Rudely awoken from a pleasant dream, La Paz shoeshine boy Tito discovers that his precious shoeshine box has been stolen. Later that day, Tito witnesses a demonstration by indigenous people over land rights and oil drilling that turns violent when the riot police set off tear gas and begin firing on the crowd. Caught in the chaos, Tito is led to safety by a mysterious woman, and onward into a dream world version of Bolivia, high in the Andes with the Inca paths spread out before him. There she sets him on a vision quest that will reveal his destiny.

DIR/SCR/PROD Héctor Ferreiro; PROD Victoria Guerrero. Bolivia/Mexico, 2011, color, 88 min. In Spanish and Aymara with English subtitles. NOT RATED V

No passes accepted.

Mon, Oct 1, 9:30; Wed, Oct 3, 9:40

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