[Nos héros sont morts ce soir]

Its title an obscure reference to Robert Wise's 1949 boxing noir THE SET-UP (released as OUR HEROES WON TONIGHT in France), David Perrault's arty, black-and-white homage to the French crime thrillers of yesteryear, set in the mob-controlled world of Parisian professional wrestling in the early 1960s includes an additional, Lynchian touch of madness. Two wrestling stars, buddies in real-life, but masked rivals in the ring, become fan favorites for their grappling exploits and charismatic showmanship. But one of the duo's worsening identity crisis threatens to undo the act. Official Selection, 2013 Cannes Critics' Week, Austin Fantastic Fest.

DIR/SCR David Perrault; PROD Farès Ladjimi. France, 2013, b&w, 100 min. In French with English subtitles. NOT RATED V L

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Fri, Dec 13, 10:15; Sat, Dec 14, 7:40

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