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City Streets
Alternate Title: No Greater Love
Director: Albert S. Rogell (Dir)
Release Date:   1 Jul 1938
Production Date:   7 Apr--27 Apr 1938
Duration (in mins):   62 or 68
Duration (in reels):   7
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Cast:   Edith Fellows (Winnie Brady)  
    Leo Carrillo (Joe Carmine)  
    Tommy Bond (Tommy [Francis] Devlin)  
    Mary Gordon (Mrs. Devlin)  
    Helen Jerome Eddy (Miss North)  
    Joseph King (Mike Shanahan)  
    Frank Sheridan (Father Ryan)  
    Arthur Loft (Dr. Goodman)  
    George Humbert (Lupo)  
    Frank Reicher (Dr. Ferenc Waller)  
    Grace Goodall (Miss Graham)  
    Guy Usher (Judge Wiley)  
    Boyd Irwin (Dr. Thompson)  
    Margaret Fielding (Mrs. Chandler)  
    Dick Curtis (Madden)  
    Minerva Urecal (Mrs. Grimley)  
    Bess Flowers (Miss Phillips)  
    Edward Earle (Mr. Chandler)  
    Eddie Laughton (Maitre d'hotel)  
    Roger Gray (Truck driver)  
    George Ovey (Peddler)  
    Eugene Burr (Peddler)  
    Alex Palasthy (Peddler)  
    Gene Stone (Vendor)  
    Al Stewart (Vendor)  
    Harry Bailey (Vendor)  
    Sam Rice (Vendor)  
    Joe Palma (Vendor)  
    E. L. Dale (Vendor)  
    John Rand (Vendor)  
    Victor De Linsky (Vendor)  
    Clarence L. Sherwood (Vendor)  
    Nick Copeland (Drunk)  
    James C. Morton (Drunk)  
    Lew King (Drunk)  
    Bill Lally (Drunk)  
    Beatrice Curtis (Burns)  
    Ann Doran (Nurse)  
    Lee Shumway (Doorman)  
    Lew Davis (Waiter)  
    Ed Cecil (Waiter)  

Summary: Little Tommy Francis Devlin accidentally hits a baseball through the shop window of "Uncle" Joe Carmine, a well-loved shopkeeper in a lower-class New York City neighborhood. When the mother of neighborhood girl Winnie Brady dies, Joe convinces Father Ryan to let him informally adopt her. Joe and Winnie live together with Tommy and his grandmother, Mrs. Devlin, and a dog Winnie names Muriel. Winnie is confined to a wheelchair, so Joe takes her to Dr. Thompson, who says that only Dr. Ferenc Waller, a recent European emigre, can help her. Waller, however, will operate only for a $3,000 fee, so Joe sells his store to make the surgery possible. Dr. Waller only effects a small change in her condition, and Winnie is not able to stand for more than a few moments. Meanwhile, Joe is trying to sell fruit on a street corner, and one night during a storm, he leaves to buy Winnie a birthday cake. During his absence, a community welfare investigator takes Winnie and places her in an orphanage. Joe becomes a popular visitor at the orphanage, but the superintendent tells him it is in Winnie's best interest that he end his visits, so that she can be adopted by another family. Hoping Winnie will be taken in by a family that can afford proper treatment, Joe tells her he has tired of her, but is so haunted by her cries that he collapses in the street. Joe's illness can be overcome only if he regains his will to live, so Father Ryan takes Winnie from the orphanage by force. She is so afraid that Joe might die that she walks across the room to his bedside and sings his favorite song, "Santa Maria." Later, after Winnie has acquired full use of her legs, Joe buys a catering truck and takes the children on a picnic. 

Production Company: Columbia Pictures Corp. of California, Ltd.  
Distribution Company: Columbia Pictures Corp. of California, Ltd.  
Director: Albert S. Rogell (Dir)
  William Mull (Asst dir)
Producer: Wallace MacDonald (Prod)
  Irving Briskin (Exec prod)
Writer: Fred Niblo Jr. (Scr)
  Lou Breslow (Scr)
  I. Bernstein (Orig story)
  Harry Sauber (Contr wrt)
Photography: Allen G. Siegler (Photog)
Film Editor: Viola Lawrence (Film ed)
Music: Morris Stoloff (Mus dir)
Sound: George Cooper (Sd eng)
Country: United States

Copyright Claimant Copyright Date Copyright Number
Columbia Pictures Corp. of California, Ltd. 27/6/1938 dd/mm/yyyy LP8107

PCA NO: 4268
Physical Properties: b&w:
  Sd: Western Electric Mirrophonic Recording

Genre: Drama
Sub-Genre: Youth
Subjects (Major): Adoption
  Italian Americans
Subjects (Minor): Dogs
  Irish Americans
  New York City
  Operations, Surgical
  Social workers

Note: Working titles for this film were City Shadows and No Greater Love . Copyright records erroneously list assistant director William Mull as William Moe. Author Isadore Bernstein's original story was first filmed by Columbia in 1932 as No Greater Love (see below). 

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