Dominican Republic

Featuring post-screening refreshments, sponsored by the Embassy of the Dominican Republic, on Sep 24

Pedro, Samuel and Pilón are a ragtag trio down on their luck. Hoping to change their fortunes, they strap on some Marilyn Monroe masks and attempt to rob a bank. But these "Three Stooges of the Caribbean" do it all wrong. Fortunately, Pedro is the proud owner of a time machine, so they can go back and do it all over, again and again, until they get it right. José María Cabral (CHECK MATE, 2012 AFI Latin American Film Festival) continues to be a young Dominican filmmaker to watch, toying with notions of genre with pure glee in this GROUNDHOG DAY meets BACK TO THE FUTURE mash-up.

DIR/SCR José María Cabral. Dominican Republic, 2013, color, 97 min, Blu-ray. In Spanish with English subtitles. NOT RATED V L

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Sun, Sep 22, 9:15; Tue, Sep 24, 7:00

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