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Best Screenplay, 2013 Cannes Film Festival; Best Narrative Feature, 2013 Abu Dhabi Film Festival; Official Selection, 2013 Toronto, New York Film Festival

"A bitter, brutal, often brilliant exploration of violence and corruption in contemporary China." –The Atlantic

"This was one film that I gladly wished was longer. It's the best omnibus in quite some time." –FilmForward.com

"The horizon-stretching scenery, shimmeringly captured by cinematographer Yu Lik-Wai, will make you draw breath, in awe but also fear." –Daily Telegraph

A "brilliant exploration of violence and corruption in contemporary China" (–Jon Frosch, The Atlantic), this film was inspired by four shocking and true events that forced the world's fastest growing economy into a period of self-examination. Written and directed by Jia Zhangke (THE WORLD, STILL LIFE), "one of the best and most important directors in the world" (–Richard Brody, The New Yorker), this daring, poetic and grand-scale film focuses on four characters, each living in different provinces, who are driven to violent ends. An angry miner, enraged by widespread corruption in his village, decides to take justice into his own hands. A rootless migrant discovers the infinite possibilities of owning a firearm. A young receptionist, who dates a married man and works at a local sauna, is pushed over the edge by an abusive client. And a young factory worker goes from one discouraging job to the next, only to face increasingly degrading circumstances.

DIR/SCR Jia Zhangke; PROD Shozo Ichiyama. China/Japan, 2013, color, 133 min, DCP. In Mandarin with English subtitles. NOT RATED

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