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Toy Story 3
Director: Lee Unkrich (Dir)
Release Date:   18 Jun 2010
Premiere Information:   Los Angeles and New York openings: 18 Jun 2010
Duration (in mins):   98
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Cast:   Tom Hanks (Woody)  
    Tim Allen (Buzz Lightyear)  
    Joan Cusack (Jessie)  
    Don Rickles (Mr. Potato Head)  
    Wallace Shawn (Rex)  
    John Ratzenberger (Hamm)  
    Estelle Harris (Mrs. Potato Head)  
    Ned Beatty (Lotso)  
    Michael Keaton (Ken)  
    Jodi Benson (Barbie)  
    John Morris (Andy)  
    Emily Hahn (Bonnie)  
    Laurie Metcalf (Andy's Mom)  
    Blake Clark (Slinky dog)  
    Teddy Newton (Chatter telephone)  
    Bud Luckey (Chuckles)  
    Beatrice Miller (Molly)  
    Javier Fernandez-Peña (Spanish Buzz)  
    Timothy Dalton (Mr. Pricklepants)  
    Lori Alan (Bonnie's Mom)  
    Charlie Bright (Young Andy)  
    Kristen Schaal (Trixie)  
    Jeff Garlin (Buttercup)  
    Bonnie Hunt (Dolly)  
    John Cygan (Twitch)  
    Jeff Pidgeon (Aliens)  
    Whoopi Goldberg (Stretch)  
    Jack Angel (Chunk)  
    R. Lee Ermey (Sarge)  
    Jan Rabson (Sparks)  
    Richard Kind (Bookworm)  
    Erik von Detten (Sid)  
    Charlie Bright (Peas-in-a-Pod)  
    Amber Kroner (Peas-in-a-Pod)  
    Brianna Maiwand (Peas-in-a-Pod)  
    Jack Willis (Frog)  
    Carlos Alazraqui (Additional voices)  
    Teresa Ganzel (Additional voices)  
    Jess Harnell (Additional voices)  
    Danny Mann (Additional voices)  
    Mickie McGowan (Additional voices)  
    Laraine Newman (Additional voices)  
    Colleen O'Shaughnessey (Additional voices)  
    Bob Peterson (Additional voices)  
    Jerome Ranft (Additional voices)  
    Lee Unkrich (Additional voices)  
    James Kevin Ward (Additional voices)  
    Colette Whitaker (Additional voices)  
    Constantino Bravos (Additional children's voices)  
    Taiana Huff (Additional children's voices)  
    Adam Joshua Jastrow (Additional children's voices)  
    Leo Jergovic (Additional children's voices)  
    Theodore F. Kayser (Additional children's voices)  
    Gia Michailidis (Additional children's voices)  
    Nikolas Michailidis (Additional children's voices)  
    Aramé Scott (Additional children's voices)  
    Woody Smith (Additional children's voices)  
    Hannah Unkrich (Additional children's voices)  

Summary: On a steam train rolling across the desert, there is an explosion and one-eyed Bart pops out of one of the cars with some stolen loot. Sheriff Woody brings down Bart with his bullwhip, but one-eyed Betty appears and attacks Woody with a nun chuck, knocking the Sheriff off the end of the train. However, Betty and Bart’s triumph is short-lived, as Woody and Jessie now race after the train on her trusty horse Bull’s Eye. But Bart has a trick up his sleeve. He pulls out an electronic detonator and it is revealed that the bridge over a yawning chasm has been piled high with explosives. Bart presses a button and the railroad bridge collapses in the resulting blast. Woody and Jessie’s first concern is for the orphans aboard the train. A corvette races up with several space aliens in it. Betty and Bart jump into the car and it drives off. Jessie and Woody race ahead, and Woody jumps into the train engine cab. He pulls the brake lever, but not in time. The train plunges into the gorge. A blue light and a rocket blast signal the appearance of Buzz Lightyear, who lifts the train from the gorge, before it hits the ground. As Bart, Betty and the aliens race across the desert toward the border crossing, their car is split in half by a shot from Buzz Lightyear’s laser gun. As Jessie, Woody and Buzz attempt to capture the villains, Bart summons his Slinky attack dog, which protects them with an invisible force field. Woody announces that he has brought his dinosaur that eats force-field dogs. The dinosaur comes up from out of the ground and makes a trumpeting noise that causes the force field to quiver. Before the force field can be broken, a shadow looms from over head, and Evil Dr. Pork Chop appears in a giant pink flying pig rocket ship. Pork Chop pushes a button that says: Death By Monkeys, which releases a barrel of red plastic monkeys to attack the heroes. The giant pig rocket’s snout opens up, and Bart, now aboard the evil ship, is set to push a button marked with a skull and cross bones. But before any more mayhem can occur, it is revealed that the action has been generated in the imagination of Andy who has been playing in his room with his toys. Andy’s young life is shown through a series of video home movie moments, and then the screen goes dark. Buzz, Woody, Jessie, Betty, Bart and Pork Chop are now forgotten, jumbled together in a toy chest. The dinosaur peeks out of the chest and sees a group of plastic army men dragging a sock that obviously has something in it toward the toy chest. The toys drag the loaded sock into the chest and pull out the cell phone inside. The toys dial a number that rings the phone and brings a now 17-year-old Andy into the room to retrieve it. When he answers the phone and finds no one on the line, Andy closes the toy chest and leaves the room, completely ignoring the toys. Disappointed, Woody addresses the toys and reveals that Andy is going away to college and that this was their last shot at gaining his attention. Buzz tells them all to get ready for “attic mode.” The toy soldiers, however, make an escape out the bedroom window. It has been an honor to serve, but when the trash bags come out they know the toy soldiers are the first to go. The remaining toys are gripped with fear that they will be thrown away, but Woody buoys them up with the thought that they have been saved so far even though Andy has discarded other toys, and that they will likely be exiled to the attic where, if they are lucky, they will be ready to be played with by Andy’s own children in the future. But even as he cheers up his friends, Woody has doubts. He climbs to the top of Andy’s desk, surveys the room, and looks at a boyhood photo of Andy with his toys in better, younger days. The toys hear voices outside the room and scramble to get back into the toy box. Andy and his sister enter; she asks if she can have his computer, and he says no. His mother comes in with boxes and says everything he’s not taking to college is either going to the attic or the trash dump. Molly looks in the toy chest and asks her brother why he still has the toys, and reminds Andy that in three more days his room will be hers. But their mother tells Molly she’s not off the hook, and that she needs to decide what of her toys should be sent to the Sunnyside day care center. Mom asks Andy if he wants to donate his toys to Sunnyside or to sell them. He tells her they’re not worth anything, and she says he has three days to decide—anything that’s not in the attic will be thrown out. When his mom leaves the room, Andy takes one last look at the toys in the chest and then starts tossing them into a trash bag. But before he tosses his two favorites, Woody and Buzz, into the bag, he decides to throw Woody into his box to be taken to college. He tosses Buzz into the bag, ties it up, and takes it out. The other toys now realize they are separated from Woody and will be going to the dump. Woody starts to race after them, but discovers that Andy is only taking the other toys to the attic. Molly comes out of her room with her box of toys for Sunnyside, and Andy helps her with it, leaving his bag of toys at the foot of the attic stairs. The Attic stairs retract by themselves, pushing the bag of toys into the hall. Mom nearly trips over them, she picks up the bag to takes it to the trash. In a panic, Woody summons Buster, the family dog, to ride to the rescue, but Buster is now old and only rolls over on his side when Woody attempts to jump on his back. Mom sets the bag of toys on the curb, and the trash truck is only a few houses away. Woody leaps out the window and attempts to rescue them, but is too late. He chases after the trash truck, but at the next house the trash man pushes a switch, turning on the compacter that pushes the bag deep into the truck. However, much to his relief, Woody sees an upside down recycling bin moving on its own toward the garage of Andy’s house. The toys are safe for the moment, but they are upset because they believe Andy wanted to throw them away. Jessie sees the box headed for Sunnyside in the back of the family station wagon and urges the other toys to hop into the box. Woody arrives and tries to set the other toys straight about Andy’s true intentions. The toys say they need to move on, and before Woody and Buzz can figure out a plan to get them out of the box, Mom closes the station wagon door and heads off for Sunnyside. Although Woody tries to persuade the toys that day care is only for lonely old toys, the others seem to like the atmosphere at the center when they arrive. The box of toys is dropped off in the playroom, and the new arrivals are delighted to see kids playing with other toys. They try to get out of the box, but are afraid the old toys in the playroom will be jealous of the new arrivals. But the day care toys warmly greet the new arrivals. They receive a formal greeting from Lotso, a large purple stuffed bear. They ask Lotso if they’ll be played with, and he says all day every day five days a week. He also tells them that when the kids grow older, new kids come to take their place and the toys are never abandoned or forgotten. “No owners,” he tells them, “means no heartbreak.” He introduces them to Ken, who immediately becomes infatuated with Barbie. Lotso tells them they are now masters of their own destinies and shows them to the Caterpillar Room where they will be staying. Woody admits it’s nice at Sunnyside, but says they have to go back. The others urge him to stay and be played with, but he says No, he has a kid and they al have a kid. Buzz tells him their mission with Andy is over, and that they’ll all be together at Sunnyside. Woody opts to return to Andy’s house, and insists that Bull’s Eye stay with the others at Sunnyside. As he attempts to leave Sunnyside, Woody is nearly mowed down by a janitor’s cart. Grabbing hold, he is wheeled into a bathroom. He manages to escape through a window and onto the roof of the building—but he doesn’t know how to get down from such a height. His hat blows off, and he spies a fallen kite on the roof. He manages to fly away and land outside the grounds of Sunnyside, but a Gust of wind grabs the kite and thrusts it back into the air with Woody aboard. The kite breaks, and Woody plummets to the ground. He crashes through a tree and is only saved from smashing to the pavement because the “talking string” on his back catches in a branch. A little girl named Bonnie pulls him from the tree, puts him in her backpack, and takes him home. Woody’s cowboy hat is left behind. At Sunnyside, recess ends and the kids come in play very roughly with the toys. Buzz is tossed onto a windowsill and sees the kids in the next room playing respectfully with their toys, but it is only chaos in the Caterpillar Room. At Bonnie’s house, Woody is treated to a tea party. When the little girl leaves the room, Woody asks Bonnie’s toys where he is, but she returns before they can tell him. After closing at Sunnyside, they toys are bent, broken and exhausted. They think they should be in the Butterfly Room with the bigger kids, and Buzz says he’ll talk to Lotso about it, but the doors are locked. Buzz notices the transom is open and the toys rig a catapult to shoot Buzz through it. Buzz sees two monster/insect toys in the hallway. They grab Ken, who is talking with Barbie. Buzz follows the three into the top of a vending machine, where he observes that they are gambling. Ken asks the others what they think of the new recruits, and they reply: strictly landfill. They chide Ken about Barbie, but he insists that she’s different. As Buzz attempts to sneak away, he is caught and taken to the library. Asleep in Bonnie’s bed with the rest of her toys, Woody gets up and attempts to leave. He finds Bonnie’s address in her backpack, and her other toys agree to help. At Sunnyside, Buzz is tied up in the time out chair and demands to talk with Lotso. Although Ken refuses, Lotso enters. He agrees to Buzz’s request to be moved into the big kids’ room, but refuses to let the others come over. When Buzz decides to return to his friends, Lotso has him tied back up and calls for the bookworm. The bookworm tosses down the Buzz Lightyear instruction manual, and the evil toys use it to learn how to return Buzz to his original factory settings. Wondering what has happened to Buzz, Betty looks for him by holding out her remaining eye under the door and into the hallway. But there is confusion. With both eyes detached, she starts seeing with her lost eye which is back at Andy’s house. She learns that Andy had indeed intended to put them in the attic, and he is looking for them. As they decide to return home, Lotso enters and tells them they are not leaving. Potato Head Betty protests but he removes her mouth. When the toys ignore Lotso, Buzz appears—but it is a new Buzz—one programmed to keep the other toys in their place. After Buzz subdues them, Lotso tells him to lock ‘em up. As Lotso has Bart taken to “The Box,” Barbie enters and asks Ken what’s going on? She joins her friends in a cell, and the new Buzz tells them the rules—every toy is locked up at night, and anyone found out of his cell will spend the night in “The Box”—which is a sand box on the playground, covered at night. Lotso then lays down the law about how things are done at Sunnyside. Using Bonnie’s computer, Woody finds out how to get from Bonnie’s to Andy’s. As Woody starts to leave, he tells Bonnie’s toys that if they ever meet anyone from Sunnyside to tell them Woody’s gone home. Bonnie’s toys are astonished and ask him how he escaped from Sunnyside? They introduce him to Chuckle, a desperate looking clown doll who relates his experiences with Lotso when they were both owned by a young girl named Daisy. On a picnic with her family, Daisy fell asleep and her parents put her in the car and accidentally left her toys behind. Daisy never came back. They made their way back to Daisy’s house, but by the time they did she had a replacement bear, and Lotso snapped. Hitting the road, they found Sunnyside. Lotso set himself up as the boss of the Sunnyside toys. Woody is faced with a dilemma. He wants to go back to rescue his friends, but Andy will be leaving in a couple of days, and if he doesn’t return home he’ll never see Andy again. The next morning, Lotso releases Andy’s old toys for a play date with destiny. Having concealed himself in Bonnie’s backpack, Woody manages to get back into Sunnyside. He gets into the crawl space above the ceiling and makes his way to the Caterpillar Room and sees the little kids abusing the toys. The Toy phone comes in, rings and pops its handset off. Woody picks it up and is told that it was a mistake to come back, Woody asks for the phone’s help and is told about all the security measures that make it impossible to leave—especially “the monkey” who keeps tabs on the security cameras and sounds and alarm with his cymbals when he sees any toy trying to leave. The phone tells Woody if he wants to get out of there he must get rid of that monkey. Andy makes himself known to the toys and tells them there is one way to bust out. That night, while Ken, followed by Buzz Lightyear, takes role call of the toys in their cells, Woody looks on from hiding. When he calls “Potato Head” there is no answer, and when Buzz shakes the cage, only a real potato is in there. While potato head Bart diverts the attentions of the guards, Woody helps the slinky dog to escape without being seen by the monkey. Barbie, tearfully asks Ken to take her to live in his dream house and he agrees, leaving Buzz in charge. Woody and the dog manage to subdue the monkey. At the dream house, Ken shows Barbie his closet full of clothes and laments that no one appreciates clothes at Sunnyside. Barbie asks Ken to model some of his outfits for her. He puts on a fashion show. Woody and Slinky dog have managed to subdue the monkey by tying him up with tape. Woody grabs the key, and slinky sends a signal to Jessie, who in turn signals Pork Chop and Dinosaur to create a disturbance to distract the patrolling Buzz. Buzz goes to quiet them down, pulls out their cage and they tumble to the ground. Jessie manages to free herself from her cage and, with the aid of Bull’s Eye, drops a plastic tub over Buzz. As Jessie and Bull’s Eye slide a tortilla under the door, Bart’s dismembered hand grabs it and he reassembles himself as a “Mr. Tortilla Head.” Back in the dream house, Ken is still modeling for Barbie. When he pops out from behind his dressing screen, Barbie jumps him and demands to know what they did to Buzz. Woody and Slinky shoot the key across the floor and under the door to Jessie. Bart spies on Lotso, sees he is asleep, and signals the others the coast is clear. The trapped toys unlock the door and start to make their way across the playground. In an effort to torture Ken into talking, Barbie ties him up and starts ripping up his costumes one-by-one. He finally breaks when she starts to tear his 1967 Nehru Jacket, and Ken reveals that there is an instruction manual and Lotso has reprogrammed Buzz into demo mode. Dressed as Astronaut Ken, Barbie gets the instruction manual from the bookworm, who notices her high heels as she walks away. However, he merely thinks that Ken is a fetishist of some sort and returns to the book stacks. A pigeon lands and starts pecking at Bart. Bart falls in pieces, but he spies the Sunnyside vegetable garden. Buzz manages to escape and starts to sound an alarm, but he is tackled and the toys open up his back and try to flip the switch to restore him to his former self. They only succeed in turning him into a Spanish-speaking spaceman. The toys race across the playground and take refuge in an enclosed slide. Bart shows up as “Mr. Cucumber Head.” The toys return his proper plastic potato body, and then continue on their trek across the playground. Half of them make it to the wall, but Buzz, Bull’s Eye and the aliens are cut off by a passing patrol truck. They are discovered by the big baby, who is sitting in a play yard swing. The baby comes after them, but they manage to hide and avoid discovery. The baby’s attention span wanders as he wanders off. They manage to get to the trash chute, and climb inside. They slide down the chute and nearly land in the trash bin, but manage not to. They send Slinky to bridge the chasm of the trash bin, but as he does so, Lotso appears and shoves him back. The toys are surrounded by Lotso’s minions. Lotso repeats his standard mantra that the toys are better off at Sunnyside than at a home where they are not wanted, and threatens to put the toys in the dumpster if they don’t return to the Caterpillar room. Ken tries to intervene, and tells Lotso’s minions that Sunnyside could be a great place if it wasn’t for Lotso. Woody tells Lotso that Daisy only replaced him and that he lied to Big Baby and the clown. When she sees her ownership tag with Daisy’s name on it, Big Baby starts to cry. Lotso tells Octopus to throw the toys into the trash bin, but Big Baby picks up Lotso and throws him into the bin, and shuts the lid. The toys escape across the top of the trash bin lid, but one of the aliens is caught. Woody goes back to rescue him and succeeds, but Lotso manages to grab his leg from below as he attempts to rejoin the others. A Trash truck arrives and picks up the bin. The toys jump aboard the bin trying to rescue Woody and are dumped into the bin. The toys are in peril inside he trash truck as more trash is piled in. Buzz manages to rescue Jessie, and throws her to safety as a discarded TV set falls from above and lands on him. The toys lift the TV, find Buzz, and pull him out. At first they think he’s been damaged beyond repair, but he snaps back into being the old Buzz. At the landfill, the trash truck dumps its load. And then bulldozers start to rearrange the trash, again putting them in peril. They are shoved into a trash conveyor that leads to a grinder. They discover the roof of the conveyor tunnel is magnetic, to separate recyclable metal trash, and they grab metal objects and are pulled to the ceiling out of the reach of the grinder. But Lotso, pokes his hand up from the trash on the conveyor and calls for help. Woody and Buzz go to save him. Lotso is trapped under a golf bag, Woody uses a golf club as a lever to release Lotso. And the metal club carries them to the magnet and away from the grinder just in time. But just as they think they are safe, they realize they are headed toward a giant furnace. They try to run away, but it is clear that their effort is futile. However, Lotso notices a warning light and a stop button. He races to the button, but when he gets to it he turns into the evil Lotso again and asks them, “Where’s your kid now?” and walks away. The toys fall toward the furnace. Jessie asks Buzz, “What do we do?” He reaches out and takes her hand. Jessie, in turn, takes Bull’s Eye’s hand, and then they all join hands. They are together as they inch ever closer to the furnace. But a giant claw falls out of the sky and grabs them. They find that the aliens have operated the claw to rescue them. Lotso tries to sneak away from the dump, but is picked up by a trash man who had one like him when he was a kid. He ties the strawberry bear onto the front of his truck. The toys tell Woody they need to get him back home so he can go with Andy to college. Woody says that the attic may not be such a good idea for the others, about which they say: “We’re Andy’s toys.” They hop aboard the trash truck that picks up in Andy’s neighborhood. When they get home they use the garden hose to clean themselves off, and climb up to Andy’s room. Betty retrieves her lost eye. Woody shakes hands with Buzz and says: “This isn’t good-bye.” The other toys wish him well and tell him to take good care of Andy. Andy climbs into the box headed with Andy to college. Andy and his mother enter the room. Andy’s mother is sad that he is leaving the nest and says she wishes she could always be with him. Andy says: “You will be, Mom.” And from his vantage point Woody becomes misty-eyed. Woody jumps out of his box, writes a note on a post-it, and sticks it to the toy box. Andy looks at the note, and asks his mother: “Do you really think I should donate these?” She says: “Whatever you want.” Andy drives the toys to Bonnie’s house. He tells her they are his toys, but he is going away so he needs someone special to take care of them. He opens the box and introduces the toys to her and makes her promise to take good care of them because they mean a lot to him. Bonnie looks into the box and finds Woody. Andy asks what he’s doing in there? Andy takes Woody back when Bonnie reaches for him. But he ultimately relents and tells Bonnie that Woody is special and will always be there for her. Andy plays with the toys and Bonnie before he drives off to college, as Bonnie and the toys wave good-bye. The toys say, “So long, partner,” as they settle into their new home.

Production Company: Pixar Animation Studios (Walt Disney Company)
Production Text: A Pixar Animation Studios Film
Distribution Company: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures  
Director: Lee Unkrich (Dir)
Producer: Darla K. Anderson (Prod)
  John Lasseter (Exec prod)
  Nicole Paradis Grindle (Assoc prod)
  Michael Venturini (Supv anim)
Writer: Michael Arndt (Scr)
  John Lasseter (Story)
  Andrew Stanton (Story)
  and Lee Unkrich (Story)
  Jason Katz (Story supv)
  Rachel Raffael-Gates (Story mgr)
  Erik Benson (Story artist)
  Ken Bruce (Story artist)
  Bud Luckey (Story artist)
  Matthew Luhn (Story artist)
  Adrian Molina (Story artist)
  Jeff Pidgeon (Story artist)
  James Reinhart Robertson (Story artist)
  Christian Roman (Story artist)
  John Sanford (Story artist)
  Dan Scanlon (Story artist)
  Mark Andrews (Addl story)
  Justin Wright (Addl story)
  Douglass Carney (Digital boarding & eff)
  Andrew Jimenez (Addl digital boarding & eff)
  Lee Unkrich (Addl scr material)
  David Reynolds (Addl dial)
Photography: Jeremy Lasky (Dir of photog)
  Kim White (Lighting)
Art Direction: Bob Pauley (Prod des)
  Daisuke "Dice" Tsutsumi (Art dir)
Film Editor: Ken Schretzmann (Film ed)
  Paul Cichocki (Post prod supv)
  Ann Brilz (Ed mgr)
  Lee Unkrich A.C.E. (Film ed)
  Anna Wolitzky (Second film ed)
  Axel Geddes (Second film ed)
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Music: Randy Newman (Music composed and conducted by)
  Chris Montan (Exec Mus prod)
  Tom MacDougall (Mus supv)
  Barney Jones (Prod mus ed)
  David Slusser (Prod mus ed)
  Jonathan Sacks (Orch)
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  Bruno Coon (Mus ed)
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Sound: Tom Myers (Sound designer)
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  Donald Schmidt (Engineering, Production Engineering)
  Jaimin Shah (Engineering, Production Engineering)
  Michael Shantzis (Engineering, Production Engineering)
  Shalin Shodhan (Engineering, Production Engineering)
  Daniel Zwell (Engineering, Production Engineering)
  Ryan Burns (Infrastructure, Production Engineering)
  Thomas Drake (Infrastructure, Production Engineering)
  June Foster (Infrastructure, Production Engineering)
  Susan Boylan Griffin (Infrastructure, Production Engineering)
  Ron S. Jong (Infrastructure, Production Engineering)
  Janifer Patterson-Noble (Infrastructure, Production Engineering)
  Daniel Leaf Nunes (Infrastructure, Production Engineering)
  Susan Salituro (Infrastructure, Production Engineering)
  María Milagros Soto (Infrastructure, Production Engineering)
  Carl Jon Van Arsdall (Infrastructure, Production Engineering)
  Michael B. Johnson (Lead, pre-prod engineering)
  Michael A. Bordas (Team, pre-prod engineering)
  Brendan Donohoe (Team, pre-prod engineering)
  Philip Floetotto (Team, pre-prod engineering)
  Ralph Hill (Team, pre-prod engineering)
  Phred Lender (Team, pre-prod engineering)
  Josh Minor (Team, pre-prod engineering)
  Peter Nye (Team, pre-prod engineering)
  Jack Paulus (Team, pre-prod engineering)
  Rudrajit Samanta (Team, pre-prod engineering)
  Michael Arndt (Pixar senior creative team)
  Brad Bird (Pixar senior creative team)
  Brenda Chapman (Pixar senior creative team)
  Pete Docter (Pixar senior creative team)
  John Lasseter (Pixar senior creative team)
  Bob Peterson (Pixar senior creative team)
  Gary Rydstrom (Pixar senior creative team)
  Andrew Stanton (Pixar senior creative team)
  Lee Unkrich (Pixar senior creative team)
  Oren Jacob (Pixar senior technology team)
  Eben F. Ostby (Pixar senior technology team)
  Rick Sayre (Pixar senior technology team)
  Greg Brandeau (Pixar senior staff)
  Jim Kennedy (Pixar senior staff)
  John Kirkman (Pixar senior staff)
  Lori MacAdams (Pixar senior staff)
  Thomas Porter (Pixar senior staff)
  Ed Catmull (Pixar executive team)
  Ali Rowghani (Pixar executive team)
  Jim Morris (Pixar executive team)
  Daniel Annereau (a/v engineering, Pixar studio team)
  Stewart Birnam (a/v engineering, Pixar studio team)
  Chris Collins (a/v engineering, Pixar studio team)
  Christopher Fehring (a/v engineering, Pixar studio team)
  Bob Frey (a/v engineering, Pixar studio team)
  Grant Gatzke (a/v engineering, Pixar studio team)
  Joshua Hollander (a/v engineering, Pixar studio team)
  Warren Latimer (a/v engineering, Pixar studio team)
  Joanna Laurent (a/v engineering, Pixar studio team)
  Howard Lukk (a/v engineering, Pixar studio team)
  David Nahman-Ramos (a/v engineering, Pixar studio team)
  Edgar Quiñones (a/v engineering, Pixar studio team)
  M. T. Silva (a/v engineering, Pixar studio team)
  Kelli Townley (a/v engineering, Pixar studio team)
  Jason Watkins (a/v engineering, Pixar studio team)
  Tiffany Reno Fung (Administration & application support, Pixar studio team)
  Marty Lew (Administration & application support, Pixar studio team)
  Heidi Parmelee (Administration & application support, Pixar studio team)
  Peter Plackowski (Administration & application support, Pixar studio team)
  May Pon (Administration & application support, Pixar studio team)
  Shaun Brown (Data mgmt group, Pixar studio team)
  Mark Harrison (Data mgmt group, Pixar studio team)
  Heidi Stettner (Data mgmt group, Pixar studio team)
  Mike Sundy (Data mgmt group, Pixar studio team)
  Neftali "El Magnifico" Alvarez (Desktop & infrastructure, Pixar studio team)
  Tlaloc Alvarez (Desktop & infrastructure, Pixar studio team)
  Bryan Bird (Desktop & infrastructure, Pixar studio team)
  Joel Bruck (Desktop & infrastructure, Pixar studio team)
  Johnoel Cuevas (Desktop & infrastructure, Pixar studio team)
  Lars R. Damerow (Desktop & infrastructure, Pixar studio team)
  James G. Dashe (Desktop & infrastructure, Pixar studio team)
  Ricky Der (Desktop & infrastructure, Pixar studio team)
  Ross Dickinson (Desktop & infrastructure, Pixar studio team)
  Miles Egan (Desktop & infrastructure, Pixar studio team)
  Edward Escueta (Desktop & infrastructure, Pixar studio team)
  Tyler Fazzakerley (Desktop & infrastructure, Pixar studio team)
  Erik Forman (Desktop & infrastructure, Pixar studio team)
  Joseph Frost (Desktop & infrastructure, Pixar studio team)
  Remy Galang (Desktop & infrastructure, Pixar studio team)
  Alisa Gilden (Desktop & infrastructure, Pixar studio team)
  Jonathan Hadden (Desktop & infrastructure, Pixar studio team)
  Robert Hamrick (Desktop & infrastructure, Pixar studio team)
  Warren Hays (Desktop & infrastructure, Pixar studio team)
  Dan Hoffman (Desktop & infrastructure, Pixar studio team)
  Shawn Hovis (Desktop & infrastructure, Pixar studio team)
  Ling Hsu (Desktop & infrastructure, Pixar studio team)
  Kenneth Huey (Desktop & infrastructure, Pixar studio team)
  Jason "Jayfish" Hull (Desktop & infrastructure, Pixar studio team)
  Jose Richard Ignacio (Desktop & infrastructure, Pixar studio team)
  Thomas Indermaur (Desktop & infrastructure, Pixar studio team)
  Peter Kaldis (Desktop & infrastructure, Pixar studio team)
  Elise Knowles (Desktop & infrastructure, Pixar studio team)
  Cory Ander Knox (Desktop & infrastructure, Pixar studio team)
  Chris Iasell (Desktop & infrastructure, Pixar studio team)
  Matthew Muhili Lindahl (Desktop & infrastructure, Pixar studio team)
  Jeremiah Macias (Desktop & infrastructure, Pixar studio team)
  Bob Morgan (Desktop & infrastructure, Pixar studio team)
  Terry Lee Moseley (Desktop & infrastructure, Pixar studio team)
  Catherine Obuhoff (Desktop & infrastructure, Pixar studio team)
  Mark Pananganan (Desktop & infrastructure, Pixar studio team)
  Will Phan (Desktop & infrastructure, Pixar studio team)
  Benjamin Rillie (Desktop & infrastructure, Pixar studio team)
  A.U.B.I.E (Desktop & infrastructure, Pixar studio team)
  Nelson Sette Siu (Desktop & infrastructure, Pixar studio team)
  David Sotnick (Desktop & infrastructure, Pixar studio team)
  Andy Thomas (Desktop & infrastructure, Pixar studio team)
  Rudy Jason Vucelich (Desktop & infrastructure, Pixar studio team)
  Peter Ward (Desktop & infrastructure, Pixar studio team)
  Jay Weiland (Desktop & infrastructure, Pixar studio team)
  Ian Westcott (Desktop & infrastructure, Pixar studio team)
  Jim Wilhelmi (Desktop & infrastructure, Pixar studio team)
  Loren Carpenter (360 Group, Pixar studio team)
  David DiFrancesco (360 Group, Pixar studio team)
  Tom Duff (360 Group, Pixar studio team)
  Matthew Martin (360 Group, Pixar studio team)
  Alex Stahl (360 Group, Pixar studio team)
  Carol Wang (360 Group, Pixar studio team)
  Lisa Forssell (Prod resources, Pixar studio team)
  Shelley Katayama (Prod resources, Pixar studio team)
  Laura Leganza (Prod resources, Pixar studio team)
  Steve May (Prod resources, Pixar studio team)
  James Ford Murphy (Prod resources, Pixar studio team)
  John Shannon (Prod resources, Pixar studio team)
  Susan Tatsuno (Prod resources, Pixar studio team)
  John Warren (Prod resources, Pixar studio team)
  Dana Batali (Renderman development, Pixar studio team)
  Katrin Bratland (Renderman development, Pixar studio team)
  James Burgess (Renderman development, Pixar studio team)
  Per Christensen (Renderman development, Pixar studio team)
  Ray Davis (Renderman development, Pixar studio team)
  Julian Fong (Renderman development, Pixar studio team)
  George Harker (Renderman development, Pixar studio team)
  Christopher N. Harvey (Renderman development, Pixar studio team)
  Ian Hsieh (Renderman development, Pixar studio team)
  Andrew Kensler (Renderman development, Pixar studio team)
  David Laur (Renderman development, Pixar studio team)
  Brian K. Saunders (Renderman development, Pixar studio team)
  Brian Savery (Renderman development, Pixar studio team)
  Christopher Scoville (Renderman development, Pixar studio team)
  Brendan Schubert (Renderman development, Pixar studio team)
  Annabella Serra (Renderman development, Pixar studio team)
  Jonathan Shade (Renderman development, Pixar studio team)
  Brian Smits (Renderman development, Pixar studio team)
  Wayne Wooten (Renderman development, Pixar studio team)
  Christopher Ford (Renderman sales & marketing, Pixar studio team)
  Renee Lamri (Renderman sales & marketing, Pixar studio team)
  Peter Moxom (Renderman sales & marketing, Pixar studio team)
  Dylan Sisson (Renderman sales & marketing, Pixar studio team)
  Wendy Wirthlin (Renderman sales & marketing, Pixar studio team)
  Leah Marshall (Business & legal affairs, Pixar studio team)
  Brynn Mohagen (Business & legal affairs, Pixar studio team)
  Rob Rieders (Business & legal affairs, Pixar studio team)
  Bob Roden (Business & legal affairs, Pixar studio team)
  Jody Weinberg (Business & legal affairs, Pixar studio team)
  Carrie Winchell (Business & legal affairs, Pixar studio team)
  Galyn Susman (DVD & promo production, Pixar studio team)
  Steve Bloom (DVD & promo production, Pixar studio team)
  Sarah Dunham (DVD & promo production, Pixar studio team)
  Tim Fox (DVD & promo production, Pixar studio team)
  Tony Kaplan (DVD & promo production, Pixar studio team)
  Morgan Karadi (DVD & promo production, Pixar studio team)
  Sureena Mann (DVD & promo production, Pixar studio team)
  Erica Milsom (DVD & promo production, Pixar studio team)
  Claire Munzer (DVD & promo production, Pixar studio team)
  Caroline Park (DVD & promo production, Pixar studio team)
  Brice Parker (DVD & promo production, Pixar studio team)
  Jonathan Vargo (DVD & promo production, Pixar studio team)
  Mark Walsh (DVD & promo production, Pixar studio team)
  Sara Maher (DVD & promo production, Pixar studio team)
  Maxwell Bickley (DVD & promo production, Pixar studio team)
  Don Bui (DVD & promo production, Pixar studio team)
  Stephanie Hamilton (DVD & promo production, Pixar studio team)
  Nigel Hardwidge (DVD & promo production, Pixar studio team)
  Catherine Hicks (DVD & promo production, Pixar studio team)
  Catherine N. Kelly (DVD & promo production, Pixar studio team)
  Aaron Koressel (DVD & promo production, Pixar studio team)
  Holger Leihe (DVD & promo production, Pixar studio team)
  Andy Lin (DVD & promo production, Pixar studio team)
  Ramiro Lopez Dau (DVD & promo production, Pixar studio team)
  Steve Mason (DVD & promo production, Pixar studio team)
  Sean McGinn (Marketing, Pixar studio team)
  Leeann Alameda (Marketing, Pixar studio team)
  Magen Sara Farrar (Marketing, Pixar studio team)
  Adam Gates (Marketing, Pixar studio team)
  Cherie Hammond (Marketing, Pixar studio team)
  Holly Lloyd (Marketing, Pixar studio team)
  Desiree Mourad (Marketing, Pixar studio team)
  Shannon Nicosia (Marketing, Pixar studio team)
  Silvia Palara (Marketing, Pixar studio team)
  Laurie Schrey (Marketing, Pixar studio team)
  Jesse Weglein (Marketing, Pixar studio team)
  Clayborn Welch (Marketing, Pixar studio team)
  Chris Wells (Marketing, Pixar studio team)
  Timothy Zohr (Marketing, Pixar studio team)
  Robin Chandler (Publicity, Pixar studio team)
  Steven Argula (Publicity, Pixar studio team)
  Deborah Coleman (Publicity, Pixar studio team)
  Briana Gardner (Publicity, Pixar studio team)
  Hilary Goss (Publicity, Pixar studio team)
  Hasia Sroat (Publicity, Pixar studio team)
  Chris Wiggum (Publicity, Pixar studio team)
  Mary Coleman (Development, Pixar studio team)
  Emily Forbes (Development, Pixar studio team)
  Kiel Murray (Development, Pixar studio team)
  Karen Paik (Development, Pixar studio team)
  James Roderick (Development, Pixar studio team)
  Samantha Wilson (Development, Pixar studio team)
  Emily Zulauf (Development, Pixar studio team)
  Megan Albert (Administration & finance, Pixar studio team)
  Allysa Amundson (Administration & finance, Pixar studio team)
  Mickayela Beatty (Administration & finance, Pixar studio team)
  Nancy Garretson Case (Administration & finance, Pixar studio team)
  Rachel Ergas (Administration & finance, Pixar studio team)
  Marguerite K. Enright (Administration & finance, Pixar studio team)
  Heather Feng-Yanu (Administration & finance, Pixar studio team)
  Leah Gilbert (Administration & finance, Pixar studio team)
  Timothy Glass (Administration & finance, Pixar studio team)
  Kentaro Hinoki (Administration & finance, Pixar studio team)
  Heather D. C. Jackson (Administration & finance, Pixar studio team)
  Kheron Jones-Kassing (Administration & finance, Pixar studio team)
  Mark Joseph (Administration & finance, Pixar studio team)
  Jennifer McCormick (Administration & finance, Pixar studio team)
  Michelle Moretta (Administration & finance, Pixar studio team)
  Rosana Neciuk (Administration & finance, Pixar studio team)
  Karen Perry (Administration & finance, Pixar studio team)
  Stephanie Pham (Administration & finance, Pixar studio team)
  Kristina Ruud (Administration & finance, Pixar studio team)
  Michelle Simons (Administration & finance, Pixar studio team)
  Marc Sondheimer (Administration & finance, Pixar studio team)
  Wendy Dale Tanzillo (Administration & finance, Pixar studio team)
  Shari Villarde (Administration & finance, Pixar studio team)
  Deana Walker (Administration & finance, Pixar studio team)
  Annette Wang (Administration & finance, Pixar studio team)
  Sue Williams (Administration & finance, Pixar studio team)
  Mary Beech (Consumer products & interactive, Pixar studio team)
  Kelly Bonbright (Consumer products & interactive, Pixar studio team)
  Sarah Boggs (Consumer products & interactive, Pixar studio team)
  Ben Butcher (Consumer products & interactive, Pixar studio team)
  Aidan Cleeland (Consumer products & interactive, Pixar studio team)
  Kat Chanover (Consumer products & interactive, Pixar studio team)
  Gigi Dueñas (Consumer products & interactive, Pixar studio team)
  Leighanna MacFadden (Consumer products & interactive, Pixar studio team)
  Angela Marie Mistretta (Consumer products & interactive, Pixar studio team)
  Jonathan Rodriguez (Consumer products & interactive, Pixar studio team)
  Rob Rowe (Consumer products & interactive, Pixar studio team)
  Chris Schnabel (Consumer products & interactive, Pixar studio team)
  Kiki Thorpe (Consumer products & interactive, Pixar studio team)
  Jennifer Johnston (Craft services by Luxo Café)
  Luigi Passalacqua (Craft services by Luxo Café)
  John Ricks (Craft services by Luxo Café)
  Luis Alarcon-Cisneros (Craft services by Luxo Café)
  Francisco A. Figueroa (Craft services by Luxo Café)
  Ariel Gutierrez-Gallagos (Craft services by Luxo Café)
  Dustin Garcia (Craft services by Luxo Café)
  Lauren Grbich (Craft services by Luxo Café)
  Fidel Guzman (Craft services by Luxo Café)
  Francisco Guzman (Craft services by Luxo Café)
  Cristina Maurodopoulos Hecker (Craft services by Luxo Café)
  Erika Lamb (Craft services by Luxo Café)
  Ashley Lubey (Craft services by Luxo Café)
  Ryan Satchwell (Craft services by Luxo Café)
  Glenn Seto (Craft services by Luxo Café)
  Keith Kops (Facilities, Pixar Studios team)
  Tom Carlisle (Facilities, Pixar Studios team)
  Craig Payne (Facilities, Pixar Studios team)
  James Theodore Andereggen (Facilities, Pixar Studios team)
  John Bennett (Facilities, Pixar Studios team)
  Aaron Devera (Facilities, Pixar Studios team)
  Michael Douglass (Facilities, Pixar Studios team)
  Matthew Gagnebin (Facilities, Pixar Studios team)
  Paul Gillis (Facilities, Pixar Studios team)
  Michael Hitson (Facilities, Pixar Studios team)
  Hsiao Liu (Facilities, Pixar Studios team)
  Cherise Miller (Facilities, Pixar Studios team)
  Peter Schreiber (Facilities, Pixar Studios team)
  Brian Torres (Facilities, Pixar Studios team)
  Yvonne Brazil (Human resources, Pixar Studios team)
  Dana Burns (Human resources, Pixar Studios team)
  Christen Carter (Human resources, Pixar Studios team)
  Kimberly A. Clark (Human resources, Pixar Studios team)
  Eleuterio A. Cruzat, Jr. (Human resources, Pixar Studios team)
  Michael Cullen (Human resources, Pixar Studios team)
  Jennifer Dunlap (Human resources, Pixar Studios team)
  Lisa Ellis (Human resources, Pixar Studios team)
  Alicia Goodyear (Human resources, Pixar Studios team)
  Tricia Green (Human resources, Pixar Studios team)
  Dawn Haagstad (Human resources, Pixar Studios team)
  Jennylyn M. Huynh (Human resources, Pixar Studios team)
  Robin McDonald (Human resources, Pixar Studios team)
  Erin McGarry (Human resources, Pixar Studios team)
  Marcos Navarette (Human resources, Pixar Studios team)
  Kacy Naylor (Human resources, Pixar Studios team)
  Allison Parker (Human resources, Pixar Studios team)
  Erica Perkins-Youman (Human resources, Pixar Studios team)
  Stephanie Sheehy (Human resources, Pixar Studios team)
  Amie Shinohara (Human resources, Pixar Studios team)
  Claire Ucovich (Human resources, Pixar Studios team)
  Pamela Zissimos (Human resources, Pixar Studios team)
  Elyse Klaidman (Pixar University & Archives)
  Sharon Adam (Pixar University & Archives)
  Conor Casey (Pixar University & Archives)
  DeAnn Cobb (Pixar University & Archives)
  Samuel Daffner (Pixar University & Archives)
  Kim Donovan (Pixar University & Archives)
  Christine Freeman (Pixar University & Archives)
  Rita Garcia (Pixar University & Archives)
  David R. Haumann (Pixar University & Archives)
  Karen Kiser (Pixar University & Archives)
  Stella Koh (Pixar University & Archives)
  Meg Ocampo (Pixar University & Archives)
  Michelle Lindsey Radcliff (Pixar University & Archives)
  Adrienne Ranft (Pixar University & Archives)
  Angelique Reisch (Pixar University & Archives)
  A. J. Riebli III (Pixar University & Archives)
  Vanessa Rojas (Pixar University & Archives)
  Juliet Roth (Pixar University & Archives)
  Tiffany Taira (Pixar University & Archives)
  Grace Thompson (Pixar University & Archives)
  Dennis "DJ" Jennings (Purchasing & Pixar Studio store)
  Kelsey Duignan (Purchasing & Pixar Studio store)
  Kristin Gamble (Purchasing & Pixar Studio store)
  Jeanie Gray (Purchasing & Pixar Studio store)
  Valerie Hathaway (Purchasing & Pixar Studio store)
  George McCloskey (Safety & Security, Pixar Studio team)
  Marlon Castro (Safety & Security, Pixar Studio team)
  Eric Hutchinson (Safety & Security, Pixar Studio team)
  Paul Chideya (Safety & Security, Pixar Studio team)
  Richard Cogger (Safety & Security, Pixar Studio team)
  Ramon Hannon (Safety & Security, Pixar Studio team)
  Kristine A. Javier (Safety & Security, Pixar Studio team)
  Jennie Jensen (Safety & Security, Pixar Studio team)
  Raymond List (Safety & Security, Pixar Studio team)
  Jean C. Luevano (Safety & Security, Pixar Studio team)
  Marisa Mariscal (Safety & Security, Pixar Studio team)
  Tyler Masamori (Safety & Security, Pixar Studio team)
  Brian Smith (Safety & Security, Pixar Studio team)
  Joni Superticioso (Safety & Security, Pixar Studio team)
  Nghia Neal To (Safety & Security, Pixar Studio team)
  Price A. Troche, Sr. (Safety & Security, Pixar Studio team)
  Tarik Winston (Safety & Security, Pixar Studio team)
  Edgar A. Ochoa (Shipping & Receiving, Pixar Studios team)
  Marco Castellanos (Shipping & Receiving, Pixar Studios team)
  Kyle Charley (Shipping & Receiving, Pixar Studios team)
  Kevan Parmelee (Shipping & Receiving, Pixar Studios team)
  Renee Adams (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Bradly Andalman (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  John R. Anderson (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Lorraine Aochi (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Jonathan Bianchi (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Sunya Boonyatera (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Stas Bondarenko (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Ian Buono (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Ian Buono (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Andrew Butts (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Michael Chann (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Kenneth Culp (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Alden Chew (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Jean Chu (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Rob Cook (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Sean Cotter (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Tony DeRose (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  George Elkoura (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Gregory Finch (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Kurt Fleischer (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Michael Frederickson (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Eric Gregory (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Thomas Hahn (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Essie Hamadani (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Mark Hessler (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Kitt Hirasaki (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Wilson Taylor Holliday (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Richard Hurrey (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Hayley Iben (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Paul Isaacs (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Lucas R. A. Ives (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Shriram Neelakanta Iyer (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Masa Jow (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Ethan Karson (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Michael Kass (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Jason Kim (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Murat N. Konar (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Venkateswaran Krishna (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Michelle Lai (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Brett Levin (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Yun Lien (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  John Loy (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Aaron Luk (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Omand Maatouk (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Mark Meyer (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Michael J. Miller (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Tamsen Mitchell (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Alex Mohr (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Sowmya Natarajan (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Gregg Olsson (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Cory Omand (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Corey Revilla (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Florian Sauer (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Chris Schoeneman (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Patrick Schork (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Stefab Schulze (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Joshua Seaver (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Kay Seirup (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Sarah Shen (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Shalin Shodhan (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Burton Siu (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Eliot Smyrl (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Olivier Soares (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  SRyan Stelzleni (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Ottavia Storer (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Allison Styer (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  C. Bart Sullivan (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Emily Tai (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Erin Tomson (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  J. Warren Trezevant (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Dirk Van Gelder (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Brad West (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Jason Williams (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Andy Witkin (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Adam Woodbury (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Shiqi Yang (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Richard Yoshioka (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  David G. Yu (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Luke Zulauf (Software development, Pixar Studios team)
  Anthony A. Apodaca (Theme parks, Pixar Studios team)
  Liz Gazzano (Theme parks, Pixar Studios team)
  Roger Gould (Theme parks, Pixar Studios team)
  Stephen Gregory (Theme parks, Pixar Studios team)
  Heidi Holman (Theme parks, Pixar Studios team)
  Donna Quattropani (Theme parks, Pixar Studios team)
  Krista Sheffler (Theme parks, Pixar Studios team)
  Steve Jobs (Special Thanks)
  Hayao Miyazaki (Special Thanks)
  Toshio Suziki (Special Thanks)
  Steve Alpert (Special Thanks)
  Albert Chan (Special Thanks)
  Tony "O" Oppedisano (Special Thanks)
  The Friedman Family (Special Thanks)
  Jef Beck (Special Thanks)
  Joel Andrews (Special Thanks)
  John Mallett (Special Thanks)
  Cathleen Brown (Special Thanks)
  Brian Rupp (Special Thanks)
  Vernell Crittendon (Special Thanks)
  George Durgerian (Special Thanks)
  Neil Wise & the Altamont Landfill (Special Thanks)
  Berkeley Recycling Center (Special Thanks)
  Covanta Energy Corporation (Special Thanks)
  Children's Community Center (Special Thanks)
  Dandelion Nursery School (Special Thanks)
  Duck's Nest Preschool (Special Thanks)
  Osher Marin Jewish Community Center Preschool (Special Thanks)
  Step One School (Special Thanks)
  Sunshine School (Special Thanks)
  Intel (CPUs for final rendering)
  Marionette (Animated on)
  Pixar's RenderMan (Rendered with)
Animation: Bobby Podesta (Supv anim)
  Sanjay Bakshi (Character supv)
  Brian Green (Character supv)
  David Eisenmann (Sets supv)
  Michael Fong (Simulation and eff supv)
  William Reeves (Global tech supv)
  Daniel Arriaga (Character art dir)
  Robert Kondo (Sets art dir)
  Belinda Van Valkenberg (Shading art dir)
  Lourdes Marquez Alba (Art mgr)
  Tom Gately (Character artist)
  Nate Wragg (Character artist)
  Daniela Strijleva (Character artist)
  Jerome Ranft (Sculptor)
  Kristian Norelius (Sets artist)
  Jay Shuster (Sets artist)
  Chia Han Jennifer Chang (Sets artist)
  Tim Evatt (Sets artist)
  Daniel Holland (Sets artist)
  Craig Foster (Graphic arts dir)
  Marty Baumann (Graphic artist)
  Andy Dreyfus (Graphic artist)
  Mark Cordell Holmes (Graphic artist)
  Laura Phillips (Shader packeter)
  Willy Hwang (Shader packeter)
  Denise Blakely Fuller (Matte painter)
  Ernesto Nemesio (Matte painter)
  Randy Barrett (Matte painter)
  Peter Sohn (Addl prod art)
  Nick Sung (Addl prod art)
  Paul Topolos (Addl prod art)
  Marceline Gagnon-Tanguay (art intern)
  Zaruhi Galstian (art intern)
  Cassandra Smolcic (art intern)
  Erin Magill (Art coordinator)
  Rodney A. Brillante (Art prod asst)
  Judy Yi-Inn Jou (Art prod asst)
  Daniel A. Goodman (Layout mgr)
  Matt Aspbury (Layout lead)
  Mahyar Abousaeedi (Layout artist)
  Josh Anon (Layout artist)
  Andrew Cadelago (Layout artist)
  Andy Grisdale (Layout artist)
  Patrick James (Layout artist)
  Robert Kinkead (Layout artist)
  Sukwon Park (Layout artist)
  Mark Sanford (Layout artist)
  Suzanne Slatcher (Layout artist)
  Saschka Unseld (Layout artist)
  Charlene Wang (Layout artist)
  Derek Williams (Layout artist)
  Sylvia Gray Wong (Layout artist)
  Craig Good (Post-anim cam artist)
  Amy Hale (Layout coordinator)
  David Park (Anim mgr)
  Robert H. Russ (Directing anim)
  Michael Stocker (Directing anim)
  Simon Allen (Anim)
  Carlos Baena (Anim)
  Adam Burke (Anim)
  Shaun Chacko (Anim)
  Kevin Chesnos (Anim)
  Simon Christen (Anim)
  Scott Clark (Anim)
  Brett Coderre (Anim)
  Jonathen Collins (Anim)
  Don Crum (Anim)
  Everett Downing Jr. (Anim)
  Arik Ehle (Anim)
  Ike Feldman (Anim)
  Curran W., Giddens (Anim)
  Andrew Gordon (Anim)
  Mark C. Harris (Anim)
  Aaron Hartline (Anim)
  Neil Helm (Anim)
  Timothy Hittle (Anim)
  Guilherme Sauerbronn Jacinto (Anim)
  Rob Jensen (Anim)
  Nancy Kato (Anim)
  Patty Kihm (Anim)
  Ken Kim (Anim)
  Vladimir Kooperman (Anim)
  Bruce Kuei (Anim)
  Jaime Landes (Anim)
  John Chun Chiu Lee (Anim)
  Angus MacLane (Anim)
  Austin Madison (Anim)
  Matt Majers (Anim)
  Michal Makarewicz (Anim)
  Amber Martorelli (Anim)
  Danny Mason (Anim)
  Rich McKain (Anim)
  Cameron Miyasaki (Anim)
  Victor Navonne (Anim)
  Daniel Nguyen (Anim)
  Andreas Procopiou (Anim)
  Rich Quade (Anim)
  K. C. Roeyer (Anim)
  Nickolas Rosario (Anim)
  Roger Rose (Anim)
  Allison Rutland (Anim)
  Jessica Sances (Anim)
  Gini Cruz Santos (Anim)
  Andrew L. Schmidt (Anim)
  Brett Schulz (Anim)
  Bob Scott (Anim)
  Doug Sheppeck (Anim)
  Ross Haldane Stevenson (Anim)
  Matthew Strangio (Anim)
  Benjamin Po An Su (Anim)
  Raphael Suter (Anim)
  Rob Duquette Thompson (Anim)
  Becki Tower (Anim)
  Jean-Claude Tran Quang Thieu (Anim)
  Lindsay VanderGalien (Anim)
  Kristophe Vergne (Anim)
  Carlo Vogele (Anim)
  Royce Wesley (Anim)
  Anthony Ho Wong (Anim)
  Stephen Wong (Anim)
  Michael Wu (Anim)
  Tom Zach (Anim)
  David DeVan (Anim char dev)
  Stephen Gregory (Anim char dev)
  Angus MacLane (Anim char dev)
  Victor Navonne (Anim char dev)
  Ross Haldane Stevenson (Anim char dev)
  Sequoia Blankenship (Fix & addl anim)
  Guillaume Chartier (Fix & addl anim)
  Michael Chia-Wei Chen (Fix & addl anim)
  Eric S. Degner (Fix & addl anim)
  Tsung-Yin Hsieh (Fix & addl anim)
  Jae Hyung Kim (Fix & addl anim)
  James Ford Murphy (Fix & addl anim)
  Neth Nom (Fix & addl anim)
  Sanjay Patel (Fix & addl anim)
  Brett Pulliam (Fix & addl anim)
  Manuel Zenon Rodriguez (Fix & addl anim)
  Terry Song (Fix & addl anim)
  Doug Sweetland (Fix & addl anim)
  Daniel Campbell (Anim shot support)
  Todd R. Krish (Anim shot support)
  Cathleen Carmean (Anim coordinator)
  Stephen Krug (Anim coordinator)
  Max Sachar (Anim coordinator)
  Jesus Martinez (Anim prod asst)
  Michael Garner (Character mgr)
  Christian Hoffman (Character articulation lead)
  Paul Aichele (Character Modeling & articulation artist)
  Jason Bickerstaff (Character Modeling & articulation artist)
  Jared Fong (Character Modeling & articulation artist)
  Bernhard Haux (Character Modeling & articulation artist)
  Michael Honsel (Character Modeling & articulation artist)
  Sonoko Konishi (Character Modeling & articulation artist)
  Michael Krummhoefener (Character Modeling & articulation artist)
  Austin Lee (Character Modeling & articulation artist)
  Alexander Nehls (Character Modeling & articulation artist)
  Mark Piretti (Character Modeling & articulation artist)
  Kevin Singleton (Character Modeling & articulation artist)
  Sajan Skaria (Character Modeling & articulation artist)
  Ian Steplowski (Character Modeling & articulation artist)
  Brian Tindall (Character Modeling & articulation artist)
  Audrey Wong (Character Modeling & articulation artist)
  Trent Crow (Character shading artist)
  Sarah Fowler Deluna (Character shading artist)
  Masha Ellsworth (Character shading artist)
  Junyi Ling (Character shading artist)
  Daniel McCoy (Character shading artist)
  Emma Merrell (Character shading artist)
  George Nguyen (Character shading artist)
  Glenn Kim (Character paint artist)
  Maria Lee (Character paint artist)
  Laura Phillips (Character paint artist)
  Jacob Brooks (Character grooming artist)
  Laura Hainke (Character grooming artist)
  Ben Porter (Character grooming artist)
  Christine Waggoner (Character cloth lead)
  Donald Fong (Character tailor)
  Tristan Ikuta (Character tailor)
  Edward Robbins (Character tailor)
  Laura Beth Albright (Character resident)
  Audrey Bagley (Character resident)
  Rizwana Rangwala (Character resident)
  Doug Rigby (Character resident)
  Mei Kee "Kiki" Poh (Character intern)
  Nancy Tsang (Character intern)
  Sally Garbarini (Character coordinator)
  Rachel Kate Miller (Character prod asst)
  Kevin Gordon (Sets mgr)
  Tashana Landray (Sets mgr)
  Jun Han Cho (Sets modeling lead)
  Dale Ruffalo (Sets modeling lead)
  Phat Phuong (Sets dressing lead)
  Chris Bernardi (Sets shading lead)
  Andrew Dayton (Sets modeling artist)
  Nathan Fariss (Sets modeling artist)
  Ivo Kos (Sets modeling artist)
  Michael Krummhoefener (Sets modeling artist)
  Joseph Suen (Sets modeling artist)
  Yung-Lian Frank Tai (Sets modeling artist)
  Chuck Waite (Sets modeling artist)
  Amy L. Allen (Set dressing artist)
  hristina Garcia Weiland (Set dressing artist)
  Alison Leaf (Set dressing artist)
  Alexander Adell (Set shading artist)
  Eric Andraos (Set shading artist)
  Alec Bartsch (Set shading artist)
  Benjamin Beech (Set shading artist)
  Christopher M. Burrows (Set shading artist)
  Thidaratana Annee Jonjai (Set shading artist)
  George Nguyen (Set shading artist)
  Richard Snyder (Set shading artist)
  Lan Tang (Set shading artist)
  Andrew Whitrtock (Set shading artist)
  Tracy Lee Church (Sets paint artist)
  Rui Tong (Sets paint artist)
  Bill Zahn (Sets paint artist)
  Jamie Hecker (Sets tech development)
  Matt Aspbury (Sets previsualization)
  Neil Blevins (addl sets artist)
  Raymond V. Wong (addl sets artist)
  Jason 'JTop' Topolski (Sets coordinator)
  Claire Faggioli (Sets prod asst)
  Allison Nelson (Sets prod asst)
  Jenni Tsoi (Simulation & eff mgr)
  Eric Froemling (Sequence lead)
  Jason Johnston (Sequence lead)
  Martin Nguyen (Sequence lead)
  David Ryu (Sequence lead)
  Ferdi Scheepers (Sequence lead)
  Christine Waggoner (Sequence lead)
  Matthew Webb (Sequence lead)
  Jacob Brooks (Simulation & Eff artist)
  Juan J. Buhler (Simulation & Eff artist)
  Jay Carina (Simulation & Eff artist)
  Chris Chapman (Simulation & Eff artist)
  Omar Elafifi (Simulation & Eff artist)
  Donald Fong (Simulation & Eff artist)
  Henry Dean Garcia (Simulation & Eff artist)
  Tolga Göktekin (Simulation & Eff artist)
  Rogan Griffin (Simulation & Eff artist)
  Stephen Matthew Gustafson (Simulation & Eff artist)
  Cody Harrington (Simulation & Eff artist)
  Tiffany Erickson Houghton (Simulation & Eff artist)
  Tristan Ikuta (Simulation & Eff artist)
  Joshua Jenny (Simulation & Eff artist)
  Humera Yasmin Khan (Simulation & Eff artist)
  Mach Tony Kobayashi (Simulation & Eff artist)
  Hsiao-Hsien Aaron Lo (Simulation & Eff artist)
  Nick Lucas (Simulation & Eff artist)
  J. D. Northrup (Simulation & Eff artist)
  Leon Jeongwook Park (Simulation & Eff artist)
  Konstantin Promokhov (Simulation & Eff artist)
  Edgar Rodriguez (Simulation & Eff artist)
  Don Schreiter (Simulation & Eff artist)
  Matthew Kiyoshi Wong (Simulation & Eff artist)
  Jane Yen (Simulation & Eff artist)
  Michael Fu (Addl simulation & Eff artist)
  Dave Hale (Addl simulation & Eff artist)
  John Singh Pottebaum (Addl simulation & Eff artist)
  Enrique Vila (Addl simulation & Eff artist)
  Bil Watral (Addl simulation & Eff artist)
  Erik Langley (Simulation & Eff coordinator)
  Russell J. Stough (Simulation & Eff coordinator)
  Kirsten Peterson (Simulation & eff prod asst)
  Sabine O'Sullivan (Global tech mgr)
  David Ryu (Global tech lead)
  Gordon Cameron (Global tech eng)
  Jiaya Chong (Global tech eng)
  Susan Fisher Fong (Global tech eng)
  Carl Nai Frederick (Global tech eng)
  Jamie Hecker (Global tech eng)
  Daniel McCoy (Global tech eng)
  Darwyn Peachey (Global tech eng)
  Davide Pesare (Global tech eng)
  Apurva Shah (Global tech eng)
  Najeeb Tarazi (Global tech eng)
  David Baraff (3D cloth tech development)
  Meng Yu (3D cloth tech development)
  Omar Elafifi (Global tech resident)
  Hua-Wei Sung (Global tech resident)
  James L. Jackson (Global tech intern)
  Igor Mordatch (Global tech intern)
  Gary Wu (Global tech intern)
  Alex Mandel (Lighting mgr)
  Stefan Gronsky (Lead lighting artist)
  Jessica Giampietro McMackin (Lead lighting artist)
  Michael Sparber (Lead lighting artist)
  Brian Boyd (Master lighting artist)
  Ye Won Cho (Master lighting artist)
  Kathleen Crosby (Master lighting artist)
  Airton Dittz Jr. (Master lighting artist)
  Chris Fowler (Master lighting artist)
  Jesse Hollander (Master lighting artist)
  Steven James (Master lighting artist)
  Ken Lao (Master lighting artist)
  Luke Martorelli (Master lighting artist)
  Ian Megibben (Master lighting artist)
  Vandana Reddy Sahrawat (Master lighting artist)
  Erik Smitt (Master lighting artist)
  Maria Yershova (Master lighting artist)
  Mimia Arbelaez (Shot lighting artist)
  Jeffrey Benedict (Shot lighting artist)
  Jeremy Birn (Shot lighting artist)
  Mathieu Cassagne (Shot lighting artist)
  Ed Chen (Shot lighting artist)
  Keith Cormier (Shot lighting artist)
  Mael Francois (Shot lighting artist)
  Ian House (Shot lighting artist)
  Wen-Chin Hsu (Shot lighting artist)
  Sungyeon Joh (Shot lighting artist)
  Joseée Lajoie (Shot lighting artist)
  Bert Peng (Shot lighting artist)
  Min Hyung Lee (Shot lighting artist)
  Farhez Rayani (Shot lighting artist)
  Justin Ritter (Shot lighting artist)
  Andrew Pienaar (Shot lighting artist)
  Jordan Rempel (Shot lighting artist)
  Julien Schreyer (Shot lighting artist)
  Dale Ruffalo (V)
  Alfonso Salcedo (Shot lighting artist)
  Esdras Varagnolo (Shot lighting artist)
  David Shavers (Shot lighting artist)
  Kenneth Sullivan (Shot lighting artist)
  Kyoung Lee Swearingen (Shot lighting artist)
  Nick Bartone (Addl lighting artist)
  Katie Coyle (Addl lighting artist)
  Jonathan Kiker (Addl lighting artist)
  Trish Carney (Lighting coordinator)
  Sharon Calahan (Lighting consultation)
  Mariko Nobori (Mgr, Image Mastering)
  Dominic Glynn (Lead engr, Image Mastering)
  Beth Sullivan (Admin mgr, Image Mastering)
  Robin Young (Image Mastering coordinator)
  André Pang (Software engineering, Image Mastering)
  Drew TTV Rogge (Software engineering, Image Mastering)
  David Lortsher (Colorist, Image Mastering)
  Susan Brunig (Color grading op, Image Mastering)
  Mark Dinicola (am op, Image Mastering)
  Jeff Wan (Cam op, Image Mastering)
  Robert Tachoires (Media control mgr, Image Mastering)
  Andra Smith (Media control op, Image Mastering)
  Glenn Kasprzycki (Media control op, Image Mastering)
  Jeff Whittle (Media control op, Image Mastering)
  Richard Pinkham (Media control op, Image Mastering)
  John Hazelton (Sr projectionist, Image Mastering)
  Bryan Dennis (Asst projectionist, Image Mastering)
  Bob Whitehill (Stereoscopic supv, Stereoscopic 3D)
  Sndra Karpman (Tech lead, Stereoscopic 3D)
  Paul McAfee (Mgr, Stereoscopic 3D)
  Leslie Pao (Coordinator, Stereoscopic 3D)
  Reid Sandros (Rendering, Stereoscopic 3D)
  Renee Tam (Rendering, Stereoscopic 3D)
  Anne Pia (Mgr, Render Pipeline Group)
  Christopher C. Walker (Tech lead, Render Pipeline Group)
  Kate Cronin (Team, Render Pipeline Group)
  Josh Grant (Team, Render Pipeline Group)
  Bethany Jane Hanson (Team, Render Pipeline Group)
  Eric Peden (Team, Render Pipeline Group)
  Erick Tryzelaar (Team, Render Pipeline Group)
  Adam Wood-Gaines (Team, Render Pipeline Group)
Color Personnel: Terry Claborn (Color timer)
  Jim Passon (Color timer)
MPAA Rating: G
Country: United States
Language: English

Songs: "We Belong Together," written and performed by Randy Newman, produced by Mitchell Froom; "You've Got a Friend in Me," written and performed by Randy Newman; "You've Got a Friend in Me (Para Buzz Español)," music and lyrics by Randy Newman, performed by Gypsy Kings, featuring Nicolas Reyes and Tonino Baliardo, produced by Tonino Baliardo and Nicolas Reyes; "Dream Weaver," written and performed by Gary Wrightr, courtesy of Warner Bros. Records Inc., by arrangement with Warner Music Group Film & TV Licensing; "Le Freak," written by Bernard Edwards and Nile Rodgers, performed by Chic, courtesy of Atlantic Recording Corp., by arrangement with Warner Music Group Film & TV Licensing.
Source Text:

Copyright Claimant Copyright Date Copyright Number
Pixar, Disney Enterprises, Inc. 19/7/2010 dd/mm/yyyy PA1688323

PCA NO: 46302
Physical Properties: Sd: DTS, Dolby Digital, SDDS; sd mixed in Dolby 7.1 surround sound
  col: Domestic prints by DeLuxe; International prints by Technicolor

Genre: Adventure
Sub-Genre: Animation
Subjects (Major): Specific types of toys
  Nursery schools

Note: Pixar Animation Studios is located in Emeryville, California.

       In the end credits "Special Thanks" is given to "Our Children who helped inspire us in so many ways." This is followed by a list of "Production Babies" born to the crew members during production. Their names are: Aaron, Adelaide, Allison, Amalia, Andres Francisco, Andrew, Ariel, Avedis, Brianna, Calliope, Camden, Cavan, Corinna-Rashajané, Devavrat, Dominic, Dresden, Dyson, Eleanor, Eli, Eliana, Emi, Evelyn, Frankie, Gabriela, Harrison, Helen, Henry Eugene, Henry Jakob, Hudson, Jackson, Kaitlyn, Landon, Laney, Leah, Lily, Lincoln, Linnea, Lucian, Lucinda, Luella, Margaret, Margot, Mason, Maverick, Max, Maxwell Houston, Maxwell John, Milo, Nathan Alexander, Nathan Durfey, Neala, Nina, Nora, Owen, Phoenix, Read, Reihan, Samantha, Seraphina, Siena, Siri, Sofia Azure, Summer, Toby, Vivian, Weston,Zoe Abigail, Zoe Carina, and Zoey.


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