Czech Republic

THE DON JUANS [Donsajni]
2013 Oscar Selection, Czech Republic

An encore presentation of the latest film from Czech New Wave great Jirí Menzel (CLOSELY WATCHED TRAINS, I SERVED THE KING OF ENGLAND), and a must-see for all opera fans, as Menzel gently lampoons the opera world's eccentricities, egomania, abiding passions and workaday realities. When a small-town opera company mounts a production of Mozart's "Don Giovanni," passions run high both on stage and behind the scenes. Overseeing the production is the acclaimed director and inveterate Don Juan, Vítek (Jan Hartl), who confides to the audience that he's a great lover of sopranos; opera, not so much.

DIR/SCR Jirí Menzel; SCR Tereza Brdecková; PROD Adrian Sarbu. Czech Republic, 2013, color, 100 min. In Czech with English subtitles. NOT RATED S

No passes accepted.

Tue, Dec 17, 7:10; Sun, Dec 22, 3:40

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