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The Saucy Aussie
Alternate Title: The Obscene Couch
Director: Walter Bowley (Dir)
Release Date:   1963
Premiere Information:   San Francisco opening: 5 Jul 1963
Duration (in mins):   65
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Cast:   Sheree Steiner    
    Karen ([See note])  

Summary: An Australian tourist, suffering from a severe headache, arrives at the Padre Hotel in San Francisco. The woman desk clerk gives him some pills, which he assumes are aspirin. The pills fail to relieve his headache, but they do enable him to see through women's clothing. In the elevator, he sees a woman who appears to be naked and gets slapped for staring. Before reaching his room, he accidentally opens a wrong door and finds a woman undressing; her screams cause him to flee. In his suite, he opens the door to the adjoining room and discovers a woman in bed, but he is chased away by her husband. The following day, after swallowing another dose of pills, the tourist amuses himself with his hallucinations, and in the evening he visits a burlesque house. The effect of the pills wears off, however, and he is unable to see through the strippers' remaining garments at the end of the act. 

Production Company: Pad Productions  
Distribution Company: Sack Amusement Enterprises  
Director: Walter Bowley (Dir)
Producer: Walter Bowley (Prod)
  Richard W. Bomont (Prod)
Country: United States

Physical Properties: col: Eastman Color

Genre: Comedy
Subjects (Major): Australians
  San Francisco (CA)
  Striptease dancers and dancing

Note: Location scenes filmed in and around San Francisco. Also known as The Obscene Couch and The Oblong Couch . Sources conflict in crediting producer. Press material for The Saucy Aussie gives star billing to Sheree Steiner, while press material for The Obscene Couch features Karen. 

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