THE DISCIPLE [Lärjungen]
2013 Oscar Selection, Finland
Q&A with filmmaker Ulrika Bengts, plus post-screening reception sponsored by the Embassy of Finland, on Dec 9!

Finland, summer, 1939: Thirteen-year-old Karl is an eager-to-please orphan, sent by the state to work at an isolated Baltic island lighthouse. But the lighthouse master, Hasselbond, already has a son groomed for the job and refuses his help. Hoping to avoid returning to the orphanage, Karl works like a demon, and an impressed Hasselbond cruelly begins to favor the new boy over his own son. Ulrika Bengts (IRIS) mounts a handsome, detail-rich period piece that delves into the more unruly and frightening aspects of family psychology, showing that the "good old days" were often anything but. Official Selection, 2013 Montreal World Film Festival.

DIR Ulrika Bengts; SCR Roland Fauser, Jimmy Karlsson; PROD Mats Långbacka. Finland, 2013, color, 93 min. In Swedish with English subtitles. NOT RATED S V L

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Mon, Dec 9, 7:10; Tue, Dec 10, 5:20

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