DIRTY HEARTS [Corações sujos]


Brazil, 1945: Japan has surrendered and World War II is over, but in the fervent minds of a faction of Japanese immigrants,
the war has only just begun. Isolated in a tight-knit community, they refuse to believe their empire has fallen, and neighbors turn against neighbors in the fight to defend their homeland's honor. Caught up in the madness is dutiful Takahashi (Tsuyoshi Ihara, LETTERS FROM IWO JIMA, 13 ASSASSINS), cynically manipulated by elder Colonel Watanabe (Eiji Okuda) into putting to the sword those deemed to have strayed from the path. This fascinating historical drama portrays a little-known, fact-based story of prejudice, denial and extremism. Official Selection, 2011 Montreal World Film Festival.

DIR/PROD Vicente Amorim; SCR David França Mendes, based on the book by Fernando Morais; PROD Gil Ribeiro, João Daniel Tikhomiroff, Michel Tikhomiroff. Brazil, 2011, color, 107 min. In Japanese and Portuguese with English subtitles. NOT RATED S V L

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Sat, Sep 22, 3:00; Wed, Sep 26, 7:20

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