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Alternate Title: The William Munny Killings
Director: Clint Eastwood (Dir)
Release Date:   7 Aug 1992
Premiere Information:   Los Angeles and New York openings: 7 Aug 1992
Duration (in mins):   130
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Cast:   Clint Eastwood (Bill Munny)  
    Gene Hackman (Little Bill Daggett)  
    Morgan Freeman (Ned Logan)  
  and Richard Harris (English Bob)  
  and Jaimz Woolvett (The "Schofield Kid")  
  and Saul Rubinek (W. W. Beauchamp)  
  and Frances Fisher (Strawberry Alice)  
  and Anna Thomson (Delilah Fitzgerald)  
    David Mucci (Quick Mike)  
    Rob Campbell (Davey Bunting)  
    Anthony James (Skinny Dubois)  
    Tara Dawn Frederick (Little Sue)  
    Beverley Elliott (Silky)  
    Liisa Repo-Martell (Faith)  
    Josie Smith (Crow Creek Kate)  
    Shane Meier (Will Munny)  
    Aline Levasseur (Penny Munny)  
    Cherrilene Cardinal (Sally Two Trees)  
    Robert Koons (Crocker)  
    Ron White (Clyde Ledbetter)  
    Mina E. Mina (Muddy Chandler)  
    Henry Kope (German Joe Schultz)  
    Jeremy Ratchford (Deputy Andy Russell)  
    John Pyper-Ferguson (Charley Hecker)  
    Jefferson Mappin (Fatty Rossiter)  
    Walter Marsh (Barber)  
    Garner Butler (Eggs Anderson)  
    Larry Reese (Tom Luckinbill)  
    Blair Haynes (Paddy McGee)  
    Frank C. Turner (Fuzzy)  
    Sam Karas (Thirsty Thurston)  
    Lochlyn Munro (Texas Slim)  
    Ben Cardinal (Johnny Foley)  
    Philip Hayes (Lippy MacGregor)  
    Michael Charrois (Wiggens)  
    Bill Davidson (Buck Barthol)  
    Paul McLean (Train person #1)  
    James Herman (Train person #2)  
    Michael Maurer (Train person #3)  
    Larry Joshua (Bucky)  
    George Orrison ("The Shadow")  
    Gregory Goossen (Fighter)  


Production Company: The Malpaso Company  
Distribution Company: Warner Bros. Pictures (A Time Warner Company)
Director: Clint Eastwood (Dir)
  Bob Gray (Prod mgr)
  David Valdes (Prod mgr, Sonora unit)
  Lynne Bespflug (Unit mgr)
  Scott Maitland (1st asst dir)
  Bill Bannerman (2d asst dir)
  Jeffrey Wetzel (2d asst dir, Sonora unit)
  Grant Lucibello (3d asst dir)
  Tom Rooker (3d asst dir)
Producer: Clint Eastwood (Prod)
  David Valdes (Exec prod)
  Julian Ludwig (Assoc prod)
Writer: David Webb Peoples (Wrt)
Photography: Jack N. Green (Dir of photog)
  Stephen St. John ('A' cam op)
  Roger Vernon ('B' cam op)
  Anthony J. Rivetti (1st asst 'A' cam)
  Doug Craik (1st asst 'B' cam)
  Marco Ciccone (2d asst 'A' cam)
  Dan Heather (2d asst 'B' cam)
  Mark Anderson (2d asst cam, Sonora unit)
  Peter Green (Loader, Sonora unit)
  Bob Akester (Still photog)
  Tom Stern (Chief lighting tech)
  Jim Gregor (Asst chief lighting tech)
  Victor Perez (Asst chief lighting tech, Sonora unit)
  Charles Saldana (Key grip)
  Randy Swanson (Best boy grip)
  Hal Nelson (Best boy grip, Sonora unit)
  Carey Toner (Dolly grip)
  T. D. Scaringi (Dolly grip, Sonora unit)
Art Direction: Henry Bumstead (Prod des)
  Rick Roberts (Art dir)
  Adrian Gorton (Art dir)
Film Editor: Joel Cox (Ed)
  Michael Cipriano (Asst film ed)
  Donah Bassett (Negative cutter)
Set Decoration: James J. Murakami (Set des)
  Janice Blackie-Goodine (Set dec)
  Edward Aiona (Prop master)
  Michael Sexton (Asst prop master)
  Dean Goodine (Asst prop master)
  Chuck McSorley (Asst prop master, Sonora unit)
  Jan Kobylka (Const coord)
  Ron Trost (Const coord, Sonora unit)
  Bruce Robinson (Const foreman)
  George Griffiths (Standby painter)
  Doug Wilson (Head painter)
  Gary Ripley (Head painter)
Costumes: Glenn Wright (Ward dept head)
  Carla Hetland (Men's ward supv)
  Joanne Hansen (Women's ward supv)
  Valerie O'Brien (Set cost, Sonora unit)
Music: Lennie Niehaus (Mus score)
  Donald Harris (Mus ed)
  Bobby Fernandez (Scoring mixer)
Sound: Alan Robert Murray (Supv sd ed)
  Walter Newman (Supv sd ed)
  Karen Spangenberg (Supv dial ed)
  James Issacs (Dial ed)
  Karen G. Wilson (Dial ed)
  Devon Curry (ADR supv)
  Neil Burrow (Sd ed)
  Gordon Davidson (Sd ed)
  Marshall Winn (Sd ed)
  Butch Wolf (Sd ed)
  Cindy Marty (Sd ed)
  Michael Mirkovich (Asst sd ed)
  Kimberly Nolan (Asst sd ed)
  Michael Ruiz (Asst sd ed)
  Rob Young (Sd mixer)
  Michael Evje (Sd mixer, Sonora unit)
  Kelly Zombor (Boom op)
  Les Fresholtz (Re-rec mixer)
  Vern Poore (Re-rec mixer)
  Dick Alexander (Re-rec mixer)
  Taj Soundworks (Foley)
Special Effects: John Frazier (Spec eff coord)
  Maurice Routely (Spec eff foreman)
  Pacific Title (Titles and opticals by)
  Hal Selig (Spec eff best boy, Sonora unit)
Make Up: Mike Hancock (Head make-up artist)
  Stan Edmonds (Asst make-up artist)
  Iloe Flewelling (Head hair stylist)
  Carol Pershing (Hair stylist, Sonora unit)
Production Misc: Phyllis Huffman (Casting)
  Stuart Aikins (Canadian casting)
  Nadene Katz (Casting asst)
  Bill Haines (Casting asst)
  Lloyd Nelson (Scr supv)
  Buddy Van Horn (Tech consultant)
  Penny Gibbs (Prod coord)
  Carol Trost (Prod coord, Sonora unit)
  Anisa Lalani (Asst prod coord)
  Cathy Yost (Asst prod coord)
  Loranne Turgeon (Prod secy)
  Michael Maurer (Prod auditor)
  Lynn Elston (Prod accountant)
  Jeffrey Kloss (Prod accountant)
  Sheila Aquiline (Asst prod accountant)
  Melissa Rooker (Asst to Clint Eastwood)
  Rino Pace (Loc mgr)
  Keith Dillin (Transportation coord)
  Ray Breckenridge (Transportation capt)
  Randy Luna (Transportation co-capt)
  John Scott (Head wrangler)
  Tom Bews (Wrangler boss)
  Tom Glass (Wrangler boss)
  Tom Eirikson (Wrangler boss)
  Marco Barla (Unit pub)
  Matt Palmer (Prod assoc)
  John Lind (Prod assoc)
  Rose Johnson (Craft service/First aid)
  Diane Anderson (First aid, Sonora unit)
  Robert J. Groff (Craft service, Sonora unit)
  Filmworks Catering (Caterer)
  Tony's Food Service (Caterer, Sonora unit)
  J. P. Moss (Knives des by)
Color Personnel: Phil Downey (Col timer)
MPAA Rating: R
Country: United States
Language: English

Source Text:

Copyright Claimant Copyright Date Copyright Number
Warner Bros., Inc. 30/10/1992 dd/mm/yyyy PA588504

PCA NO: 31757
Physical Properties: Sd: Dolby Stereo® in selected theatres
  col: Technicolor®
  gauge: Panavision®

Genre: Western

Note: Unforgiven was ranked 68th on AFI's 2007 100 Years…100 Movies--10th Anniversary Edition list of the greatest American films, up from the 98th position it held on AFI's 1997 list. 

Bibliographic Sources:   Date   Page
Los Angeles Times   7 Aug 1992   Calendar, p. 1.
New York Times   7 Aug 1992   Section III, p. 1.
Variety   3 Aug 1992   p. 38.

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