Garfield, in one
of his definitive roles) is
haunted by guilt over
the death of a friend
and self-loathing for
the fight he’s about to
throw. In flashback,
he recalls how things
were when he was a
fresh-faced contender,
and still had the love
of good-girl Peg (Lilli
Palmer) and his own
self-respect. Now what:
take a dive and cash in? Or stand up and fight? James
Wong Howe’s innovative photography—close up on the
fighters in the ring, including then-unheard-of handheld
shots and roller-skating dolly shots—has been hugely
influential on subsequent action cinematography.
DIR Robert
Rossen; SCR Abraham Polonsky; PROD Bob Roberts. US, 1947, b&w, 104 min. NOT RATED
Sun, Oct 20, 11:00 a.m.; Tue, Oct 22, 5:15
John Garfield stars as a Depression-era drifter who answers
a "man wanted" sign at a backroads restaurant where
Lana Turner waits like a black widow for someone to help
her bump off the husband she hates. Adapted from the
classic hardboiled novel by James M. Cain, Garfield and
Turner ignite the screen with their wicked passion. "This is
the perfect film noir, harsh and heartless in its delineation of
character, disclosing a rancid evil." –Charles Higham and
Joel Greenberg, “Hollywood In The Forties.”
DIR Tay Garnett; SCR
Harry Ruskin, Niven Busch, from the novel by James M. Cain; PROD Carey Wilson. US,
1946, b&w, 113 min. NOT RATED
Courtesy of
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