Existential dread and a rage to live make for strangely suited bedfellows in Michel Lipkes' visionary debut film. Told with minimal dialogue but with maximal visual flair and an immersive sound design, this is the story of an old man scratching out an existence in Mexico City, over the course of a long, increasingly surreal day. But unlike the countless days that have come before, today will be his last. Official Selection, 2012 Rotterdam Film Festival.

DIR/SCR/PROD Michel Lipkes; SCR Fernando del Razo; PROD Milko Luis Coronel, Paula Astorga. Mexico, 2011, color, 66 min. In Spanish with English subtitles. NOT RATED S

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Sun, Sep 30, 9:45--note new time!; Wed, Oct 3, 7:30 (Montgomery College Show)

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