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Ham and Eggs at the Front
Director: Roy Del Ruth (Dir)
Release Date:   24 Dec 1927
Duration (in feet):   5,613
Duration (in reels):   6
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Cast:   Tom Wilson (Ham)  
    Heinie Conklin (Eggs)  
    Myrna Loy (Fifi)  
    William J. Irving (Von Friml)  
    Noah Young (Sergeant)  
    Cameo (Himself, a dog)  

Summary: Ham and Eggs, privates in an all-black regiment, become buddies in training camp and are stationed together in a small French village. The innkeeper, Friml, an enemy spy, desirous of learning the number of soldiers in the black regiment, has Fifi, his Negro waitress, flirt with the soldiers to get this information. Ham and Eggs fall for her and go to her house that night, each trying to outstay the other. An officer commands the two to force Fifi to disclose the location of Friml, and to shoot her if she refuses to talk; she escapes them, but they uncover a coded enemy message. When the pair are sent to the front, Ham is wounded. They are accidentally cast adrift in a balloon, and in parachuting to safety, they "capture" Friml. They are later decorated for their bravery. 

Production Company: Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc.  
Distribution Company: Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc.  
Director: Roy Del Ruth (Dir)
  Ross Lederman (Asst dir)
Writer: Robert Dillon (Scen)
  James A. Starr (Scen)
  Darryl Francis Zanuck (Story)
Photography: Charles [G.] Clarke (Dir of photog)
Country: United States
Language: English

Source Text:

Copyright Claimant Copyright Date Copyright Number
Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc. 14/11/1927 dd/mm/yyyy LP24662

Physical Properties: Si:

Genre: Comedy
Subjects (Major): African Americans
  Balloons (Hot air)
  United States. Army
  World War I

Note: This film was copyrighted until the title Ham and Eggs

Bibliographic Sources:   Date   Page
Variety   14 Mar 1928   p. 28.

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