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Monsieur Beaucaire
Release Date:   18 Aug 1924
Duration (in feet):   9,932
Duration (in reels):   10
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Cast:   Rudolph Valentino (Duke de Chartres/Beaucaire)  
    Bebe Daniels (Princess Henriette)  
    Lois Wilson (Queen Marie of France)  
    Doris Kenyon (Lady Mary)  
    Lowell Sherman (King Louis XV)  
    Paulette Duval (Madame Pompadour)  
    John Davidson (Richelieu)  
    Oswald Yorke (Miropoix)  
    Flora Finch (Duchesse de Montmorency)  
    Louis Waller (François)  
    Ian MacLaren (Duke of Winterset)  
    Frank Shannon (Badger)  
    Templar Powell (Molyneux)  
    H. Cooper Cliffe (Beau Nash)  
    Downing Clarke (Lord Chesterfield)  
    Yvonne Hughes (Duchesse de Flauhault)  
    Harry Lee (Voltaire)  
    Florence O'Denishawn (Colombine)  

Summary: The Duke of Chartres, stung by the taunts of Princess Henriette, refuses the king's command to marry the princess and escapes to England, posing as the French Ambassador's barber. Fascinated by Lady Mary, he forces the Duke of Winterset to introduce him as Monsieur Beaucaire, but he is exposed as the barber. After being pardoned by King Louis, he returns to his true love, the Princess Henriette. 

Production Company: Famous Players-Lasky Corp.  
Distribution Company: Paramount Pictures  
Producer: Adolph Zukor (Pres)
  Jesse L. Lasky (Pres)
  Sidney Olcott (Prod)
Writer: Forrest Halsey (Scr)
Photography: Harry Fischbeck (Dir of photog)
Art Direction: Natacha Rambova (Art dir)
Film Editor: Patricia Rooney (Film ed)
Costumes: George Barbier (Cost)
Country: United States
Language: English

Source Text: Based on the novel Monsieur Beaucaire by Booth Tarkington (New York, 1900) and his play of the same name (Philadelphia, PA, 7 Oct 1901).
Authors: Booth Tarkington

Copyright Claimant Copyright Date Copyright Number
Famous Players-Lasky Corp. 29/7/1924 dd/mm/yyyy LP20433

Physical Properties: b&w:

Genre: Romance
Subjects (Major): Barbers and barbershops
  France--History--17th century
  Louis XV, King of France, 1710-1774
  Vignerot du Plessis, Louis-François-Armand, Duc de Richelieu, 1696-1788
  Voltaire (François Marie Arouet)

Note: Paramount Pictures released another version of Monsieur Beaucaire in 1946, directed by George Marshall and starring Bob Hope and Joan Caulfield (see AFI Catalog of Feature Films, 1941-50 ). 

Bibliographic Sources:   Date   Page
Film Daily   17 Aug 1924   p. 5.
New York Times   13 Aug 1924   p. 12.
Variety   13 Aug 1924   p. 19.

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