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Tiger Fangs
Director: Sam Newfield (Dir)
Release Date:   10 Sep 1943
Production Date:   late Jun 1943
Duration (in mins):   52 or 57-58
Duration (in feet):   5,228
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Cast:   Frank Buck (Frank Buck)  
    June Duprez (Linda MacCardle)  
    Duncan Renaldo (Peter Jeremy)  
    Howard Banks (Tom Clayton)  
    J. Farrell MacDonald (Geoffrey MacCardle)  
    Arno Frey (Doctor Lang)  
    Dan Seymour (Henry Gratz)  
    J. Alex Havier (Ali)  
    Pedro Regas (Takko)  

Summary: Renowned explorer Frank Buck is commissioned by the U.S. government to investigate the recent flurry of tiger attacks in the Far East. In Penang, Frank consults with United Nations representative Peter Jeremy, and learns that the tiger attacks have resulted in an interruption of rubber production, which is potentially damaging to the Allied war effort. With his native guide, Ali, Frank heads for the Territory of Damang Nog, where the locals are convinced that the tigers have become "t'jindaks," animals inhabited by evil human spirits, and that their souls are being invaded by the Japanese. Frank and Peter work out of Geoffrey MacCardle's rubber plantation, which is overseen by Tom Clayton. Posing as a zoo representative, Frank makes a contract with animal exporter Henry Gratz to use his cages for trapped tigers. Unknown to Frank, Gratz and local physician Dr. Lang have been poisoning tigers with a substance that makes them crazed, and then releasing the animals near plantations. After Frank and Peter find a poisoned dart in a tiger they have trapped, they bring the dart to Geoffrey's granddaughter Linda, who is Lang's assistant, to determine the poison content. Lang steals the dart, however, and warns Gratz that Frank is on their trail. When another tiger is captured, Frank and Peter recognize it as a cat they saw being tortured at Gratz's. Gratz claims that his tiger had escaped, but Frank realizes that a bamboo sheath he sees on the floor of Gratz's office was used to make the poisoned dart. That night on the plantation, Gratz's assistant Takko releases a deadly leopard into Linda's room. Frank rescues Linda, and again recognizes the cat as one he had trapped and was keeping at Gratz's. After further evidence points to Gratz's guilt, Gratz tries to kill Frank and Peter, but is trampled to death by a herd of frightened elephants. After Linda determines that the poison from the darts is synthetic, Lang reveals that he has been working for the Nazis in an effort to harm the Allied war effort. Frank then grabs Lang's gun and narrowly avoids being hit by one of Takko's poisoned darts, which instead strikes Lang. Lang is killed by his own poison, and Takko is killed by Ali. After rounding up the tigers, Frank leaves the jungle. 

Production Company: PRC Pictures, Inc.  
Distribution Company: Producers Releasing Corp.  
Director: Sam Newfield (Dir)
  Lou Perlof (Asst dir)
  Fred Kane (Dial dir)
Producer: Jack Schwarz (Prod)
  Fred McConnell (Assoc prod)
  Harry D. Edwards (Assoc prod)
Writer: Arthur St. Claire (Orig scr)
Photography: Ira Morgan (Dir of photog)
Art Direction: Paul Palmentola (Art dir)
Film Editor: George M. Merrick (Film ed)
Set Decoration: Glenn P. Thompson (Set dresser)
Music: Lee Zahler (Mus score)
Sound: Ben Winkler (Sd eng)
Production Misc: George M. Merrick (Prod mgr)
Country: United States

Copyright Claimant Copyright Date Copyright Number
PRC Pictures, Inc. 9/10/1943 dd/mm/yyyy LP13594

PCA NO: 9442
Physical Properties: b&w:
  Sd: RCA Sound System

Genre: Adventure
Sub-Genre: Jungle
Subjects (Major): Death by animals
Subjects (Minor): Elephants
  Impersonation and imposture
  Rubber plantations

Note: Although Fred McConnell is credited onscreen as associate producer, Harry D. Edwards is listed as associate producer in HR production charts. Frank Buck was a renowned explorer and animal trapper. For further information on Buck and his films, see the 1932 entry for Bring 'Em Back Alive ( AFI Catalog of Feature Films, 1931-40 ; F3.0492). 

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