BABY BLUES [Bejbi blues]

Katarzyna Roslaniec's follow-up to MALL GIRLS offers another look at Polish youth warped by consumerist mania, this time in the person of 17-year-old mother Natalia (Magdalena Berus), a wannabe fashionista who treats her 7-month-old son Antos like an adorable accessory, when she can be bothered to give the infant attention at all. Her boyfriend and the boy's father, Kuba (Nikodem Rozbicki), a semi-pro skater, also offers little in the way of parenting. When Natalia receives an offer to work in the city's hippest clothes emporium, she faces a dilemma finding childcare for Antos, and a rash decision leads to terrible consequences. Crystal Bear, 2013 Berlin Film Festival; Official Selection, 2012 Toronto Film Festival.

DIR/SCR Katarzyna Roslaniec; PROD Inga Kruk, Agnieszka Kurzydlo. Poland, 2012, color, 100 min. In Polish with English subtitles. S V D L

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Mon, Dec 16, 9:20; Wed, Dec 18, 9:45; Thu, Dec 19, 5:15

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