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The Social Network
Director: David Fincher (Dir)
Release Date:   1 Oct 2010
Premiere Information:   New York Film Festival screening: 24 Sep 2010; Los Angeles and New York openings: 1 Oct 2010
Duration (in mins):   120
Duration (in feet):   10,800
Duration (in reels):   12
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Cast:   Jesse Eisenberg (Mark Zuckerberg)  
    Rooney Mara (Erica Albright)  
    Bryan Barter (Billy Olson)  
    Dustin Fitzsimons (Phoenix Club President)  
    Joseph Mazello (Dustin Moskowitz)  
    Patrick Mapel (Chris Hughes)  
    Andrew Garfield (Eduardo Saverin)  
    Toby Meuli (Phoenix member playing Facemash)  
    Alecia Svensen (Girl at Phoenix Club)  
    Jami Owen (Student playing Facemash)  
    James Dastoli (Student playing Facemash)  
    Scotty Crowe (Student playing Facemash)  
    Jayk Gallagher (Student playing Facemash)  
    Marcella Lentz-Pope (Erica's roommate)  
    Trevor Wright (B.U. guy in bra)  
    Barry Livingston (Mr. Cox)  
    Marybeth Massett (Mrs. Cox)  
    Randy Evans (student in communications office)  
    Denise Grayson (Gretchen)  
    John Getz (Sy)  
    Rashida Jones (Marilyn Delpy)  
    Carrie Armstrong (Court reporter)  
    Henry Roosevelt (Henry)  
    Armie Hammer (Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss)  
    Josh Pence (Tyler Winklevoss)  
    Max Minghella (Divya Narendra)  
    David Selby (Gage)  
    Pamela Roylance (Ad Board Chairman)  
    Brian Palmero (CS lab professor)  
    Brett Leigh (Phoenix Club hazer)  
    Chris Gouchoe (Phoenix Club pledge)  
    Nicholas Tubbs (a capella group)  
    Kevin Chui (a capella group)  
    Richard Ferris (a capella group)  
    Burke Walton (a capella group)  
    Anh Nguyen (a capella group)  
    Dane Nightingale (a capella group)  
    Stephen Fuller (a capella group)  
    John He (a capella group)  
    Nick Smoke (KC's friend)  
    Cali Fredrichs (KC's friend)  
    Shelby Young (KC)  
    Steve Sires (speaker/Bill Gates)  
    Brenda Song (Christy)  
    Malese Jow (Alice)  
    Victor Z. Isaac (Stuart Singer)  
    Abhi Sinha (Vikram)  
    Mark Saul (Bob)  
    Cedric Sanders (Reggie)  
    Justin Timberlake (Sean Parker)  
    Dakota Johnson (Amelia Ritter)  
    Nancy Linari (Larry Summers' Secretary)  
    Douglas Urbanski (Larry Summers)  
    Inger Tudor (Anne)  
    Aaron Sorkin (ad executive)  
    Mariah Bonner (Tori)  
    Kyle Fain (intern Eric)  
    Christopher Khai (intern Ian)  
    Emma Fitzpatrick (Sharon)  
    Jeffrey Thomas Border (Andrew)  
    Courtney Arndt (Victoria's Secret model)  
    Felisha Terrell (Beautiful woman)  
    Zoe De Toledo (Harvard rowers' coxman)  
    Simon Barr (Harvard rower)  
    Alex Leigh (Harvard rower)  
    Phil Turnham (Harvard rower)  
    Richie Steele (Harvard rower)  
    chris Friend (Harvard rower)  
    Tom Harvey (Harvard rower)  
    Alex Olijnyk (Hollandia rowers' coxman)  
    Ray Poulter (Hollandia rower)  
    Bob Hewitt (Hollandia rower)  
    Dave Lambourne (Hollandia rower)  
    James Padmore (Hollandia rower)  
    Sebastian Kouba (Hollandia rower)  
    Charles Herbert (Hollandia rower)  
    Robin Dowell (Hollandia rower)  
    Nathan Hillyer (Hollandia rower)  
    James Shanklin (Prince Albert)  
    Alex Reznik (Prince Albert's aide)  
    John Hayden (Howard)  
    Oliver Muirhead (Mr. Kenwright)  
    Sarah Shane Adler (stoned girl)  
    Amy Ferguson (stoned girl)  
    Monique Edwards (Bank teller)  
    Cayman Grant (Peter Thiel's assistant)  
    Wallace Langham (Peter Thiel)  
    Scott Lawrence (Maurice)  
    Peter Holden (Facebook lawyer)  
    Darin Cooper (Facebook lawyer)  
    Jared Hillman (Mackey)  
    Caitlin Gerard (Ashleigh)  
    Lacey Beeman (Sorority girl)  
    Cherilyn Rae Wilson (Sorority girl)  
    Caleb Jones (fraternity guy)  
    Franco Vega (Policeman)  
    Andrew Thacher (Policeman)  

Summary:        In order to get back at his former girl friend, Boston University co-ed Erica Albright, Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg uses his computer blog to denigrate Erica on the Internet. Not content with this, he also creates a program he calls Facemash, with some input from his friend Eduardo Saverin, that will allow Harvard students to compare posted photos of female students and rate how “hot” they are compared to others at the school. The site is immediately popular and in the course of only a few hours receives twenty-two thousand hits and shuts down Harvard’s computer system. Fellow Harvard students, the twins Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss and their associate, Divya Narendra, learn about Zuckerberg’s exploit, and approach him to be their programmer for a social media website they envision called The Harvard Connection. But Zuckerberg is also obsessed with getting into a Harvard Final Club and is convinced that such membership would be the key to his future social and business success. However, because he is Jewish and does not come from “old money,” he sees it as unlikely that he will gain membership in one of these prestigious societies. When the Winklevoss twins take him to the Phoenix Club, in which they are members, but do not allow him to go past the lobby because he is not a member, Zuckerberg at first agrees to work with them, but instead spends his time developing his own social networking site he calls The Facebook. As The Facebook takes shape, Zuckerberg again turns to his friend Eduardo to put up the money they will need to get the web site up and running and offering him thirty percent of the new company in return for his financial investment. The partnership results in the formation of a corporation. The new social networking website succeeds in attracting ever more student participants, and begins to expand to other schools across the country. Narendra and the Winklevoss twins are outraged, believing Zuckerberg has stolen their idea, and though reluctant at first, they eventually decide to sue him. The Facebook attracts the attention of Sean Parker, founder of the music-sharing website, Napster, who beguiles Zuckerberg with the idea that he will gain respect for having created something cool, but that he also needs to hold on to his creation and not be forced out before he can convert the idea into big money. Parker also suggests they drop the “The” and simply call the site Facebook. Eduardo opposes Parker’s involvement, and remains in the east trying to raise money through potential advertisers, while Zuckerberg moves Facebook’s operation to California. Without Eduardo’s knowledge, Parker arranges for venture capitalists to invest in Facebook. At first elated at the company’s good fortune, Eduardo signs new incorporation papers that seemingly offer an enhanced interest in the company; however, he later finds out the papers he signed allow for his share to be diluted as new shares are offered to the public. Eduardo also brings suit against Zuckerberg. The dirty business machinations and sometimes distasteful personal lives of the parties involved in the various law suits are revealed in pre-trial depositions. Ultimately, Zuckerberg is persuaded to settle the lawsuits in order to obtain non-disclosure agreements that will keep Facebook’s dirty linen out of the public arena. Sitting alone in his lawyer’s conference room, Zuckerberg pulls up Erica Albright’s Facebook page and sends her a “friend request.” As Zuckerberg impatiently and repeatedly hits the refresh button to see if she has responded, it is revealed that ultimately the Winklevoss twins settled for $65 million and signed non-disclosure agreements; that Eduardo Saverin received an undisclosed settlement and had his name restored to the Facebook masthead as co-founder of the company; and that, even after all of this, Mark Zuckerberg is the youngest billionaire in the world. 

Production Company: Columbia Pictures (Sony Pictures Entertainment)
  Michael De Luca Productions  
Production Text: A Scott Rudin/Michael De Luca/Trigger Street Production; A David Fincher Film
Brand Name:
Distribution Company: Columbia Pictures (Sony Pictures Entertainment)
Director: David Fincher (Dir)
  JoAnn Perritano (Unit Prod Mgr)
  Bob Wagner (1st asst dir)
  Allen Kupetsky (2d asst dir)
  Maileen Williams (2nd second asst dir)
  Noble Jones (2d unit dir, Boston unit)
Producer: Kevin Spacey (Exec prod)
  Scott Rudin (Prod)
  Dana Brunetti (Prod)
  Michael De Luca (Prod)
  Ceán Chaffin (Prod)
  Jim Davidson (Assoc prod)
  Rupert Smythe (Line prod, UK/Henley unit)
  Matthew Carver (2d asst dir, UK/Henley unit)
  John Foster (1st Asst cam, UK/Henley unit)
  Gavin MacArthur (2d asst cam, UK/Henley unit)
Writer: Aaron Sorkin (Scr)
Photography: Jeff Cronenweth (Dir of photog)
  Peter Rosenfeld ("A" cam opr)
  Steven Meizler (First asst "A" cam)
  Paul Toomey (Second asst "A" cam)
  Daniel McDonough (First asst "B" cam)
  Harold Skinner (Gaffer)
  H. Clive Richards (Best boy electric)
  William R. Mayberry (Rigging gaffer)
  Jose Ruiz (Best boy rigging electric)
  Merrick Morton (Still photog)
  Ian Foster (Dir of photog, UK/Henley unit)
  Jeremy Braben (Aerial DOP, UK/Henley unit)
Art Direction: Donald Graham Burt (Prod des)
  Keith Cunningham (Art dir)
  Curt Beech (Art dir)
  Joanna Bush (Illustrator)
  Cindy M. Ichikawa (Art dept coordinator)
  Lindsey Gary (Art Dept researcher)
  Richard Bennett (Storyboard artist)
  Carl Sprague (Art dir, Boston unit)
  Robyn Paiba (Art dir, UK/Henley unit)
Film Editor: Angus Wall A.C.E. (Ed)
  Kirk Baxter (Ed)
  Tyler Nelson (Asst ed)
  Alex Olivares (Asst ed)
  Carey Len Smith (Post Prod supv)
  Adam Cole (Post Prod coordinator)
Set Decoration: Victor J. Zolfo (Set dec)
  Tricia Gallaher Glenn (Prop master)
  Aaron Haye (Set des)
  Jane Wuu (Set des)
  Randy Wilkins (Set des)
  Theodore Sharps (Set des)
  Missy Parker (Asst set dec)
  Freddy Waff (Leadman)
  Bart Hubenthal (On-set dresser)
  Monica Castro (Asst prop master)
  James Stubblefield (Asst prop master)
Costumes: Jacqueline West (Cost des)
  Cheryl Beasley Blackwell (Cost supv)
  Alison Gail Bixby (Key costumer)
  Robert Mata (Key costumer)
  Carrie Yoko Arakaki (Costumer)
  Jay Cheng (Costumer)
  Naomi Gathmann (Costumer)
  Virginia B. Johnson (Cost supv, Boston unit)
  Sharon Long (Cost supv, UK/Henley unit)
Music: Trent Reznor (Mus)
  Atticus Ross (Mus)
  Jonathon Stevens (Mus ed)
  Marie Ebbing (Mus ed)
  Paul Luther Jackson (Mus consultant)
  Null (Soundtrack on)
Sound: Ren Klyce (Sound design)
  Mark Weingarten (Prod mixer)
  David Fiske Raymond (Boom op)
  Skywalker Sound A Lucasfilm Ltd. Company, Marin County, California (Post sd services)
  David Parker (Re-rec mixer)
  Michael Semanick (Re-rec mixer)
  Ren Klyce (Supv sd ed/re-rec mixer)
  Malcolm Fife (Dial ed)
  Richard Quinn (ADR ed)
  E. Larry Oatfield (Sd ed)
  David C. Hughes (Sd ed)
  Thom Brennan (Foley supv)
  Jeremy Molod (Asst supv sd ed)
  Coya Elliott (Asst sd eff ed)
  Nathan Nance (Asst re-rec mixer)
  John Roesch (Foley artist)
  Alyson Dee Moore (Foley artist)
  Mary Jo Lange (Foley mixer)
  Doc Kane (ADR mixer)
  Jeanette Browning Hernandez (ADR Recordist)
  The Loop Squad (Loop Group)
Special Effects: Steve Cremin (Spec eff coordinator)
  Brandon McLaughlin (Spec eff foreman)
  Christian F. Eubank (Spec eff technician)
  LOLA/VFX (Visual eff)
  Edson Williams (Visual eff supv)
  Colin Strause (CG eff supv)
  Thomas Nittmann (Visual eff prod)
  Casey Allen (Flame artist)
  Trent Claus (Flame artist)
  Brian Nugent (Flame artist)
  Richard Hirst (Flame artist)
  Jeremiah Sweeny (Flame artist)
  David Levine (Flame artist)
  Clark Parkhurst (Flame artist)
  Spencer Armajo (Flame artist)
  Kazuyoshi Yamagiwa (Flame artist)
  Joshua Singer (CG eff artist)
  Miles Friedman (CG eff artist)
  Savage Visual Effects (Visual eff by)
  James Pastorius (Visual eff supv/lead artist)
  Brice Liesveld (Visual eff prod)
  Tim Turner (CG artist)
  Daniel Naulin (CG artist)
  Noll Linsangan (Compositor)
  Tim Unger (Roto artist)
  Christian Kugler (Digital matte paintings by)
  Outback Post, LLC (Additional visual eff by)
  Ron Barr (Exec prod)
  Adam Howard (Visual eff supv)
  Eli Jarra (Composite supv)
  Joshua Jordan (Visual eff artist)
  Orin Green (Visual eff artist)
  Toby Evetts (Graphic artist)
  Felix Kawamura (Graphic artist)
  Jason Locke (Matchmove artist)
  Eden FX (Additional Visual eff by)
  Fred J. Pienkos (Visual eff supv)
  Rick Ramirez (Digital artist)
  Ed Ruiz (Digital artist)
  Andrea D'Amico (Visual eff prod)
  Samantha Mabie-Tuinstra (Visual eff prod)
  Ollin VFX (Additional Visual eff by)
  Charlie Iturriaga (VFX supv)
  Robin D'Arcy (VFX exec prod)
  Paul Prado (CG supv)
  Elizabeth Asai (VFX coordinator)
  Antonio Gallardo (VFX editorial prod)
  Victor Lizarraga (Dynamics & Particles)
  Fernando Najera (Dynamics & Particles)
  Miguel Lizarraga (matte painting)
  Natalia De La Garza (Compositing)
  Daniel Gonzalez (Compositing)
  Francisco Castillo (Compositing)
  Oliver De Gante (Data wrangler)
  a52 (Additional visual eff by)
  Jennifer Sofio Hall (Exec prod)
  Hameed Shaukat (VFX prod)
  Shahana Khan (VFX supv)
  Brendan Crockett (2D artist)
  Kurt Lawson (2D artist)
  Paul Yacono (2D artist)
  Joseph Chiechi (CG artist)
  Reliance Mediaworks/Burbank, CA (Image processing by)
Make Up: Felicity Bowring (Makeup dept head)
  Heather Mages (Key makeup artist)
  Linda Flowers (Hair dept head)
  Kelly Muldoon (Key hair stylist)
  Lizzie Yianni Georgiou (Hair and makeup, UK/Henley unit)
Production Misc: Laray Mayfield (Casting)
  Sharon Reynolds-Enriquez (Scr supv)
  Jerry C. Deats (Key grip)
  Jeffrey A. Johnson (Best boy grip)
  James Wickman (Dolly grip)
  Michael E. Matteson (Key rigging grip)
  Leonard LaRosa (Best boy rigging grip)
  Wayne Tidwell (Video assist operator)
  Richard A. Schuler (Loc mgr)
  Stephen Mapel (Loc mgr)
  Scott Fitzgerald (Asst loc mgr)
  Brian Kinney (Asst loc mgr)
  Jason Tamez (Prod coordinator)
  Kyle McGatlin (Asst prod coordinator)
  Callie Hersheway (Prod secretary)
  Jim Davidson (Prod controller)
  Gene Strange (Loc accountant)
  Lucy Herrera (1st asst accountant)
  Kristine M. Bochum (2nd asst accountant)
  Irene Naydichev (Payroll accountant)
  Chris Snyder (Construction coordinator)
  William Gideon (Gen foreman)
  Scott Lodwig (Labor foreman)
  Randy Martens (Greens foreman)
  Chris Samp (Standby painter)
  Andrea McKee (Asst to Mr Fincher)
  David Kennedy (Exec asst to Mr. Rudin)
  Allie Moore (Asst to Mr. Rudin)
  Nick Zayas (Asst to Mr. Rudin)
  Candice Ingram Taylor (Asst to Ms. Chaffin)
  Kristen Detwiler (Asst to Mr. De Luca)
  Andrew McCallie (Asst to Mr. Brunetti)
  Lauren Lohman (Asst to Mr. Sorkin)
  Sara Akhteh (Prod asst)
  Genelle Ciccarelli (Prod asst)
  Jason Clark (Prod asst)
  Giovanni Cotto-Ortiz (Prod asst)
  Jeremy Gilbreath (Prod asst)
  Lynn Hamilton (Prod asst)
  Jon Harris (Prod asst)
  Jordan Hawkes (Prod asst)
  Jeff Overfield (Prod asst)
  Bob Riley (Prod asst)
  Michelle Fitzsimons (Casting assoc)
  Alessi/Berona Casting (Extras casting)
  For Stars Catering (Catering)
  Meti Kusari (Craft service)
  Dan Boyne (Rowing tech adv)
  Dawn Regan (Rowing tech adv)
  Ian Reichbach (Researcher)
  Michael Antunez (Transportation capt)
  Scott D. Davis (Rigging gaffer, Boston unit)
  William Doyle (Loc mgr, Boston unit)
  Damiana Kamishin (Prod office coordinator, Boston unit)
  Kurt L. Smith (Construction coordinator, Boston unit)
  Cameron Matheson (Leadman, Boston unit)
  Megan Lewis (Boston casting)
  J. Wilfred White (2d unit marine coordinator, Boston unit)
  Marc A. Hammer (Prod Supv, Baltimore unit)
  Charles Armstrong (Loc mgr, Baltimore unit)
  Gorgeous Enterprises (Prod services, UK/Henley unit)
  Judy Vermeulen (Prod mgr, UK/Henley unit)
  Michael Coo (Key grip, UK/Henley unit)
  John Flemming (Key grip, UK/Henley unit)
  Michael Jupp (Film pilot, UK/Henley unit)
  Jonah Coombes (Loc mgr, UK/Henley unit)
  Ben Gladstone (Loc mgr, UK/Henley unit)
  Tim Belcher (Prod coordinator, UK/Henley unit)
  Edward Bainbridge (Rowing coach, UK/Henley unit)
  Dave Shaw (Marine coordinator, UK/Henley unit)
  Neil Kellerhouse (Main titles by)
  Scarlet Letters (End titles by)
  Joe Wolcott (Tech consultant)
  Paul McReynolds (Web Tech consltant)
  Lance Malbon (Content clearance coordinator)
  Susan Nickerson (Stock footage research)
  Pix System, LLC (Collaboration powered by)
Color Personnel: Light Iron Digital, LLC (Digital Intermediate by)
  Ian Vertovec (Digital intermediate colorist)
  Katie Fellion (Digital intermediate prod)
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Country: United States
Language: English

Songs: "Ball and Biscuit," Written by Jack White III, Performed by The White Stripes, Courtesy of Third Man Records; "Man Fi Cool," Written by Rodney Smith, Performed by Roots Manuva, Courtesy of Big Dada Recordings; "Dreadlock Holiday," Written by Eric Stewart and Graham Gouldman, Courtesy of Avid Ltd., "Dreadlock Holiday," Written by Eric Stewart and Graham Gouldman, Courtesy of ApS, by arrangement with Nola Leone/Ace Music Services, LLC; "So I Wait," Written by Thomas Brennan and Greg Paxton, Performed by Three Hour Tour, Courtesy of Thomas Brennan & Greg Paxton Productions; "I Swear," Written by Gary Baker and Frank Myers, Performed by UCLA's Bruin Harmony; "Ital Visions," Written by Rodney Smith, Performed by Roots Manuva, Courtesy of Big Dada Recordings, By arrangement with Third Side Music; "Like a Bad Girl Should," Written by Lux Interior and Ivy Rorschach, Performed by The Cramps, Courtesy of Vengeance Records; "West Coast Poplock," Written by Mikel Hooks, Ronnie Hudson, Lary Troutman and Roger Troutman, Performed by Ronnie Hudson, Courtesy of Thump Records; "California Uber Alles," Written by Jello Biafra, East Bay Ray, Klaus Flouride, John Greenway, Darren Henley and Dead Kennedys, Performed by Dead Kennedys, Courtesy of Decay Music; "In the Hall of the Mountain King Op. 23," Written by Edvard Grieg, Arranged, produced and performed by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross; "The Sound of Violence," Written by Hubert Blanc-Francard, Philippe Cerboneschi and Stephen Edwards, Performed by Dennis De Laat, Courtesy of Spinnin' Records; "Crazy Baldhead," Written by Rita Marley and Vincent Ford, Performed by Bob Marley and the Wailers, Courtesy of Island Def Jam Music Group under license from Universal Music Group; "Arrival of the Queen of Sheba from Solomon," written by George Frideric Handel, Performed by Lumiere Strin Quartet, Courtesy of Lumiere Records, Inc.; "Underground Rapstar" (Post-Mortem remix), Written by Chris Palko and DJ Mighty Mi, Performed by Cage, Courtesy of Chris Palko Music; "Hesitation" (instrumental version), Written by Jon Bernson, Performed by Exray's, Courtesy of Howells Transmitter; "Black Book Lodge," Written by Stig Amundsen, Frithjof Jacobsen, Arne Skagen, Rolf Uggen, and Danny Young, Performed by Gluecifer, Courtesy of Sony Music Entertainment Norway by arrangement with Sony Music Licensing; "Bleed Forever," Written by Huw Bunford, Cian Ciaran, Dafydd Ieuan, Guto Pryce and Gruff Rhys, Performed by Super Furry Animals, Courtesy of XL Recordings Ltd. and courtesy of BMG Rights Limited and Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited; "Baby, You're a Rich Man," Written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, Performed by The Beatles, Courtesy of Capitol Records LLC under license from EMI Film & Television Music.
Composer: Stig Amundsen
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  Rolf Uggen
  Jack White III
  Danny Young
Source Text: Based on the book The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding of Facebook, a Tale of Sex, Money, Genius and Betrayal by Ben Mezrich (New York, 2009)
Authors: Ben Mezrich

Copyright Claimant Copyright Date Copyright Number
Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc., Beverly Blvd LLC 30/9/2010 dd/mm/yyyy PA1698016

PCA NO: 45861
Physical Properties: Sd: Dolby Digital, SDDS, DTS
  col: Prints by DeLuxe
  gauge: 35mm release, Shot on RED digital camera
  Widescreen/ratio: 2.35:1

Genre: Drama
Subjects (Major): Computers
  social networking
  Women lawyers
  Business ethics
Subjects (Minor): Envy

Note: The Social Network was named one of AFI’s Movies of the Year


Bibliographic Sources:   Date   Page
Los Angeles Times   1 Oct 2010   p. 1.
New York Times   24 Sep 2010   p. 1.

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