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Director: Lewis Gilbert (Dir)
Release Date:   1979
Premiere Information:   Los Angeles and New York openings: 29 Jun 1979
Duration (in mins):   126
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Cast:   Roger Moore (James Bond 007) as
  Starring Lois Chiles (Holly Goodhead)  
  Starring Michael Lonsdale (Drax) as
  Starring Richard Kiel (Jaws) as
  and Corinne Clery (Corinne Dufour)  
  Featuring Emily Bolton (Manuela)  
  Featuring Geoffrey Keen (Frederick Gray)  
  Featuring Toshiro Suga (Chang)  
  Featuring Lois Maxwell (Moneypenny)  
  Featuring Irka Bochenko (Blonde beauty)  
  Featuring Nicholas Arbez (Drax's boy)  
  Featuring Bernard Lee ("M") as
  And Desmond Llewelyn ("Q")  
  And Blanche Ravalec (Dolly)  
  And Anne Lonnberg (Museum guide)  
  And Michael Marshall (Col. Scott)  
  And Jean Pierre Castaldi (Pilot private jet)  
  And Leila Shenna (Hostess private jet)  
    Walter Gotell (General Gogol)  
    Douglas Lambert (Mission control director)  
    Arthur Howard (Cavendish)  
    Alfie Bass (Consumptive Italian)  
    Brian Keith (U.S. shuttle captain)  
    George Birt (Captain Boeing 747)  
    Kim Fortune (R.A.F. Officer)  
    Lizzie Warville (Russian girl)  
    Johnny Traber's Troupe (Funambulists)  
    Guy Di Rigo (Ambulanceman)  
    Chris Dillinger (Drax's technician)  
    Claude Carliez (Gondolier)  
    Georges Beller (Drax's technician)  
    Denis Seurat (Officer Boeing 747)  
    Chichinou Kaeppler (Drax's girl)  
    Christina Hui (Drax's girl)  
    Francoise Gayat (Drax's girl)  
    Nicaise Jean Louis (Drax's girl)  
    Catherine Serre (Drax's girl)  
    Beatrice Libert (Drax's girl)  


Production Company: Les Productions Artistes Associes  
  Eon Productions Ltd.  
Distribution Company: United Artists (An MGM Company)
Director: Lewis Gilbert (Dir)
  Ernest Day (2d unit dir)
  John Glen (2d unit dir)
  Jean-Pierre Spiri-Mercanton (Prod mgr)
  Terence Churcher (Prod mgr)
  Robert Saussier (Unit mgr-France)
  Chris Kenny (Unit mgr-U.K.)
  Michel Cheyko (Asst dir)
  Peter Bennett (Asst dir-2d unit)
  Meyer Berreby (Asst dir-2d unit)
  Gareth Tandy (Asst dir-Models)
  Chris Carreras (2d asst dir)
Producer: Albert R. Broccoli (Prod)
  Michael G. Wilson (Exec prod)
  William P. Cartlidge (Assoc prod)
Writer: Christopher Wood (Scr)
Photography: Jean Tournier (Dir of photog)
  Jacques Renoir (2d unit cam)
  Alec Mills (Cam op)
  Michel Deloire (Cam op)
  Guy Delattre (Cam op)
  John Morgan (Cam op)
  James Devis (Cam op)
  Chunky Huse (Cam grip)
  Rene Strasser (Key grip)
  Jacques Touilland (Gaffer)
  Patrick Morin (Stills photog)
  Panavision® (Filmed in)
  Laboratoires Franay-L.T.C. (Film processing by)
  Technicolor® (Film processing by)
Art Direction: Ken Adam (Prod des)
  Max Douy (Art dir)
  Charles Bishop (Art dir)
  Harry Lange (Space art dir)
  Marc Frederix (Asst art dir)
  Jacques Douy (Asst art dir)
  Serge Douy (Asst art dir)
  Ernie Archer (Asst art dir)
  John Fenner (Asst art dir)
Film Editor: John Glen (Ed)
  John Grover (Assembly ed)
  Michael Round (Asst ed)
  Peter Davies (Asst ed)
  Luce Gruenwaldt (Asst ed)
Set Decoration: Peter Howitt (Set dec)
  Pierre Charron (Set dresser)
  Andre Labussiere (Set dresser)
  John Lanzer (Buyer)
  Alain Guyard (Buyer)
  Jean Nossereau (Buyer)
  Louis Duquenne (Const mgr)
  Michael Redding (Const mgr)
  Raymond Le Moigne (Props)
  Pierre Roudeix (Props)
Costumes: Jacques Fonteray (Cost des)
  Jean Zay (Ward master)
  Colette Baudot (Ward mistress)
Music: John Barry (Mus)
  Studio Davout Paris (Mus rec at)
Sound: Catherine Kelber (Dial ed)
  Daniel Brisseau (Sd mixer)
  Gerard De Lagarde (Sd asst)
  Jean Labourel (Sd asst)
  Jean Pierre Lelong (Sd eff)
  Allan Sones (Dubbing ed)
  Colin Miller (Dubbing ed)
  Dino Di Campo (Dubbing ed)
  Gordon K. McCallum (Chief re-rec mixer)
  Graham V. Hartstone (Re-rec mixer)
  Nicholas Le Messurier (Re-rec mixer)
  John Iles (Dolby consultant)
  S.I.M.O. Paris (Sd re-rec by)
  Pinewood Studios London (Sd re-rec by)
Special Effects: Paul Wilson (Visual eff cam)
  Robin Browne (Opt eff cam)
  Derek Meddings (Visual eff supv)
  Peter Lamont (Visual eff art dir)
  Maurice Binder (Main title des)
  Bill Hansard (Process consultant)
  Michel Francois Films (Opt eff-France)
  Louis Lapeyre (Process eff-France)
  Jean Berard (Visual eff - France)
  John Evans (Spec eff)
  John Richardson (Spec eff)
  Rene Albouze (Spec eff)
  Serge Ponvianne (Spec eff)
  Charles Assola (Spec eff)
Make Up: Monique Archambault (Make-up artist)
  Paul Engelen (Make-up artist)
  Pierre Vade (Hairdresser)
  Mike Jones (Roger Moore's hair by)
Production Misc: Vernon Harris (Scr ed)
  Bob Simmons (Action seq arr by)
  Reginald A. Barkshire (Prod controller)
  Brian Bailey (Prod accountant)
  Paul Beugin (Prod accountant-France)
  Frank Ernst (Loc mgr-Brazil)
  Philippe Modave (Loc mgr-Italy)
  John Comfort (Loc mgr-U.S.A.)
  Andy Armstrong (Asst loc mgr-Brazil)
  Elaine Schreyeck (Continuity)
  Josie Fulford (Continuity)
  Gladys Goldsmith (Continuity)
  Margot Capelier (Casting dir)
  Weston Drury Jr. (Casting dir)
  Eric Burgess F.R.A.S. (Space consultant)
  Robert Boulic (Asst unit mgr-France)
  Simone Escoffier (Prod secy)
  Marguerite Green (Prod asst)
  Dominique Bach (Prod's secy)
  Steve Swan (Unit pub)
  Gilles Durieux (Unit pub)
Stand In: Claude Carliez (Stunt arranger-France)
  Claude Carliez (Stunt team)
  Martin Grace (Stunt team)
  Richard Graydon (Stunt team)
  Dorothy Ford (Stunt team)
  Michel Berreur (Stunt team)
  Daniel Breton (Stunt team)
  Guy Di Rigo (Stunt team)
  Paul Weston (Stunt team)
MPAA Rating: PG
Country: Great Britain, France and United States
Language: English

Music: The James Bond theme written by Monty Norman; Theme from The Magnificent Seven composed by Elmer Bernstein, published by United Artists.
Songs: "Moonraker," performed by Shirley Bassey, composed by John Barry, lyrics by Hal David.
Composer: John Barry
  Elmer Bernstein
  Hal David
  Monty Norman
Source Text: Based on the novel Moonraker by Ian Fleming (London, 1955).
Authors: Ian Fleming

Copyright Claimant Copyright Date Copyright Number
United Artists Corporation 9/7/1979 dd/mm/yyyy PA38138

PCA NO: 25614
Physical Properties: Sd: Recorded in Dolby Stereo

Genre: Adventure
Sub-Genre: Action


Bibliographic Sources:   Date   Page
Hollywood Reporter   27 Jun 1979   p. 3.
Los Angeles Times   29 Jun 1979   p. 1.
New York Times   29 Jun 1979   p. 3.
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