MUCH BETTER THAN YOU [Soy mucho mejor que vos]

An outrageously depraved comedy, this semi-sequel to YOU THINK YOU ARE THE PRETTIEST, BUT YOU ARE THE SLUTTIEST (2010 AFI Latin American Film Festival) follows Cristobal, a balding 40-year-old degenerate on an endless night on the town in search of sex, drugs and happiness. Still reeling from the separation from his wife, Cristobal's self-esteem is at an all-time low. But that won't stop him from hitting on every woman in sight, with hilarious, cringe-inducing results. Down but not out, he's determined to make the most of the night, stooping to conquer and sinking to new lows in an effort to "reassure himself as a man." Filmmaker Che Sandoval won the FEISAL Award at BAFICI for his sardonic script, filled with some of the most imaginative putdowns in the history of cinema.

DIR/SCR Che Sandoval; PROD Soledad Santelices. Chile, 2013, color, 85 min, DCP. In Spanish with English subtitles. NOT RATED S V D L

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Mon, Oct 7, 7:00; Tue, Oct 8, 9:15

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