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Bold Bank Robbery
Release Date:   30 Jul 1904
Duration (in feet):   600
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Summary: Lubin summary: Scene 1 - The opening of the picture shows the robbers in gentlemen attire. They are short of money and decide to rob a bank. Scene 2 - The robbers are seated in one of the most fashionable cafes of the city where they lay out the plan for the Bold Bank Robbery. Scene 3 - After the plans have been fully talked over, the robbers depart to carry out their bold undertaking. Scene 4 - This scene shows the exterior of the hotel and we see the three robbers leaving the cafe to drive to their own apartments, to prepare for the coup. Scene 5 - The carriage has arrived at an apartment house in one of the finest resident sections of the city where the robbers live. They enter while the carriage departs. Scene 6 - The robbers don long coats and masks and are seen leaving their room. Scene 7 - One of the finest Packard automobiles has been ordered to bring the robbers to their destination. They take their seats and the automobile starts on its trip. Scene 8 - This picture shows one of the most beautiful sceneries unsurpassed in life moving pictures. The automobile with its five occupants comes down the park road at a speed of thirty miles an hour vividly dashing past our camera. Scene 9 - As soon as a lonely spot on the road is reached, the robbers make the unsuspecting chauffeur stop, take him from the automobile, bind and gag him and throw him into a ditch beside the road. They quickly enter the automobile again and drive away leaving their victim senseless beside the lonely road. Scene 10 - The robbers have reached their destination. They quietly break in the building and just enter the interior of the bank when the night watchman discovers them, takes his six shooter and fires. The robbers who are prepared for such emergencies, return the fire killing the watchman on the spot. Scene 11 - The interior of the Bank. The robbers search for the vault. The light effect of this scene is beautiful. Scene 12 - The robbers by this time came to the vault and prepare to dynamite the doors. After drilling holes, they fill them with dynamite, light the fuses and the next moment the doors are seen flying open. Scene 13 - Two of the robbers enter the vault while two others keep watch on the outside. They take as much money as they can carry and prepare to leave. Scene 14 - This scene brings us back to the place where the dead watchman lies. We see the robbers loaded with sacks of gold making their escape through a window. Scene 15 - The robbers bring the stolen treasure to the automobile which is seen standing outside the bank. Scene 16 - They quickly enter the automobile and make good their escape. We see the automobile flying down the road through scenery which is truly beautiful. Scene 17 - Two young lovers strolling through the park, discover the senseless form of the chauffeur and while the young lady tries to revive the unfortunate chauffeur, the young man runs away to call the police patrol. Scene 18 - The young man has arrived at the police station. The next moment a squad of policemen headed by a sergeant enter the patrol wagon which immediately dashes down the street to bring help to the unfortunate victim and to pursue the robbers. Scene 19 - The robbers have reached their home. They are just going to divide the spoil when they are surprised by the police. After a fierce struggle, three of the robbers are overpowered while the fourth one makes good his escape through the window, quickly followed by two of the policemen. Scene 20 - Now begins a lively chase. The robber jumps from roof to roof, from building to building, closely followed by the two policemen. Scene 21 - The next moment he is seen jumping down to the street from the roof of a four story building. Still the two policemen are in hot pursuit. Scene 22 - While the policemen come nearer and nearer, the fleeing robber tries an old trick on his pursuers which helps him to once more make good his escape. Scene 23 - In his anxiety to get away from the two brave policemen, the robber runs through the fields and tries to wade through a river thinking that he might escape his followers but the two policemen without hesitancy go in the deep water where a fierce struggle encounters between the robber and the two policemen and again the robber escapes. Scene 24 - The robber now jumps on a quickly passing street car and as the policemen are on his heals, he leaves from the other side, runs down the street up to the Railroad station, still closely followed by his pursuers. Scene 25 - He boards an outgoing train and succeeds in getting away from the two gallant policemen who came too late to be able to board the train. Scene 26 - While thus outwitted by the robber, the policemen do not give up the chase as yet. They enter the train despatcher's office and send a telegram to the next station to capture the robber there as soon as the train arrives. Scene 27 - At the next station, the robber, not suspecting that his pursuers are there, makes a dash from the train but jumps directly into the arms of the two waiting policemen. He struggles fiercely to get away but is at last clubbed and led away. Scene 28 - The three robbers are sentenced to 40 years' imprisonment. We see them among the so-called "chain-gang" just as they are led to work. Scene 29 - The three convicts who are sentenced to hard labor are seen working in the stone quarries of the Southern Penitentiary. Scene 30 - In the final scene, the three convicts are seen discussing the failure of their Bold Bank Robbery and putting the blame one to another.  

Production Company: S. Lubin  
Distribution Company: S. Lubin  
  Kleine Optical Co.  
Photography: Jack Frawley (Cam)
Country: United States

Copyright Claimant Copyright Date Copyright Number
Siegmund Lubin 25/7/1904 dd/mm/yyyy H48436

Physical Properties: Si:

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