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Damaged Goods
Director: Thomas Ricketts (Dir)
Release Date:   1914
Duration (in reels):   7
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Cast:   Richard Bennett (George Dupont)  
    Adrienne Morrison (A girl of the streets)  
    Maud Milton (Mrs. Dupont)  
    Olive Templeton (Henriette Locke)  
    Josephine Ditt (Mrs. James Forsythe)  
    Jacqueline Moore (A seamstress)  
    Florence Short (A nurse)  
    Louis Bennison (Dr. Clifford)  
    John Steppling (Senator Locke)  
    William Bertram (A quack)  
    George Ferguson (His assistant)  
    Mrs. Lester    
    Charlotte Burton    

Summary: George Dupont, a studious law school graduate, is seduced by a married family friend, and although he refuses her further advances, he is awakened sexually. George then begins a romance with a seamstress, but his mother and wealthy aunt convince him to marry Henriette Locke, a Senator's daughter. After becoming a partner in the Senator's law firm, George gets drunk with friends and beds a prostitute. Later, he discovers that he has syphilis, and is about to swallow poison, when the prostitute comes along and stops him. She relates that she contracted syphilis from a wealthy man, who remained respected, while she was refused treatment at hospitals. Angered, she decided to infect men from the upper classes, until Dr. Clifford, a venereal disease specialist, helped her. Although Clifford warns George not to marry during the two years of treatment, and shows him syphilitic victims in a hospital ward, including imbecilic children, George, feeling pressure to marry, goes to a quack who promises a cure in three months. After the marriage, George's child is diagnosed as having syphilis. Henriette leaves, and George walks into the sea. 

Production Company: American Film Mfg Co.  
Distribution Company: State Rights  
  Mutual Film Corp.  
  Mutual Special Feature  
Director: Thomas Ricketts (Dir)
Photography: Thomas B. Middleton (Cam)
Country: United States

Source Text: Based on the play Les Avaries by Eugene Brieux (Li├Ęge, Belgium, 6 Mar 1902).
Authors: Eugene Brieux

Copyright Claimant Copyright Date Copyright Number
American Film Mfg. Co. 15/9/1914 dd/mm/yyyy LU3450
American Film Co., Inc. 15/9/1915 dd/mm/yyyy LU6904

Physical Properties: b&w:

Genre: Drama
Sub-Genre: Social
Subjects (Major): Class distinction
Subjects (Minor): Children
  Desertion (Marital)
  Quacks and quackery

Note: Some of the cast, including Richard Bennett and Adrienne Morrison, appeared in the New York stage production of Damaged Goods , which opened 14 Mar 1913. The film was reviewed in Sep and Oct 1914, and was released to the state rights market probably at that time. Mutual released the film on 4 Oct 1915, after a 27 Sep 1915 preview to an audience of legal, medical, official, and sociological personages, in a re-edited version, with some scenes retaken. The film had its next re-release on 12 Feb 1917. This version was re-edited under the supervision of Bennett, who originally brought the play to America, and included a new introduction and conclusion. Finally, in 1919, the film was again re-issued, this time to the state rights market. At a Baltimore showing in 1917, the suicide scene was enacted on the stage. Some scenes were shot at a Los Angeles hospital showing sufferers from syphilis. Some scenes were shot in San Francisco. Mrs. Lester, listed in the cast, was probably Louise Lester, an American Film Co. actress at the time. Although the film was in seven reels, it was divided into three acts. 

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