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AFI has greatly accelerated the pace of the AFI Catalog project with the posting of nearly 10,000 new records for movies produced and released between 1975 and the present. The AFI Catalog of Feature Films offers a listing of all theatrically released American features — nearly 60,000 titles. The AFI Catalog's staff continue to work diligently to expand these basic records into fully detailed Catalog entries.

To spur this effort, AFI has created an Academic Network to utilize the best and brightest young scholars from participating colleges and universities to provide plot summary and production note information to help flesh out the "basic records." To date, hundreds of titles have been assigned to the Academic Network, and these entries have been received, edited and posted with appropriate credit to the students and their academic advisors.

AFI's immediate goal is to enlarge the network of participating institutions and scholars and to fulfill AFI's promise to create the most reliable index to America's film heritage. Current participating schools include: Emerson College, Georgia Institute of Technology, UCLA, University of Pittsburgh and University of Texas at Austin.

Participating universities have pursued different approaches to participation in the Academic Network, including individual work-study students, independent study for extra credit, incorporating participation as a component of an established media studies class, and building a new class around participation in the Network. We encourage participants to model the program to suit the needs of their institutions. Completed entries will be published on-line in the AFI Catalog of Feature Films and participants will receive by-lines for their written entries.

AFI is actively seeking additional participants to the Academic Network. To learn more, contact AFI Catalog Manager at [email protected] or visit the FAQ section here.

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