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Subway Sadie
Director: Alfred Santell (Dir)
Release Date:   12 Sep 1926
Premiere Information:   New York opening: 12 Sep 1926
Duration (in feet):   6,727
Duration (in reels):   7
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Cast:   Dorothy Mackaill (Sadie Hermann)  
    Jack Mulhall (Herb McCarthy)  
    Charles Murray (Driver)  
    Peggy Shaw (Ethel)  
    Gaston Glass (Fred Perry)  
    Bernard Randall (Brown)  

Summary: Sadie Hermann, saleslady in a New York fur establishment, cherishes one ambition--to go to Paris. One day while on her way to work, Sadie is extricated from the crowded subway by Herb McCarthy, a subway guard, and strikes up a friendly conversation; Herb makes a date to meet her beneath Cleopatra's Needle in Central Park the following Sunday. Soon the couple are engaged; and Sadie, promoted to the position of buyer for her firm, is told she is to sail for Paris. Sadie is thus obliged to cancel their wedding date, and Herb is disheartened. On the day she is to depart, Sadie receives a wire from Herb saying that he is in the hospital as the result of an accident. Sadie goes to him, and they decide on matrimony instead of Paris and the buying job; then Herb reveals that his father is president of the subway company. 

Production Company: Al Rockett Productions  
Distribution Company: First National Pictures, Inc.  
Director: Alfred Santell (Dir)
Writer: Adele Commandini (Scen)
  Paul Schofield (Scen)
Photography: Arthur Edeson (Dir of photog)
Film Editor: Hugh Bennett (Film ed)
Production Misc: Al Rockett (Prod mgr)
Country: United States
Language: English

Source Text: Based on the short story "Sadie of the Desert" by Mildred Cram in Red Book Magazine (Oct 1925).
Authors: Mildred Cram

Copyright Claimant Copyright Date Copyright Number
First National Pictures, Inc. 18/8/1926 dd/mm/yyyy LP23036

Physical Properties: Si:

Genre: Comedy-drama
Subjects (Major): Department store buyers
  Fur industry
  New York City
  Paris (France)
  Subway guards


Bibliographic Sources:   Date   Page
Film Daily   19 Sep 1926.   
New York Times   13 Sep 1926   p. 18.
Variety   15 Sep 1926   p. 16.

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