LAST CALL [Tercera llamada]

Doing theater is an act of faith, and this high-budget production of "Caligula" is teetering on the precipice of epic destruction. The director is a neurotic depressive with a constantly changing vision for the production, the costumer can't keep her hands off the stagehand-cum-Chippendales dancer and the leading lady struggles to get into the bloodthirsty head of the title character (yep, a woman plays Caligula). In this acerbic satire of the zany world of theater, filmmaker Francisco Franco puts his nutty cast of characters through the wringer before the curtain rises, because after all...the show must go on. Audience Award, Press Award for Best Mexican Film and Best Actress Award, 2013 Guadalajara Film Festival.

DIR/SCR Francisco Franco; SCR María Renée Prudencio; PROD Laura Imperiale. Mexico, 2013, color, 92 min, DCP. In Spanish with English subtitles. NOT RATED S L

No passes accepted.

Sat, Oct 5, 5:00; Sun, Oct 6, 3:00

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