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Major League
Director: David S. Ward (Dir)
Release Date:   1989
Premiere Information:   Los Angeles and New York openings: 7 Apr 1989
Production Date:   16 Jul - mid-Oct 1988
Duration (in mins):   102
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Cast:   Tom Berenger (Jake Taylor)  
    Charlie Sheen (Ricky Vaughn)  
    Corbin Bernsen (Roger Dorn)  
  starring Margaret Whitton (Rachel Phelps)  
  starring James Gammon (Lou Brown)  
  starring Rene Russo (Lynn Wells)  
  starring Wesley Snipes (Willie Mays Hays)  
  starring Charles Cyphers (Charlie Donovan)  
  starring Chelcie Ross (Eddie Harris)  
  starring Dennis Haysbert (Pedro Cerrano)  
  starring Andy Romano (Pepper Leach)  
  and Bob Uecker (Harry Doyle) as
    Steve Yeager (Duke Temple)  
    Peter Vuckovich (Haywood)  
    Stacy Carroll (Suzanne Dorn)  
    Richard Pickren (Tom)  
    Kevin Crowley (Vic Bolito)  
    Mary Seibel (Thelma)  
    Bill Leff (Bobby James)  
    Mike Bacarella (Johnny Wynn)  
    Skip Griparis (Colorman)  
    Gary Houston (Ross Farmer)  
    Ward Ohrman (Arthur Holloway)  
    Marge Kotlisky (Claire Holloway)  
    Tony Mockus, Jr. (Brent Bowden)  
    Deborah Wakeham (Janice Bowden)  
    Neil Flynn (Longshoreman)  
    Keith Uchima (Groundskeeper #1)  
    Kurt Uchima (Groundskeeper #2)  
    William M. Sinacore (Coleman)  
    Richard Baird (Hal Charles)  
    Julia Milaris (Arlene)  
    Roger Unice (Rexman)  
    Michael Thoma (Gentry)  
    Patrick Dollymore (French waiter)  
    Joseph Liss (Guy in bar)  
    Gregory Alan Williams (Bull pen guard)  
    Peter Ruskin (Gateman)  
    Michael Hart (Burton)  
    James Deuter (Phil Butler)  
    Jack McLaughlin-Gray (Jerry Simmons)  
    Tim Bell (Body building assistant)  
    Joe Soto (Security)  
    Ted Noose (Lyle Matthews)  
    Lenny Rubin (Clubhouse man)  
    Thomas P. Purdoff (Umpire #1)  
    Jeffrey J. Edwards (Umpire #2)  
    Alexandra Villa (Hostess)  
    Michelle Minyon (Working class bar patron)  
  Indians: Gregory Ashburn    
    Mark Cibrario    
    Jeff Dickert    
    Larry Duncan    
    Luke Fera    
    Mark Gaynor    
    Dave Globig    
    David Huff    
    Steve Janacek    
    Roy Jeske    
    Todd Johnson    
    Paul Keltner    
    Michael Kuster    
    John Liberger    
    John Meier    
    Bill Mosser    
    Jim Pandl    
    Pascual Rodriguez    
    David Roscoe    
    Brian Sienko    
    John Silbernagal    
    Slade Smith    
    Timothy Sweeny    
  [and] Peter Whalen    
  Yankees: Jerry Augustine    
    Scott Brooks    
    Jim Burian    
    Chris Chesser    
    Sean Cooney    
    Charles Crook    
    Con Geary    
    Phillip Higgins    
    Jeff Hirschinger    
    Jay Jaster    
    Steve Knurowski    
    Randy Little    
    John Lutz    
    Marty Meyers    
    Dan Mikorski    
    Willie Mueller    
    Ron Nedset    
    Earl Neibaur    
    George Prince    
    Art Rink    
    Bob Sanders    
    Dave Scharlat    
    Todd Schneider    
    Ken Senft    
    Paul Sikorski    
    Chris Stadler    
    Dan Wnuk    
    Dale Wnuk    
    Dave Wnuk    
    Jim Wolff    
  [and] Steve Zimmerman    
  Spring training: Tim Brunenkant    
    Mike Chandler    
    Sean Christian    
    Alex Flores    
    Luis Graterol    
    Billy Ireland    
    Andre Jackson    
    Mike Johnson    
    Gil Juarez    
    Dave Ligerman    
    Randy Linsey    
    David Markzon    
    Jim Minor    
    Rusty Pennoc    
    Rick Rupkey    
    Roger Sands    
    Don Seidenholz    
    Dale Sumner    
    Mike Thorell    
    Mike Twarog    
    Manny Valencia    
    Ted White    
    Gene Whitney    
  [and] Kevin Williamson    
  Umpires: Phil Brabant    
    Michael Hughes    
    Bill Krohn    
    Dewey Schiele    
    Ron Tourtillott    
    Bob Hoskins    
    Bill Hugin    
    Bill McQuerry    
    John Schwab    
    Ray Bellican    
    Frank Mesa    
    Carlos Guerra    
    Alan Hayves    
    Shawn Carlson    
    Jerry Colver    
    Jeff Edwards    
    Hector Garcia    
    Ray Kovell    
  [and] Tim Purdoff    
  Standins: Bill Lund    
    Ted Schmitz    
    Leonard Williams    
    Ramon Guzman    
    Tim Cole    
  [and] Terry Gearhart    
  Trainers: Bill Lemke    
    Greg Goodwin    
    Mike Walzak    
  [and] Marty Caldwell    

Summary: Rachel Phelps inherits control of the Cleveland Indians from her late husband. The baseball team has not won a pennant in thirty-five years, and Phelps believes this season should be no different. Two weeks before spring training, Phelps gives a list of her desired players to the board of directors, who do not recognize any of the names. Proclaiming her dislike for the city of Cleveland, Phelps tells the team’s general manager, Charlie Donovan, of her plan to end the season in last place. She hopes attendance will drop so drastically that the Indians are allowed to break their lease with Cleveland and move the franchise to Miami. Recruiting the players and coaches whom Phelps wants, Charlie makes calls to has-been catcher Jake Taylor in Mexico, fastball pitcher Rick Vaughn in a California prison, and minor league manager Lou Brown who is currently working as a tire salesman. At training camp, Lou becomes familiar with the oddball nobodies Phelps has put together, including Pedro Cerrano, a Cuban power hitter who practices voodoo, and the incredibly fast runner Willie Mays Hays. Willie has shown up uninvited, and though police remove him from the camp on the first night, Willie earns his spot the next day when he crashes practice and runs faster than any other player. Lou reprimands the underperforming, overpaid third-baseman Roger Dorn. Dorn responds by throwing his contract at Lou, who pees on it and orders Dorn to do sit-ups. Lou discovers at practice why these players were not recruited by any other teams – Taylor has an old, ailing body, Rick has control problems with his amazing fastball, Cerrano can't hit a curveball, and Willie can't hit anything. Despite their flaws, Jake, Rick, Pedro, Willie and Dorn make the final cut before opening day. Fans react angrily when they read about the Indians’ new lineup of nobodies. Later, Jake, Rick and Willie go out to celebrate, and Jake sees his old girlfriend, Lynn. They talk, but she cuts the conversation short to get back to her date. Before the first game, Lou makes a speech, reminding the team that everyone expects them to finish last. Eddie, a devout Christian, leads his fellow players in prayer, but they are interrupted when Pedro sets off an explosion at his voodoo altar, causing the sprinklers to rain down on the team. As the season starts the Indians are bad, but not as bad as Phelps would hope. The team shows signs of improvement, and fans take notice. Rick earns the nickname “Wild Thing” for his wild pitches, and a fan even asks for his autograph. Lou realizes Rick’s wild pitching is due in part to bad eyesight, so he takes him to get glasses. In his free time, Jake reads a comic book version of Moby Dick to impress Lynn, who is now a librarian. Willie suggests Jake tail Lynn to find out where she lives. Jake does so and surprises Lynn at her fiancé Tom’s apartment, where they are hosting a cocktail party. Tom asks Jake what his post-baseball career plans are, and Jake hints that he wants to settle down with Lynn and raise a family in Hawaii. Tom sees Jake out, warning him to stay away from Lynn. With a new spike in game attendance, Phelps remains unhappy. Encouraged by the team’s improvement, Jake visits Dorn at his home and begs him to play harder as this is Jake’s last shot at a winning season. Later, at a game, Jake spots Lynn in the stands. He follows her after the game and arrives at her apartment. There, Jake and Lynn discuss their past and Lynn reminds him that he cheated on her. Lynn tells Jake she cannot afford to give him another chance, but they end up in bed together. The next morning, Jake wakes up to find Lynn gone. Halfway through the season the Indians somehow manage a 60-60 record. Phelps attempts to force a losing streak by replacing the team’s plane with a bus. Charlie finally explains Phelps' plan for relocation to Lou, who uses that as motivation for the team to make a late season push for the pennant. On a winning streak, the Indians enjoy newfound popularity, even shooting a commercial for American Express. On a game night, Dorn’s wife Suzanne spots Dorn flirting with a woman on television behind a news reporter. To repay him, Suzanne seduces Rick, who only finds out who she is after they have slept together. Lou’s plan for the team works, and the Indians force a one-game playoff with the New York Yankees to determine who will win the American League East pennant. That night, the Indians take the field before a keyed up Cleveland crowd. Due to his poor record against the Yankees, Rick sits on the bench. Pedro hits a homerun, tying up the score at 2-2. In the ninth inning, Rick relieves the starting pitcher, and the excited fans sing “Wild Thing.” Dorn approaches the mound, but instead of confronting Rick about sleeping with Suzanne, he gives him a pep talk. Rick strikes out a player who hit a towering homerun off of him in an earlier game, and the Indians go up to bat against a Yankees relief pitcher called “The Duke.” In the bottom of ninth, with the score still tied, Willie gets on base with two outs. Jake stands up to the plate. Willie steals second base, and Jake bunts to send him home. Willie barely beats the diving catcher, and the Indians win the pennant. Jake looks into the stands and sees Lynn, who raises her hand to reveal an empty ring finger. They kiss in the stands, and Jake then picks her up to join in the Indians' on-field celebration.

Production Company: Morgan Creek  
Production Text: A David Ward Film
Distribution Company: Paramount Pictures Corp. (A Gulf + Western Company)
Director: David S. Ward (Dir)
  Irby Smith (Unit prod mgr/2d unit dir)
  Edward Markley (Unit prod mgr)
  Jerry Grandey (1st asst dir)
  Louis D'Esposito (1st asst dir)
  Christine Larson (2d asst dir)
  Richard Patrick (2d asst dir)
Producer: Chris Chesser (Prod)
  Irby Smith (Prod)
  Mark Rosenberg (Exec prod)
  Julie Bergman (Co-prod)
Writer: David S. Ward (Wrt)
Photography: Reynaldo Villalobos (Dir of photog)
  James Pergola (2d unit dir of photog)
  Bill Hedenberg (Aerial photog)
  Christopher Hayes (Cam op)
  George Kohut (Cam op)
  James Blanford (Cam op)
  Ray J. De La Motte (Cam op, Tucson unit)
  Gregory Lundsgaard (Panaglide op)
  Michael Kohnhorst (1st asst cam)
  Robert Carlson (1st asst cam)
  Reynaldo Villalobos, Jr. (2d asst cam)
  Mauricio Gutierrez (2d asst cam)
  Marco Pennacchini (2d asst cam, Tucson unit)
  Robert P. Sanchez (Aerial cam asst)
  Hugo Cortina (Gaffer)
  Blaise R. Dahlquist (Best boy elec)
  Steven C. Hodge (Elec)
  John Graf (Elec)
  Jeff Strong (Elec)
  Lloyd Barcroft (Key grip)
  Johnny London, Jr. (Best boy grip)
  Tony Garrido (Dolly grip)
  Pat O'Mara (Grip)
  Jon Altendorf (Grip)
  Rob Ingenthron (Grip)
  Dennis Wojtecki (Grip)
  Mansur Johnson (Grip, Tucson unit)
  Joyce Rudolph (Still photog)
Art Direction: Jeffrey Howard (Prod des)
  John Krenz Reinhart, Jr. (Art dir)
  Roger D. Meryett (Art dept coord)
  Jack Johnson (Storyboard artist)
  Tom Southwell (Conceptual artist)
Film Editor: Dennis M. Hill (Ed)
  Tony Lombardo (Film ed)
  Maysie Hoy Marlett (1st asst film ed)
  John Lafferty (Opt ed)
  Moonstar Greene (Asst film ed)
  James B. J. Hill (Asst film ed)
  Gary Simon (Apprentice film ed)
  Adrienne Daniels (Apprentice film ed)
  Donah Bassett (Negative cutter)
Set Decoration: Bill Rea (Set des)
  Celeste Lee (Set dec)
  Patrick Thomas Cassidy (Asst set dec)
  Adam Silverman (On-set dresser)
  Carla Curry (Set dresser, Tucson unit)
  Amanda Flick (Scenic artist)
  Gary Gagliardo (Const foreman)
  John M. Holliday (Lead carpenter)
  Paul Arthur Hartman (Leadman)
  Rick Henning (Swing)
  Jon Reeves (Carpenter)
  James Risch (Carpenter)
  Peter Bankins (Prop master)
  David L. McGuire (Asst prop master)
  Loyd Brown (Asst prop master)
  Eain Bankins (Prop asst)
  C. Randall Ott (Prop asst)
  Deb Navins (Prop asst)
  Steve Chesser (Landscape des, Tucson unit)
  Robert Detweiler (Const, Tucson unit)
  Joanne Brown (Sign painter, Tucson unit)
Costumes: Erica Edell Phillips (Cost des)
  Michael Becker (Cost supv)
  Laurie L. Hudson (Ward supv)
  Sherrie Brody (Ward asst)
  Patti Cameron (Ward asst)
  Charlotte Laughon (Ward asst, Tucson unit)
  Andrea Barrier (Seamstress)
  Hariett Engler (Seamstress)
Music: James Newton Howard (Mus)
  Ellen Segal (Mus ed)
  Eeda Kitto (Asst mus ed)
  Ross Pallone (Score rec eng)
  Robert Schaper (Score rec eng)
Sound: Susumu Tokunow (Sd mixer)
  Laura Derrick (Boom op)
  Fontaine Stevens (Cable person)
  John Peate (Cable man, Tucson unit)
  J. Paul Huntsman (Supv sd ed)
  Matthew G. Sawelson (Dial ed)
  John Haeny (Sd eff ed)
  James Beshears (ADR supv)
  Lauren J. Palmer (ADR ed)
  Bruce Lacey (Foley ed)
  Lucy Coldsnow (Foley ed)
  George Anderson (Conforming sd ed)
  Carolann S. Sanchez (Sd eff asst)
  Patrick English (Sd eff apprentice)
  Robin Harlan (Foley artist)
  Kevin Bartnoff (Foley artist)
  Michael Mason (Asst eng)
  Buzz Knudson (Re-rec mixer)
  Don DiGirolamo (Re-rec mixer)
  Bob Glass (Re-rec mixer)
  Thiederman (Re-rec mixer)
  Todd AO/Glen Glenn Studios (Re-rec by/Sd eff by)
Special Effects: Dieter Sturm (Spec eff)
  Pacific Title (Titles & opticals)
Make Up: Frances Mathias (Hairstylist)
  Joann Wabisca (Makeup artist)
  Peggy Teague-Tamme (Makeup/hair asst)
  Judith Anne Denny (Makeup/hair asst)
Production Misc: Joanne Zaluski (Casting)
  Wallis Nicita Associates (Casting)
  Nicole Arbusto (Casting coord)
  Jane Alderman (Chicago casting liaison)
  Shelley Andreas (Chicago casting liaison)
  Lisa S. Beasley (Extras casting)
  Frank Kennedy (Extras casting, Tucson unit)
  Nancy King (Extras casting assoc)
  Linda M. Thomas (Extras casting asst)
  Mark Van Ert (Extras casting asst)
  Mike Walczak (Extras casting asst)
  Hugh R. Ross (Extras casting asst)
  Lisa C. Cook (Prod assoc)
  Frederick Bodner (Loc mgr)
  Susan Vanderbeek (Prod coord)
  Shannon Kesey Smith (Asst prod coord)
  Leslie Park (Scr supv)
  Sheldon M. Katz (Prod controller)
  Jette Sorensen (Prod accountant)
  Ira J. Friedlander (Asst accountant)
  Gail Haigh (Administrator/Morgan Creek)
  Kandace Hewitt (Accounting asst)
  Bryan Ambacher (Accounting prod asst, Tucson unit)
  George Schneider (Transportation coord)
  Gregg Goodwin (Transportation capt)
  Harold Martin (Transportation capt, Tucson unit)
  Steve Yeager (Tech adv)
  Rob Harris (Unit pub)
  Acme Film Editing (Post prod services by)
  Robin Forman (Post prod supv)
  Karen Marmer (Post prod coord)
  Michael-McCloud Thompson (DGA trainee)
  Jay Smith (Key prod asst)
  Frank Serrano (Key prod asst)
  Dawn-Leslie Allen (Key prod asst)
  Patrick Hewitt (Prod asst)
  Charlene Norman (Prod asst)
  David Marcus (Prod asst)
  Scott Crabbe (Prod asst)
  Bob Hume (Prod asst)
  Kate Amer (Prod asst)
  Mike Rom (Office prod asst, Tucson unit)
  Kimberly A. Boyd (Film runner)
  Lawrence Amenda, Jr. (Film runner)
  Bill Leff (Stadium entertainer)
  Jerry Saslow (Stadium entertainer)
  John Lehr (Stadium entertainer)
  Paul Gracyalny (Craft service)
  James C. Telford (Craft service)
  Wendy Wolverton (Craft service, Tucson unit)
  Kip Wolverton (Craft service asst, Tucson unit)
  Chow Biz Catering (Caterer)
  Rob Mook/Bell Ambulance (Set medic)
  Bill Lemke (Athletic trainer)
  Julia Miller (Asst to Mr. Ward & Mr. Chesser)
  Jami Abell (Asst to Joe Roth)
  Janet West (Asst to James G. Robinson)
  Donna Ostroff (Secy to the prods)
  Linda Labov (Secy to the prods)
  Lisa Bellomo (Secy to the prods)
  Tod Swindell (Prod secy, Tucson unit)
  Cristen Carr (Crowd promotion, Tucson unit)
  Leonard Boswell (Security, Tucson unit)
  Marty Caldwell (1st aid, Tucson unit)
Stand In: Rick Le Fevour (Stunt coord)
  George Aguilar (Stuntman)
  Alex Flores (Stuntman)
  Stacey Logan (Stuntman)
  Michael F. Twarog (Stuntman)
  Ted White (Stuntman)
MPAA Rating: R
Country: United States
Language: English

Music: "Mozart: Eine Kleine Nachtmusik," performed by Bamberger Symphoniker, conducted by Joseph Keilberth, courtesy of Teldec Record Service GmbH, by arrangement with Warner Special Products.
Songs: "Most of All You," lyrics by Alan & Marilyn Bergman, music by James Newton Howard, performed by Bill Medley, produced by James Newton Howard; "Wild Thing," by Chip Taylor, performed by X, courtesy of Elektra/Asylum Records, by arrangement with Warner Special Products; "How Can the Girl Refuse," lyrics by Glen Ballard, music by James Newton Howard, performed by Beckett, produced by Michael Lloyd, courtesy of Curb Records; "Burn On," written & performed by Randy Newman, courtesy of Reprise Records, by arrangement with Warner Special Products; "U.S. Male," by Phillip Kennard & Ron Aniello, performed by Lonesome Romeos, produced by Ron Aniello, courtesy of Curb Records; "The Nearness Of You," by Hoagy Carmichael & Ned Washington; "Walkaway," by Kenny Greenberg, Gary Nicholson & Wally Wilson, performed by The Snakes, produced by The Snakes, courtesy of Curb Records; "Isn't It Romantic," by Richard Rodgers & Lorenz Hart; "Oh You Angel," by Ron Aniello, performed by Lonesome Romeos, produced by Lonesome Romeos, George Tutko & Phil Gernhard, courtesy of Curb Records; "Cryin' Shame," written & performed by Lyle Lovett, produced by Tony Brown, Billy Williams & Lyle Lovett, produced by Tony Brown, Billy Williams & Lyle Lovett, courtesy of MCA/Curb Records; "Beyond the Blue Horizon," by Leo Robin, Richard A. Whiting & W. Franke Harling; "Hideaway," by Joey Harris, performed by The Beat Farmers, produced by The Beat Farmers, courtesy of MCA/Curb Records.
Composer: Ron Aniello
  Glen Ballard
  Alan Bergman
  Marilyn Bergman
  Hoagy Carmichael
  Kenny Greenberg
  W. Franke Harling
  Joey Harris
  Lorenz Hart
  James Newton Howard
  Phillip Kennard
  Lyle Lovett
  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  Randy Newman
  Gary Nicholson
  Leo Robin
  Richard Rodgers
  Chip Taylor
  Ned Washington
  Richard A. Whiting
  Wally Wilson
Source Text:

Copyright Claimant Copyright Date Copyright Number
Morgan Creek Productions 2/5/1989 dd/mm/yyyy PA420168

PCA NO: 29681
Physical Properties: Sd: Dolby Stereo® in selected theatres
  col: Astro Color Laboratories
  Lenses/Prints: Filmed with Panavision® cameras & lenses; Prints by Technicolor®

Genre: Comedy
Sub-Genre: Baseball
Subjects (Major): Baseball players
  Cleveland Indians (Baseball team)
Subjects (Minor): Buses
  Cleveland (OH)
  Cocktail parties
  Libraries and librarians
  Miami (FL)
  Moby Dick (Novel)
  New York Yankees (Baseball team)
  Physical education and training
  Sports fans
  "Wild Thing" (Song)

Note: The summary and note for this entry were completed with participation from the AFI Academic Network. The summary and note were written by participant Ronald LaForce, a student at the University of Texas at Austin, with Janet Staiger as academic advisor.

The end credits contain a statement in which producers thank the following organizations and individuals: Miller Brewing Company; Jan Pergoli, Milwaukee Film Liaison; Major League Baseball; Cleveland Indians Baseball Club; Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club; City and County of Milwaukee, Wisconsin; State of Wisconsin; Wisconsin Film Commission; The City of Cleveland, Ohio; Ohio Film Commission; The Cleveland Plain Dealer; Starter Sportswear, Inc.; Leaf Confections; 7-Up; Animagination, Inc.; Arnold Rendon – Nogales Liaison; Frawley Corporation/Classics Illustrated Comics; Desmonds Formal Wear, Inc.; Koss Corporation; Herman’s World of Sporting Goods; United Indians of Milwaukee; Rudig Trophies; George Watts & Son, Inc.; Holly Hunt Ltd. of Chicago; Kenny Kelter and Family; and all the people of Milwaukee. Publications used in the film are acknowledged with the following credits: “’People Weekly’ is a Registered Trademark of The Time, Inc. Magazine Company, used with Permission”; and “’Sports Illustrated’ is a Registered Trademark of The Time, Inc. Magazine Company, used with Permission.”
       In production notes from the AMPAS research library, director David S. Ward stated that he chose cast members who knew how to play baseball. Both Tom Berenger, who played “Jake Taylor,” and Corbin Bernsen, who played “Roger Dorn,” played baseball as teenagers. Charlie Sheen, who played “Rick Vaughn,” not only pitched for his high school team, but he earned an athletic scholarship offer, with a fastball clocked at almost eighty-five miles an hour. Berenger and Sheen endured a six-week training period, joining the rest of the cast for the final two weeks at Hi Corbett Field in Tucson, AZ, the spring training location of the actual Cleveland Indians. Filmmakers cast fifty extra players from a group of almost one thousand college and minor league players who showed up to audition.
       According to a 10 Mar 1989 HR article, the film was shot over sixty-three days in Milwaukee, with Milwaukee County Stadium filling in for Cleveland Municipal Stadium, which was unusable due to a lighting problem posed by its “cavernous dimensions.” However, some second unit filming took place at Cleveland Municipal Stadium. According to production notes, photography also took place on location in Nogales, Mexico and Chicago, Illinois.
       The 10 Mar 1989 HR reported that Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson joined upwards of fifteen thousand locals on July 30, 1988, for the film’s first day of shooting at Milwaukee County Stadium, in posing as Indians fans for the crowd scenes. Ward purposely scheduled crowd scenes at the beginning of the shoot “to take advantage of the community’s enthusiasm.” Thompson gave a plaque to Ward, and declared July 30 and 31 “Major League Weekend” in Wisconsin.
       The film opened to mostly positive critical reception, although multiple reviews pointed to Bull Durham (1988, see entry) as a superior baseball film. HR noted the film’s similarity to Bad News Bears (1976, see entry) in its “flip humor,” and stated that Ward “interspersed…deft insights into the vicarious pleasure a team can provide a rust-belt community” into the story.
       A 31 Oct 1990 HR news item reported that Morgan Creek Productions and DPR Entertainment sued J&M Films Ltd. for $1 million, in addition to unspecified punitive damages, alleging improper accounting of monies collected from Major League , Skin Deep (1989, see entry), and Nightbreed (1990, see entry).
       Major League spawned two sequels: Major League II (1994, see entry) and Major League: Back to the Minors (1998, see entry).


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