THE EXAM [A vizsga]

Christmas Eve, Budapest, 1956. Following that year's failed revolution, Soviet domination of Hungary's secret police creates an unprecedented level of institutional paranoia, with the spies spying not only on the citizenry, but on each other, via administration of a secret loyalty test. It falls to high-ranking bureaucrat Marko to run the test on his young protégé, Andras. While under surveillance, Andras welcomes in the beautiful Eva, and the two become intimate. Soon after, Andras discovers that sensitive documents have gone missing. In a panic, the young spy calls the only man who can help—his mentor and, secretly, his inquisitor, Marko. Péter Bergendy won Best New Director at the 2012 Chicago Film Festival for this twist-filled spy thriller. Official Selection, 2012 Karlovy Vary Film Festival.

DIR Péter Bergendy; SCR Norbert Köbli; PROD Istvén Bodzsér. Hungary, 2012, color, 92 min. In Hungarian with English subtitles. NOT RATED V

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Sun, Dec 15, 9:30; Tue, Dec 17, 9:20

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